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  • Super over rated and convoluted. Almost pretentious. Stick to 7sage
  • Im thinking of pt'ing on sunday, and reviewing on monday, then taking on tues. As for test day, I want to plan to wake and exercise a bit to get everything flowing right. Maybe go for a run even though running is misery lol. Lots of music, get the …
  • @canihazJD said: @lsat_sus @sarakimmel thanks for the kind words. All, while I am still tutoring, with school starting my availability is extremely limited. I’d love to work with anyone, but if you need greater frequency 7sage tutors @log…
  • @lsat_sus said: @eddieh414 wait aren't you high 160s? We're the same fam. And ya that list of approved tutors is where I found my tutor - he's a beast @canihazJD (shameless plug). I think he gauged my level just doing questions together. and y…
  • @WinningHere said: @eddieh414 are the last few LR questions diagrammable? Sometimes I find if I can map it out it will get me to the right answer. I, unusually, do well on the last few questions which are supposedly the hardest, but often fall…
  • @lsat_sus said: @eddieh414 Then budget and invest. You got to 168 from 140 on your own. You're a literal genius (relatively speaking) who's on the cusp of the 170s. You get that? I'm broke as hell too bruh but in hindsight it's just an excuse.…
  • @majilat said: Can you start a gofundme? I am sure you will find supporters in this community that will help you cover the cost of 1 or 2 1-hour tutoring sessions. Let us know if you are creating one! Oh god i dont want to take anyone's mone…
  • @lsat_sus said: HIGH KEY GRAB A TUTOR. You're maaad flirting with the 170s bro. Higher scoring tutors will give u the insights you need for those last 3-4 questions Dude I’m broke