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  • stickdai
    hey elliot, i'm taking LSAT this June, i live in minneapolis, too. when do you plan to take yours? i work full time, study 3 hrs/day, and 6 hrs or so on weekend.
    April 2014
  • michellemoon0708
    Hi, My name is Michelle taking 2014 June test. I really want to achieve my goal score by June so that I can focus on the application procedure during Fall. I had to make a decision to take a leave from work in order to completely focus on studying – this shows how much I am serious and determined. I am looking for someone who can share this motivation and be a support each other. I’ve studied with few other people and found it very effective to analyze questions together and talk it out and explain to each other. I live in Los Angeles, CA. So I would like to meet up if you live close to here. I also found Skype or Phone are very good communication tool and convenient. I am down to talk any time. Please contact me at 213.700.3059 or Looking forward to hearing from you! Michelle
    March 2014
  • Welcome Aboard!
    January 2014