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  • I also had 2 RC sections, felt both were on the more difficult scale but one definitely harder than the other! LG was fairly easy and straightforward, LR also felt standard nothing out of this world. Good luck all!
  • I attended it and thought it was really helpful. Is it worth $40? That's really subjective and depends on your financial situation. If you spend $40 on a weekend outing then yeah I think it's worth sacrificing a weekend of fun to improve your chance…
  • I'm not 100% sure but I think they have a streak of releasing at least one a year since like the 90's and the speculation (others) is that they want to keep that going.
  • They are not released. LSAC has announced that they will release one more but they have not said when or which one they will be releasing!
  • Hey, Ledlarky! The August test is 3 scored sections and an experimental section which will not count towards your score. That means 75/76 (I believe, I'm not sure) questions as opposed to the 100/101. The scoring is rather complicated but I believe…
  • Hey Haley, How have you been studying? Also do you NEED to take August LSAT? Maybe just try putting more time in. Score increases happen at a different rate for everyone so don't be discouraged!
    in sad :( Comment by JustaKid June 2021
  • @canihazJD isn't the hero we deserve but the one we need!
  • If you take a normal prep test on 7sage it is a four section test. I think it is good practice for mental endurance. While in August we do not know how the distribution of sections will be we know that there is at least 1 LR 1 LG and 1 RC, the curre…
  • Hey Logician, I am extremely interested!
  • Hey Bisma, hate to be the bearer of bad news. It's a pretty tough goal you've set. The truth is even if you rip through the CC in time and have time for PT's your retention rate of the core curriculum won't be optimal. I work full-time and have two …