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Elimination Questions

civnetncivnetn Free Trial Member
edited August 2016 in Logic Games 148 karma
For some reason I can't remember exactly what these question types are called, but they're typically at the beginning of each section and read something like, "Which one of the following could be the composition of each of the teams...." So if someone could refresh my memory on what exactly this question type is called....that would be great!

For these questions we're supposed to go through the rules one by one and eliminate incorrect answers.

My question is this: Typically I find that each rule eliminates ONLY 1 answer choice. There are rare instances where a rule will eliminate 2 answer choices, but this is rare. After I identify an answer choice that a rule eliminates, should I continue to apply that rule to the other options, or can I move on to the next rule. In the interest of time, I've been moving on to the next rule after eliminating an answer choice.


  • blah170blahblah170blah Alum Inactive ⭐
    3545 karma
    I think it's worth the 10 seconds or so to read the remaining ACs and test out the rule. The biggest time suck in games is having to revisit anything so it's better to be 100% sure that a rule doesn't apply.
  • draj0623draj0623 Alum Member
    916 karma
    My philosophy is to go through all the answer choices while evaluating each rule. The times I've psyched myself out for time pressure reasons and moved on after finding only one answer choice, I've regretted it when having to go through everything all over again when you realize you're left with the correct answer choice and the one you failed to rule out initially while going through the elimination process.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27547 karma
    Acceptable situation questions. I typically glance through all of them, it only takes an extra second or two.

    The way I work these is to run each rule immediately after translating it or plugging it onto my board. This way, I think about each rule for an extra moment before moving on to the next, and by the time my board is fully set up, I've already answered a question which is a nice little boost.
  • civnetncivnetn Free Trial Member
    148 karma
    @"Cant Get Right" ahh that's right. Acceptable Situation questions! Yeah, I think I'm going to take the extra couple seconds. In the off chance that something actually does occur twice, it ends up taking more time. It was just something that I caught myself doing and I wanted to be sure to eliminate any bad habits!
  • quinnxzhangquinnxzhang Member
    611 karma
    There are two ways to approach these questions.

    The first way is to go through each answer choice and see if the answer choice conforms to every rule. Using this method, you do have to go through every rule for each answer choice until you find a rule that the answer choice violates.

    The second way is to go through each rule and eliminate all answer choices that violate the rule. Using this method, you're wasting time by checking every rule for each answer choice. Once you eliminate all the answer choices that violate a rule, you should cross that rule off.

    I'm not certain which method you're using based on your post, but it sounds like the first one, in which case you should check every rule for each answer choice until you find a rule that the answer choice violates.

  • civnetncivnetn Free Trial Member
    148 karma
    @quinnxzhang I'm using the second way which is the way J.Y. uses in his Logic Games Videos.
  • quinnxzhangquinnxzhang Member
    edited August 2016 611 karma
    Then there's no need to check every rule for each answer choice.
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