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  • @phancinanci said: That's amazing! congrats! This is hopefully what I like to accomplish as well and definitely very motivating. I'd like to ask you what your study plan was and how you progressed towards your goal of 170+? I am basically star…
  • @lsat8709 said: Congratulations! What would you say are a couple things that were important in helping you jump from the 160s into the 170 territory? Two things: Prephrase what the correct AC should look like before looking at the real ACs…
  • ... Thanks!
  • Started with a 139 diagnostic. 143 first PT after the CC. 169 on my last PT. Just takes time. Took me 14 months to get to this point. Put in the work and it'll come.
  • I started from 36 onwards for taking timed PTs. That’s pretty standard and it’s been working for me
  • @RoadTo165 said: Do you have any tips for those stuck in the low 150s? Damn, never thought I'd see the day I'm giving out tips haha. Honestly perfect logic games. I've done every game from PT's 1-50 now at least twice. Most of them three tim…
  • I feel like once you do enough of the games you start seeing patterns and eventually you will know how to attack the game fairly quickly. I am currently foolproofing 1-35 and am on 15 currently and I feel like I am just starting to get the hang of w…
  • Hard work will get you where you want to go! I started at a 139 diagnostic and just scored a 150 on only my third PT with a 165 blind review. It's a slow process, but keep working at it!