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  • Thanks folks, October 3rd it is then... $90.00... Like it really cost them that much to change my date? Oh well...
  • And as a further extension to that, public libraries use software to manage the lending of eBooks and other digital media. The software allows only n copies of any particular ebook, CD, DVD, whatever to be "on loan" at any given time. So if a librar…
  • Y.J., just out of curiosity, what additional requirements did LSAC apply to PDF distribution? I have significant in software design and development, so you have me curious...
  • 7Sage works on my android tablet, but you need to install the app. The chrome browser would not play the videos. I quickly found that the course has very limited utility on a tablet. Watching the videos is fine, but rarely am I just watching the vid…
  • I bought all the LG sections of the prep tests from Cambridge, I think for $80.00. I thought this package was $320 at the time, and I could not swing that. Now I see it's $280, which is still pricy. Okay, so it's $4.00 per PT, which sounds quite goo…
    in PTs Comment by jim-1 May 2015
  • Oh unless he meant a printed out PDF, yes I can see the problem there.
  • Why should it be against the rules to sell hard copy PTs? I can absolutely see the issue with sharing the PDFs, but if I choose to loan my books to a friend or resell them, what's the issue there?
  • Okay, that settles it. No more erasing! Thanks all...
  • @emli1000 which they would never be able to do without the government enabling them.
  • The reason law school is so expensive is the same reason all schools are expensive - largely, it's because the government is paying the bill. Or, at least the interest for a while. Someone commented that demand dwindles while supply increases yet, c…
  • I have many friends who are attorneys and they all agree that 2 years would be fine.
  • Fantastic, thanks folks!
  • I just checked, it looks like PT-66 is the first PT with the change you mentioned. Its a nice change, lots and lots of white space to draw in!
    in PDFs Comment by jim-1 May 2015
  • @nicole, yes one of the motivators to buy the entire set was fear that they just won't be available later. I know I can erase but it not the same thing as a clean sheet. I'm not sure I understand your question. The LG sections look just like they …
    in PDFs Comment by jim-1 May 2015
  • Okay I took the plunge and bought all the Cambridge PT Logic Games - Every LG section ever with the answer key. All 70 of them. And, they sent me an email with 70 separate links!!! Each link is only valid for 72 hours and can be accessed only 3 time…
    in PDFs Comment by jim-1 May 2015
  • Great, thanks again everyone!
    in PDFs Comment by jim-1 May 2015
  • Ah! Cambridge still offers them, thanks everyone. I didn't see them on Ebay. So, I can get all the LG questions from prep tests 1 - 38 for about $50.00. So, that makes me wonder, are the old tests still valid as a study tool, or are they obsolete? …
    in PDFs Comment by jim-1 May 2015
  • Never mind, I found the app...