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  • Whatever happened in January, it's done. I think you should take a test with fresh eyes and see what happens. If you land in the 150s where you were normally then maybe keep studying and re-take the next test. Not sure what school you applied for an…
  • I hope you are hearing all the encouragement of everyone here. I agree with them that while studying for this test is important, it is NOT the most important thing ever and your mental health is more important than any test. You may not want to hear…
  • The highlighting tool on the Digital Lsat to me is basically useless, I took it July 2019 some people had my experience and others said it worked fine so I guess it's subjective? I really don't know. I used to highlight keywords/phrases and I still …
  • @IronCurtain how long do you think it would take to go through all of them? I'm going through the LG ones now. Tx. Just wondering how long it took you?
  • I know you memorize the correct answer by the second or third go, but did you memorize how to ARRIVE at the correct answer? Sometimes you do and I think it's still ok if you memorized how you arrived at the correct answer because hopefully you're le…