Flaw Questions - what works for you?

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I am having a tough time wrapping my head around flaw questions. They are a total time suck for me and I usually end up getting them wrong. I've reviewed JY's material and drilled flaw questions but have only seen small improvement. Has anyone else had trouble with these?


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    Print out flaw questions and practice boxing the premise/conclusion/context. This will help immensely!
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    For flaw questions, I typically ID the main premise(s) and the conclusion and write it like this:

    A (premise) ----- B (conclusion)

    For example, a common flaw stimulus I've come across is where you're introduced to a drug, a study, and then the author makes the conclusion that, based on the study, drug causes x.

    When I read that, I recognize that "drug causes x" is the main conclusion. Then I think about why the author believes that and then I recall that the primary evidence he/she is using is the study. So below, I'll write:

    study -- drug causes x

    And then, I'll look at the argument core and think about what flaw is there. In the case of studies showing a causal relationship between x and y, we need to know if the study is representative, or to make sure the participants weren't predisposed to y even without x. I'll make sure to write down "unrepresentative" or "no cause, same effect" and then go to the answer choices.

    For me, writing down the flaw is CRUCIAL because it forces me to not get swayed by tempting answer choices. The other most important aspect about this method is to recognize that I need to be flexible because sometimes the flaw I anticipate won't be the flaw in the answer choices. When that happens to me, I try to spot any other flaws.
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    Flaw and necessary assumption questions are the ones that I use to miss the most.

    Download the Cambridge flawed reasoning packet and just practice each question three or four times. You'll start to see the patterns.

    Although I still struggle with level 3/4 necessary assumption questions, I've pretty much conquered the FR questions
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    Even though I'm not the original poster of this discussion. Flaw and Assumption questions are my biggest hurdle as well. Everyone's suggestions I hope will help me.
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    I also struggled with these types of questions. I created a google docs with these types of questions along with my notes. If you send me your email I can share it with you :)
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    @emli1000 - Thanks so much for your offer! My email is anonette123@gmail.com
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    @emli1000...... could I also get a copy?!?! Flaw is my WORST!!!
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    Would appreciate a copy as well t2015smith@gmail.com Thanks!
  • twssmithtwssmith Alum
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    @emli1000...... Would appreciate a copy as well t2015smith@gmail.com Thanks!
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    @harrismegan what is your email?
  • Gz412326Gz412326 Alum Member
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    Thanks everyone for the help!
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    i would love a copy as well! tpn1092@gmail.com
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    I struggle too but what has helped me is I ask "did this happened in the stimulus?" And if it's not something that happened I cross it out. That's how my instructor taught it
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    It would be great if you could send the copy my way too! shama.barot@gmail.com Thank you so much!
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    @emli1000 it is harrismegan@live.ca :) thank you xoxox
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    I believe I've added everyone to my google doc. I'm still not completely finished with that section so if any of you have any suggestions or would like to add to it please feel free to. Thanks!
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    ndcorey@gmail.com if you dont mind!!!
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    @emli1000 If you could send me those notes as well I would forever be in your debt!

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    @emli1000 you love it too! Sbaldwin@asu.edu thanks!!
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