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September LSAT Curve Breakers

jsfollowerjsfollower Member
in General 66 karma

Title pretty much says everything, but which questions do you guys think were the curve breakers for the logical reasoning sections?
Just trying to see if I missed any "low hanging fruit" questions that I really should have gotten right.



  • hlkoo1212hlkoo1212 Alum Member
    130 karma

    I thought Section 5 LR #14 Q about jazz music was one of the hardest on the test.

  • saturnsunsaturnsun Free Trial Member
    156 karma

    I thought Section 2 LR #17 about corrections to research findings was difficult, though that was the point in the test where I started to freak out and wasn't thinking clearly. I do think this stimulus was weirdly worded though.

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