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Personal Statement Swap?

andrewpete93andrewpete93 Free Trial Member

Would anyone be interested in swapping personal statements and providing some constructive feedback?


  • Lizzette GLizzette G Alum Member
    58 karma

    Yes...I actually would. It's been reviewed by a couple of my peers but I don't believe that their feedback was very constructive.

  • kjsmith914kjsmith914 Alum Member
    226 karma

    mememe. feel free to DM me!

  • jonw.khanjonw.khan Member
    31 karma

    DM Me! Would love to swap and give some feedback as well as get some!

    15 karma

    DM me as well I would love to swap, mine isn't fully finish, I'm having writers block so maybe you can give me some ideas of where to take it next .

  • maamedufiekmaamedufiek Alum Member
    34 karma

    Kindly DM me too. I'll be happy to swap for feedback @andrewpete93
    Anyone else interested in swapping can also DM me.

  • LauraC829LauraC829 Alum Member
    218 karma

    Happy to swap too! :)

  • andrewpete93andrewpete93 Free Trial Member
    62 karma

    Awesome! I'll DM each of you probably tomorrow after I finish my rough draft tonight - looking forward to it!

  • tcookPHLtcookPHL Alum Member
    300 karma

    Hey! Would anyone like to review mine as well? DM me!

  • Tavorak_Tavorak_ Free Trial Member
    115 karma

    I'm game!

  • meganr23meganr23 Alum Member
    42 karma

    I'd also love it if anyone wants to shoot me a message.

  • jmariahn1993jmariahn1993 Free Trial Member
    6 karma

    I would love to swap with someone! I am first-draft stages, but not sure if I’m going the right direction. Have pretty strong writing background, so worried about overall message versus grammar

  • bobbutwith8charactersbobbutwith8characters Free Trial Member
    89 karma

    Happy to swap with you (OP) or anyone else in this thread!

  • Gabby112Gabby112 Free Trial Member
    5 karma

    I'm also happy to swap personal statements!

  • eggsabeleggsabel Alum Member
    7 karma

    I would love to jump onto the bandwagon if possible!

  • Victoria14Victoria14 Alum Member
    776 karma

    Please someone reach out to me! I'm editing like a mad man but i'm feeling like i'm lacking!

  • PearsonSpecterLittUpPearsonSpecterLittUp Alum Member
    588 karma

    YES I'D LOVE TO!!!

  • BirdLaw818BirdLaw818 Free Trial Member
    edited October 2017 553 karma

    Admin edit: Email removed. Please PM for emails.

    U guys can email me and I hope you can check mine too :) thanks

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    Checking in also, I'd love to swap but I'm still in early stages of writing it. So, wanting to swap but need a bit of time first to get a draft, hahah.

  • faddy878faddy878 Alum Member
    edited October 2017 47 karma

    I would love to swap, who should I contact? pm me for my email

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