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  • Was it me or was this test extremely difficult? I didn't really have too much trouble with the circular LG but the section as a whole was pretty intense. Also i found the LR sections were particularly difficult almost more so than they normally ar…
  • Yes, american schools. I was aiming for September LSAT but I have a ten day trip scheduled in the middle of august so I feel losing those 10 days may not be the best thing ramping up for September 8.
  • Hi guys! Very reassuring to see a thread like this! I am currently 33 and will be 34 by the time i enter law school I will be applying coming fall for admission in 2019. I am NY based so hopefully going to get into one of the part time programs h…
  • Thank you everyone for your comments! Because there are so many PTs is it ok to take more than a week to do each section in the study schedule? I feel as if I'm doing myself a disservice if I don't finish in time.
  • Thank you for this. Yes I agree I feel as if it is a bit overwhelming tight now the amount of CC per week and admittedly LR is my weakest section. In your opinion should I go back once I’m done with the CC and rewatch the LR sections again for re…
  • Thank you!!!!
  • Thank you for the insight. I will be in the NY market and as much as I'd love to say yes to NYU and Columbia I believe I would have an easier time getting a date with Rihanna(Still a dream of mine, don't tell my wife). My schools goals are St. Joh…