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  • If I'm missing necessary assumption questions that mike kim provided in the book should i reread that chapter and then drill from Cambridge packets? P.S: I took the June 2015 lsat but did not do so well so I'm trying to start over with the 7sage …
  • @tanes256 @nicole.hopkins @Pacifico @visualcreed ..Thanks Guys I guess I'll check it out and see if it works for me. I still have the Blueprint Method and 7sage Method stuck in my head but maybe this could help.
  • @brna0714 @nicole.hopkins ok I'll do that instead thanks guys!
  • @emli1000 That would be great and really helpful! Thank you!
  • @emli1000 thanks! that makes more sense and I just got the PS Bundle so that should help...
  • @nicole.hopkins ya a day lol… but i think I got too focused on games and wasn't doing everything I should have for LR and RC.. So I went back to the lessons trying to focus more on that and then adding in games after… And also a question for everyo…
  • On the test I also don't have time for the last few questions and Ive only improved 2-3 points on one section of LR... I think I have the biggest trouble on sufficient/ necessary / and Most strongly support ... I do well on the on the sufficient an…
  • I'm studying 6+ hours for the past few weeks and I do games everyday atleast 4-6 of them. My score on RC was probably my stongest but recently that has been dropping because I started focusing on LG alot more... I'm not sure if I started testing …