PT73 S2 LR - I really need some help with explanations on a couple questions

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PT73 S2 LR - I *really* need some help with explanations on a couple LR questions on this test

Question 9 (weaken) - Answer is C, i picked A

Question 18 (flaw) - Answer is E, i picked A

Question 19 (weaken) - Answer is B, i picked E

Question 21 (mbt) - Answer is E, i picked B

Question 22 (strengthen) - Answer is A, i picked B

*REALLLLYY* need help as I am taking the December exam. Huge thanks to anyone who will help!


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    @c.janson35 can help!
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    9: the conclusion is that tobacco companies are wrong when they say adv does not impact smoking habits; the author is arguing that a causal relationship exists. As proof, she says in countries who have restricted ads, smoking as dropped. But she's taking this causal relationship for granted. To weaken this, we want to provide an alternate reason why the effect took place independent of the purported cause. C gives us this information! Instead of the ads or lack thereof being the cause of the fall, maybe it's people's negative attitudes about smoking in general that is causing the decrease.

    18: the historian says that one group of painters, A, are better than another, B, because of X skill. The critic says the historian is wrong--A is not better than B. Why? Because X has nothing do do with who is better or not. This is a bad argument. The author is denying a conclusion solely because he thinks the evidence given for it is faulty/just plain bad. But this is never a good reason to say a conclusion isn't true. Just because you disagree with the support offered doesn't mean you can conclude off of that basis that a conclusion itself is false. E says this.

    19. Conclusion: the object was prob a part of a speaking staff because it's too small to be a weapon, and it's size/open mouth indicate speaking. We want an answer that would shed doubt on this conclusion. If, for example, it is true that any head that fell off a speaking staff was immediately crushed into dust in a formal tribe ceremony, then it would be very unlikely that the object that was left in the tomb was in fact part of a speaking staff. Or maybe there's another reason. B gives us this reason. If communal objects were usually passed from one generation to the next, then why would this communal part of a speaking staff be in a tomb? If an object is buried it can't be passed from generation to generation. Thus B sheds considerable doubt on the conclusion.

    21. S101 most AEC

    Missing 1+ class means not attending every class, so:
    Contrapositive: AEC--->/B-orLow

    Not B-or Lower means B- or higher.

    So, S101mostAEC--->B-orHigher

    Which means that S101 most B-Higher, which is answer choice E.

    22. Ok, because they are diff genetically from eachother, does this mean these generic diff were because of adaptations to their environments? What if these two groups interbred with some native salmon that were left over? Then the diff in genetics would be because of this. We want to eliminate these kinds of possibilities to strengthen the hyp. A does this for us.

    Hope this helps!
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    You are a saviorrrr!!! Thank you yes this help a lot!!! I really appreciate you taking the time
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