[Test Center Review] Seattle University - Seattle, WA

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Proctors: Excellent. Kind, professional, quiet during test. Really happy with them.
Facilities: Law school classroom. Building is newer, so pretty comfortable and well-equipped.
What kind of room: Large classroom, basement level, typical law class set up with tiered rows, long connected desks.
How many in the room: around 50
Desks: Long connected desk that runs length of row, seated us every other seat. Plenty of room to spread out whatever you need.
Left-handed accommodation: not necessary
Noise levels: Quiet
Parking: Small visitor parking lot on campus next to law school ($6 for all day). I arrived at 7:45 and got a spot, but at about 8:00am there was a rush and the lot quickly filled up. Outside of that, there is metered on-street parking (runs on Saturdays, max 4 hours so doesn't really work). I believe there are some other paid parking lots in the neighborhood, but not much other parking on campus. Arrive early, or be ready to park somewhere else!
Time elapsed from arrival to test: Arrived 8am, check in began 8:30, test began at about 9:30.
Irregularities or mishaps: None! Totally smooth.
Other comments: Visible clock on wall, chairs were ok but not super comfy. Temperature and lighting all comfortable and ideal. Vending machines with sodas and snacks available and accessible at break (accepts credit cards!). Large restroom, but line was long for rooms that started break slightly later. Hustle to the restroom if you want to go on break.
Would you take the test here again? Absolutely! Probably the best option in Seattle area, with the exception of limited parking.
Date[s] of Exam[s]: 12/2/17


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