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  • Thanks to everyone, I'm just ready to get this over with and also I'm afraid of my computer not working on test day which would suck too.
  • Ok, I have had no relatives die to cancer (in my lifetime) so perhaps my response won't be accurate. Also I may come off a bit crude in my response but here goes. Fuck no. First of all, (again my opinion) family comes first. I don't know exactly wh…
  • If you're almost certain that you will get a higher score? Yes. A point or two would go far especially since for you merit aid is a huge factor. For example in my case I would love to exchange financial aid in lieu of T14. BUT, if we're comparing yo…
  • So I did not know this and hopefully someone can confirm, but if and ONLY IF you get a refund for canceling a score AND you get to know your score and still cancel? Then yeah dude, cancel. Free practice test and you get to try harder a bit. Idk how …
  • I actually find the digital version much easier to do. At least on the couple I've tried on LSAC and the one here. Having said that I bought all the 10 Actual Books and so I'm going to probably have to use paper to practice most of them especially f…
    in * Comment by hhhakobian August 2019
  • Oh god I'm mortified. Does the basic bundle allow PT's like in the new digital format? that's what I have and I can't find it on the site tbh. Also why is your name Louis the poor? Thanks!
  • Thanks a lot! I was recently sick and noticed sipping on mineral water (for my throat) not only made me less thirsty but also didn't really make me have to go to the bathroom since I would drink less. How come I shouldn't do it on before or on test …