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  • It seems like the level of difficulty varied a lot for today's test-takers. Personally, RC was rough and LR was great, with LG somewhere in the middle. Overall, it wasn't the worst I've ever had but it wasn't the best. I definitely worried a lot mor…
  • I had LG first, then RC, then LR. It was nice to end on a high note because LR was definitely my strongest section today; I've never run out of time during RC before, so it was discouraging to have that happen. I've worked so hard to get my speed up…
  • RC has always been strong for me, so I was unused to feeling so rushed. I've never liked science passages though, so I guess I should've expected to struggle on that. LG seemed typical to me and it was nice to have it first so that I could get it ou…
  • RC was the hardest it's ever been for me, I thought LR was easy, and LG was fine except I ran out of time on the last game. One blessing was that LG was first; I hate it so much, so getting it out of the way was nice!
  • Congratulations! Thank you for sharing. Good luck with your decision!
    in Cycle recap Comment by bfc9cz May 2020
  • If you want to push back your test date to do more PTs, that's one thing, but I would not delay simply in the hope that future tests will not be LSAT Flex. I would be very surprised if the July and August tests are in-person. LSAC is prepared to rep…
  • Here are my notes related to the LSAT Flex from the LSAC webinar about law school & COVID today: - Equipment/computer requirements for LSAT Flex can be found here:…