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  • mjmonte17- I had the exact same order as you and have the exact feelings as you for each section. I am hoping to god I did not blow up on that RC section- the last passage on women labor law I had 6 minutes for.
  • Thanks keets I am going to break that bad habit. I know that excelling under timed conditions is not something that just magically happens and needs to be learned from practice. Rosenkranz- just out of curiousity (I know its different from person t…
  • Appreciate the feedback Riley. Your AMA was extremely helpful by the way. I have adopted mantras like you did but at the question type level (for each question type) for LR and my RC strategy for typing in a separate word doc I got from your AMA. Ho…
  • Thanks so much for the comment! Candidly I do not use the memory method rigorously- would be good to get your insight here. I read the passage in about 3:30 and maybe spend 10 seconds mentally threading the low resolution summaries of each paragraph…