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Everything You Need to Know—and Nothing More

Too many bar prep courses bury you in an avalanche of rules that are almost never tested. You can’t possibly memorize all of them—and you don’t need to.

We analyzed the bar exam to figure out what you really need to know. After identifying the most tested principles, we asked our amazing professors to break them down, always focusing on how the examiners actually apply the rules. Our content is curated and concise, with more of what matters and less of what doesn't.

Always in Your Ear

Our listen-anywhere lectures let you brush up on bar prep as you cross the quad, commute to work, or go for a spin. When you’re back at your desk, you can use our targeted fill-ins, assessments, and outlines to reinforce what you heard.

Free your feet. Leave your screen. Learn anywhere.

A Lesson for Every Type of Learner

Whether you're a visual, verbal, aural, or tactile learner, we've got you covered. Our course features audio lectures and question explanations, interactive transcripts, color-coded outlines, diagrams, flashcards, and more.

We put it all together with **proven teaching techniques,** including short, focused lessons, spaced repetition, pattern-based learning, strategic knowledge check-ins, and multiple channels of reinforcement, so you can clear the bar with room to spare.

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Comprehensive Coverage

7Sage covers everything you need to crush the uniform bar exam.

Real Bar Prep Questions

Sign up for access to every bar prep question ever released, including 1838 from the MBE and over 20 years of MEE questions. We never use fake questions.

Brilliant Teachers

We've culled the ranks of respected law schools to find the world's best legal thinkers and top teachers.

Includes Law School Explained

Purchase includes the full Law School Explained course. Start improving your law school grades today.

18 month Money-Back Guarantee

Backed with an 18-month money-back guarantee. It’s risk free.

Pass Guarantee

If you don't pass the bar, you can send us your official results for a full refund.

Top Law Professors

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