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  • SFlorida93

    First of all, I never leave reviews for any product or service that I use… I am one of those guys that just lurks around and reads what other people have said without contributing my own review. However, after completing 7Sage’s full 629 hour LSAT Ultimate course, I’ve been waiting until the day that I took the real LSAT (hopefully for the last time!) so I can share how incredible this course has been for me.

    I’m a senior. At one of the top undergraduate business schools in the country… I also went to a very highly ranked prep school before that. I don’t want to say that to brag. I want to say that because NONE of my professors/tutors/teachers/mentors/ANYONE has ever been as helpful as JY has been to me. And it’s not even close. When I was in high school, I used a VERY expensive SAT/ACT prep service that required me to drive 45 minutes to a physical office where I was given photocopied test packets and told to time myself on my own. Then when I finished, I was to notify one of the tutors who would grade the test. While I would get some feedback on my errors, I was never taught the fundamental PRINCIPLES to how to approach these standardized tests.

    The fact that this course taught me the PRINCIPLES to logic is what stands out the most to me when I think back to my time preparing for the LSAT. I’ve heard nightmare stories about friends of mine who have taken Kaplan courses or one of those other big name courses. My parents were even apprehensive about letting me use 7Sage because they thought I was just choosing the cheap option. But 7Sage provided me EVERYTHING I needed to succeed. First of all, it is an online course. I was able to start at my own time, go through the course at my own speed, pause the videos when I was confused, and skip over easy LR videos instead of having to spend half an hour on something I already understood (I was worried that in a Kaplan course, the incompetent tutor would waste my time explaining an easy question to someone less committed than me). Also, the ability to speed up or slow down the videos was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and should not go unnoticed. While the course is officially 629 hours, I was able to adjust my brain to understand JY talking at 1.7x speed… I swear that he sounds like he is high when I slow him back down to 1.0x speed. If I ever get to meet him, I’m not gonna be able to help myself but to say, “speed up!!! you’re talking too slowly!!” Like I don’t even want to get to my next point. This one feature alone should get its entire paragraph. A wholeeeeee paragraph on being able to speed up the videos! I mean… it’s important! I had this old man tutor me for the SAT and he always took foreverrrrrr to explain one question. I just wanted him to get to the point! And with this feature, I was able to do that. By the end of the course, I felt like the main character from the movie “21” who was able to do advanced math in his head when he was counting cards… except it was me internalizing JY’s words at lightning speed.

    Oh and I would use my laptop, iPad, and iPhone to get through the course… It was easy on all of my devices to pick up where I left off and view all the videos from my iPad/iPhone. Everything was compatible… Which is a big deal because other professors have given me software that requires Flash Player or some other program that doesn’t work well with personal devices. 7Sage = simple! Plus, there is a free app that keeps time and even follows the script that is read by the proctor in the test! While I had the option of about a dozen voices, I would always use JY because I feel so comfortable listening to his voice. You might think I have some weird crush on him… but listen! JY reveals how he feels when he speaks. This is essential. For ANYONE… but especially a teacher. You know how some professors are soooo monotone when they speak? It is just always the same tone no matter what they say. They could say, “this question is difficult” or “I am sleepy” or “you don’t want to fall into this trap” and it ALL sounds the exact same. Like a poker player keeping his cards close to his chest, that monotone professor is not revealing at all how he feels about those different thoughts. When JY says a question is difficult, you can HEAR the exasperated frustration in his voice! You can see him moving his stylus thing around in a motion of chaotic annoyance at the LSAT. When he is sleepy, I can HEAR his tired expression when he mentions how he just rolled out of bed. And when he warns me (or any other student) about a tricky choice, he is impactful because he says it like it a matter of life and death. Like how a hiker would yell at a fellow hiker on top of a cliff if seeing him getting too close to the edge. My point is that JY is INVESTED in what he is talking about. He cares about what he is talking about. He isn’t like a lot of the tutors and teachers I had growing up that think just stating the material is enough. No. While this course is over 26 FULL DAYS if you add it all up, I NEVER got bored… especially when hearing JY’s voice. Besides the fact that he consistently reveals how he feels about the material, JY is extremely thorough with going over every word on every PrepTest… every passage, every question, every answer. The great thing about the way JY teaches is that I felt like I had two chances to get a question correct… either I choose the right answer or I eliminate the 4 wrong ones. JY goes through each question and explains why the right answer is 100% correct and why the wrong ones are 100% incorrect. I like that. I like that I don’t have to be anxious that there will be a question with 2 potentially correct answers. And I like that the course explains this right off the bat.

    Right at the very top of the syllabus, I was greeted with seeing green, red, and blue circles that showed my progress. When I first started the course, I was incredibly overwhelmed with how much further I had to go. It was even worse after my first night… it was 3am and I checked the green circle to see it say only 2%! I’m a binge watcher when it comes to TV shows… Like the House of Cards… I watched the entire second season in one night! But this course can’t be done in a few days. It takes day after day after day of hard work to even get a few more percentage points closer to 100%. Of course, there were nights when I would just rip up the PrepTest I was grading and tell myself that I would never get Logical Reasoning. But there was always a motivating little message at the top of the syllabus… or a reassuring comment at the bottom of one of the videos. Ohhhh… I didn’t even mention this until now but the other members of this community are great as well! I wish I had taken more time to read the comments and contribute myself… but very often the comments would influence the way I see a certain question and help me understand what is going on.

    Besides that, the tracking tools were very, very helpful. I was able to see the progress I made after submitting my answers for each PrepTest… and the tests were automatically graded with the proper curve! Oh and every question is rated by level of difficulty… Oh and then I can see on a graph which particular Logical Reasoning (or the other sections) questions that I was having the most problems with… Like I was able to improve my score by a few points just because the analytics told me that I was struggling with Necessary Assumption questions. Fuckkkkkk I love this course! haha

    I love how it started with the fundamentals of logic and then went into detail about every type of Logical Reasoning question that typically appears on the test. Once I had the basics down, it became very easy to pick apart the arguments and figuring out where the premises and conclusion are. Oh and Logical Games… JY just keeps it as simple as possible. No weird tricks or anything like that. He just goes down the list of rules with a certain calmness that assures me that any game can be conquered.

    The PrepTests are so easy to print out. I didn’t have to buy any more materials after getting this course, which is thousands of dollars cheaper than the courses that some of the other students in my classes used. Oh and good call on the 3 wristwatches… JY recommends getting these $8 watches for keeping time in the test and they worked perfectly today… Even though by this point, I already have a mental clock that tells me if I’m spending too much time on each question.

    I could go on and on forever about 7Sage… The blog entries are also very informative about law school… Oh and while the 7Sage site never gave me any problems, apparently the site went down for a couple hours one night. Soon after, I was given a free extra month just for any potential problems that I might have had! The service here is top notch, even if I never got to spoke with JY directly. It’s so weird… I feel like he is my friend and he doesn’t even know who I am. I spent more time hearing his voice over the summer than with anyone else’s… including my own family. And there are other small things too that have been great… like how the full PrepTest 72 test/videos was available to me for like less than $7. And so quickly after the test was released. I mean everything here is top notch and I wish every course was a 7Sage one.

    Oh and I want to give a shoutout to Alan… I don’t really know what he does besides the backend stuff. But you helped make this place so thank you! Anddddddd Jon! I feel so bad for you. Like you’re the Scottie Pippen to JY’s Michael Jordan. Pippen was a 6x champion, 7x all star, and NBA Hall of Famer. Your videos would be the best on the internet if you didn’t have the GOAT on your team. It actually pisses me off when you explain the answer to a question only to get one comment that says, “JY, can you explain this one?” APPRECIATE THE WANG! People might not appreciate you Jon, but I do. You were there for me when I felt like a moron for getting #2 wrong, a ridiculously easy “one star” question, because I didn’t read the stimulus correctly. You were there for me when I needed you, Jon!! And I’ll never forget you.

    For my MAIN CONCLUSION, I have to say that 7Sage is AWESOME! It is the best, most thorough, highest quality LSAT course by a WIDE, WIDE margin. I’ve looked at the other options. I’ve checked out the different LSAT prep books at the bookstore that don’t even use REAL questions. I’ve suffered through boring YouTube videos explaining the “mindset” required to do well on the LSAT that just left me even more confused. And I’ve spent the time to check out other “gurus” in the field… like that ridiculous Velocity Test Prep guy who seems like he is trippinggggg balls in his videos. Nothing compares. I would highly, highly recommend 7Sage to ANYONE… not just potential law schools students but to anyone who wants to be able to pick apart arguments, point out flaws in an argument’s reasoning, and have the ability to read a complicated passage and retain the material well enough to answer tricky questions.

  • ericahollann

    7Sage is FANTASTIC!

    I started my study with the PowerScore books and was scheduled to take their full-length in-class course. They contacted me three days before the course was supposed to start and told me it was canceled due to low enrollment. Super disappointed, I discovered that there was no where else in my state (!) to take a course in person in preparation for the June LSAT. I chose 7Sage after watching several hours of free Logic Games explanations online as a disappointed second to the “real” classroom experience.

    Fast-forward a month…

    I could not be happier that I chose 7Sage over the PowerScore classes. Not only did I save myself $1000 dollars, but I believe the instruction I have received (about 45% of the course) has been invaluable. While I was initially worried about not being able to talk to a real, live person whenever I had a question, I find that just about anything I can think of to ask is covered in the videos. If you’re on the fence, let me help you out: CHOOSE 7SAGE!

  • pressmanscott923

    Excellent LSAT course! I Wish I would have taken this course before I paid $1,000 for an online PowerScore course. After completing the PowerScore course and doing all of the homework and loads of practice tests, my game section still ranged from -7 to -10, and I consistently scored in the low 160s. Using J.Y.’s methods, I improved to -3/-4, and my score shot up to the mid/high 160s. I’m still in disbelief how counter intuitive Powerscore’s method is for pure sequencing games and how much better I got at doing them using J.Y.’s diagramming techniques. On test day, I had this overwhelming confidence, knowing that J.Y. had prepared me for anything, and I ended up killing the game section and getting a great score on the test. The fee waivers I have received from my dream schools have already paid for the low cost of this course. Thank you J.Y.!!! I kind of miss hearing your voice everyday.

  • atkenn127

    It’s too good. I studied on my own before the June LSAT, with official test materials and Powerscore. I scored 157. I signed up for 7Sage and retook in September. I scored 168. Talk about damn! Plus it’s the most fun I’ve had studying for a test. I watched a few explanations the other day just to reminisce! Plus they’re rolling out a prep course for law school too, which I’m sure will also be excellent. If you’re taking the LSAT, abandon whatever other materials and courses you’re using and get this now.

  • mhhanes77

    The best – without a doubt the future of LSAT = 7sage. I would not even ENTERTAIN the idea of purchasing an extremely overpriced course. Not only is 7sage better than the pricey courses, it is convenient and JY is super helpful and willing to follow up via email, even if you have a silly question.

    5 stars all the way!

  • natalia.wong

    I first started studying using the Powerscore Logical Reasoning/Logic Games Bibles, and since I’ve started using the 7Sage methods, all I can say is, 7SAGE IS SUPERIOR BY FAR!!!

    I am so happy that I stumbled upon 7Sage. JY’s thorough explanations (for not only why the right answer is right, but why the wrong answers are undeniably wrong) and quirky sense of humour (love the Dragonball, Game of Thrones, and Starwars references) really helped me understand the material, and the techniques have really helped me overcome many of my weaknesses. Things that Powerscore would ask you to “memorize”, JY would flush out with the theory as to “why”, which made it much easier to remember and apply efficiently.

    As well, the 7Sage team is extremely prompt in answering questions, and I love the interactions between students allowed under each lesson video.

    Extremely satisfied – can’t wait to kill my LSAT! Thank you 7Sage!!

  • poohbear

    I’m only a little bit less than half way through the curriculum (didn’t start timed preptests yet) but 7sage is AMAZING! I first started to study on my own using Powerscore bibles and they were decent. Then I couldn’t keep myself motivated without a curriculum so I decided to enroll in a Kaplan course without doing much research (and because it was the only nearby test prep center in my school’s area). To be quite honest, I did not put in enough time and energy into the course but their methods were simply not very intuitive and the material and instructor did not keep my engaged. I finished the course but honestly left feeling underprepared for the exam– I felt as if Kaplan only gave me the barebone basics to the LSAT and not enough to help me reach my full potential. I eventually got more serious about the idea of attending law school and started doing my own research and soon I discovered the amazing 7Sage! I remember the first time I found JY’s free LG explanations online and I started studying with them– I found myself excited to learn more about how to tackle each game!

    As of now, I’m taking some time off before law school to just study for the test full time and I have decided to invest in the Ultimate curriculum. It has simply been the best $550 I have spent! JY’s videos are clear and informative– and really breaks things down for you. As a student, I find myself engaged and often times laughing out loud during his video explanations because his strong, yet no bullshit personality shines through. I appreciate the fact that he organizes his material in a way that everything builds on something we’ve learned in the past and that the LSAT is broken down in a very formulaic and repetitive exam that anyone (with the right preparation) can do well on. I also really appreciate the fact that JY goes through every single answer choice on a problem and does not skip out on anything– as an instructor, he brings himself down to our level (a student that is unfamiliar with the material and needs everything explained) rather than speaking to us on a different level (“oh i’m an lsat instructor that scored really well etc etc). And the fact that everyone is in video form is great so I know I can always go back to something and learn it again if I need to.

    The added plus is that the website is easy to navigate– with a very user-friendly interface (from a note-taking section, to the little stars next to each lesson that you want to highlight, to the LSAT analytics) and friendly community of students and instructors. I’m not even done with the curriculum yet and I know that the 7Sage LSAT prep is definitely going to help me own the upcoming exam! Thank you to JY and the 7sage staff– you’re all lifesavers :) Sorry for the super long review– but I really do want everyone else to know how great this program is!

  • Bass_23.

    This was something I should have started months ago. JY is a LSAT Guru, whether you are scoring in the low 140’s or the high 170’s, you have a lot to learn from this guy, he breaks everything down into ENGLISH. which is something many instructors and courses fail to do. This is something everyone needs to take advantage of.

    Take 7Sage–> Score high on the LSAT
    Did not score high on the LSAT–> Did not take 7Sage.

  • carreno.kate

    As a teaching assistant, I am recommending 7Sage to my own colleagues and students in the coming semesters, as I am to you now. I stumbled across 7Sage during my preparation for the LSAT, struggling to clarify Powerscore’s weak and thin curriculum, and I have not needed a bit of clarification since then. 7Sage’s curriculum is thoughtful and thorough, obviously devised by a group of academics striving to teach, rather than profit from, their students. I can say with complete confidence that following 7Sage’s method, my hard work will bear dividends in September. The truth of it is that the intuitive, yet highly efficient, approach taken by 7Sage is unrivaled. With dedication, confidence, and a little faith, 7Sage will guide you towards mastering the LSAT. Good luck!

  • mom.of.2

    I started studying for the LSAT when I was pregnant with my second child. Thanks to 7sage, I was able to study from home and I’m so glad I stumbled across this program. I started off with a diagnostic score of 155 and was able to score a 171 on the last December LSAT. My son was only 4 months at the time! A large part of my success is due to 7sage. Thank you guys!

  • Isaachong92

    7Sage LSAT is THE way to go for optimal and efficient LSAT studying. Not only are the lessons insightful and the instructor highly effective, the resources that are given on the page (comment section, student forum, blind review preptest template, rewind/slow down button for lessons etc.) are top-notch. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, choose 7Sage LSAT. I have taken Blueprint LSAT, and that is also a reputable program, but 7SAGE beats it on three points:

    1. The amount of quality interaction and participation opportunities given.
    2. The flexibility and comfort of the lessons.
    3. The purchase price of 7SAGE is 8 times lower than Blueprint!

  • James Ray

    I have been a teacher in many incarnations before, in the classroom, the gym, and the dojo. As such I have learned how to create effective training programs. When I decided to approach the LSAT I looked at all the different options available and found them all wanting. I knew I could do better alone. Kaplan, Powerscore, all of them did not compare to what I could do for myself.

    When I hit a wall in my scoring I knew that there was something I was missing. I found 7Sage and it is the only thing I found that was better. It was the only thing that helped me move to the next level. This is the best thing for training for the LSAT and I 100% recommend it to anyone who wants to prepare for the LSAT.

  • LouieRodriguez

    I don’t use drugs, so it’s really not a fair statement to say 7Sage is like crack or crystal meth, but god damn, this shit will make you score high.

  • hannamz

    I wish I knew about this course before I spent thousands on Blueprint LSAT prep course. J.Y. tells how it is and is realistic on how the LSAT works. When I took the Blueprint course, I expressed concern about how I could learn all this material in 2.5 months with a full-time job but they did not seem to think it would be an issue. When I felt unprepared to take the test, Blueprint simply told me to buy the online course version (which was not much help since it was very distracting with all the cartoons and images).

    The explanations here on 7sage were the most straightforward and clear. I fully support 7sage and wish I could be a part of their success!! :)

  • MidnightBlue

    When I took the Dec 7th lsat, I was floored by the amount of high dollar prep my peers had done. Pre-test discussion was nothing but comparison between Kaplan, Princeton Review, Powerscore, and about a million other $1-3k prep courses seemingly everyone but me had taken. Each had a unique and complicated way to break down each section. Each was fluent in their own brand of prep course jargon that seemed even more complex than the test itself. I was at a loss. I went home, cancelled my score, and wondered if the lsat was for me.

    As a student with a full-time job and no outside support, I was the Dalit of the lsat caste system. I knew I couldn’t afford the time or expense of a $2000 in-person course. But how could I ever hope to compete with my peers and their extensive prep? How could I hold a candle to those who had their education financed, their time free for study, and their tests road-mapped from start to finish?

    The answer, I found, was 7sage. By allowing me to work around my hectic schedule, and within a meager budget, they truly leveled the playing field and gave me a legitimate shot at law school that I’d previously thought impossible Through visual break-downs, practice tests, and a masterfully guided walk-through of real lsat material, they have provided every possible tool for success.

    I may not ever understand my peers with their convoluted methodology and their fancy course-specific jargon. But I DO understand the lsat, which I owe entirely to 7sage. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

    I would strongly recommend this course to anyone, and I mean that with the utmost gratitude and sincerity. You will not find a better prep course, at any price point.

  • zgmorris13

    In a way I’m glad that I live in the middle of farm town Idaho because I would’ve spent $1200 dollars on an in person prep course that would have wasted my time. 7sage is perfect because I can re-listen to lessons and pause and fast forward as much as I want. I also take time to ask questions here that I normally wouldn’t in a class because I’m not worried about disrupting the flow of class and the teacher not getting through all of the material.

    The lessons are set up nice and it feels like I have a front row seat in front of the white board, which I didn’t really get from some of the other prep courses. I like that this course was made for online and not the other way around. It wasn’t forced and manipulated into a half baked product so the company could have another source of revenue. They took the time to do it right, and it has MANY advantages over an in person course. Another course contracted professional animators, but JY can draw a whale with the best of them so it’s all even.

  • jrehman

    7sage is simply the best! The materials break down the LSAT puzzle into the most intricate of pieces. It’s like learning a language, and JY equips you with the skills to be fluent. You really develop a strong foundation of LSAT skills and techniques, and are given ample opportunities to put those skills to the test through the use of Quizzes and Problem Sets. To finish the course off, you are given a steady diet of prep tests (recent ones included!) to put your skills to the test, and through Blind Review, improve as you progress from one test to the next.

    I have also been so lucky as to have met JY at a 7sage meet up in Toronto and it’s fair to say that he’s friendly and very personable. I can confidently say that his personality and supportive nature has truly been embodied by the program he provides.

    If you’re looking for a way to prep for the big day, look no further. 7sage is the best.

  • shane.mcglashen

    Absolutely amazing. I happened to stumble upon a single review of a logic games explanation and was immediately hooked. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for 7sage, I would never be where I am at today. My diagnostic score was in the 130’s and now I score on average anywhere from 165-167 (highest thus far), with two weeks out until test day. Its like having your own private tutor who you can access anytime you like. Also, it certainly has kept me sane, as all the countless hours invested in studying would have been exceptionally lonely had I not felt apart of a community, and in one way or another JY always keeps it entertaining.

    Thanks 7sage

  • eucalyptus

    Definitely the best LSAT prep course out there. And for a lot less $ than the competition. Do not donate your money to vulture companies. 7sage does care about your true understanding and success on the LSAT.


    There is a saying “tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I might remember, let me do it and I’ll remember”. That’s what the 7Sage does.

    I started with a 124 on my first practice test (English is my 3rd language and standardized test was news to me). After spending a fortune on Princeton Review twice, I got a 140 on my first real LSAT.

    I decided to self study and I found 7Sage in August when I was giving up on LSAT for the third time. Long story short, I ended up with a 161 on my second real test (it could have been higher if I was not hit with a horrible flu 4 days before the test).

    This is why I believe in 7 sage:

    1. You get to watch how a high LSAT scorer (J.Y) attacks each and every LSAT question. Imitating that mindset was a great help to me. You not only learn the lessons in theory but you see what is going on inside the mind of a 180 test taker. Then, you get to do your own practice and before you know you have adopted that approach to most questions, at least partially.

    2. Videos and practices are short, sweet and funny enough to maintain average human attention. Rather than reading long pages of prep books or sitting for hours in prep classes, you get to study whenever and wherever. I listened to videos while walking around, in bed, driving, etc.

    3. The community is great. You get on board with many more students just like you and the spirit is sharing and caring. You post your endive ties, problems, and hopes and in a blink of an eye there are many talking to you via the discussion board. If you have ever attempted a great challenge in life, you know the value of accompaniment.

    4. They sell the most recent test with video explanations for a special unbeatable price during the first few days after the release date. Even after that you can buy individual tests with video explanation of each lesson individually still at a low price.


    Keep making the world a better place 7sage.

  • TechSupportGuys

    Having taken Testmasters, read the Powerscore and Manhattan Bibles/Workbooks, and worked through Kaplan180 during my almost 800 hours of prep since October 2013, in my opinion 7Sage easily comes out on top as the premier LSAT system (and it’s not even close). The approach is so straightforward, efficient, and mechanical, that after a certain amount of studying all of the question types seem to blend into one. The videos even add a bit of character and levity (sans irreverence), which matters when you spend a great deal of time with the material. On difficult games setups or confusing LR questions, I sometimes feel as if J.Y. is right there with me, which is a huge confidence boost. Also, from a value perspective, this online course is about as close to a personal tutor as you can get (and likely better), and further the amount of licensed content is insane. In sum, if you’re looking for LSAT prep, you should stop your search here.

  • elnozfaiazi

    I am planning to take the test this September. I took Kaplan classes 2 years ago and only improved on Logical Games and did not get the satisfactory score I was hoping for. LSAT had become an unbreakable barrier to me until I came across 7 Sage. It was like an unexpected perfect birthday present! There was (and is) such articulate organization in step by step teachings of the test, with such comprehensive, intelligent and at times hilarious explanations that even though I am only less than half way through, I am confident by the time I study the whole course and do the practice tests, I will get an even higher score than I had in mind. I see my improvements already and feel so much smarter when I tackle some of LR questions following the rules learned from J.Y., so fast and smoothly :) I have so much room for improvements but I feel like I’ve been privileged with such genius and kind teachers like J.Y. and the rest of 7 Sage founders, that I have all the tools to break this test once I am done practicing.
    Thank you so much J.Y and everyone at 7Sage! <3

  • DMo-UTexas

    Let’s just say I have used my Powerscore “Bibles” as toilet paper (Yes, I am poor). J.Y. and his team have done a fantastic job. The lessons are one-of-a-kind. The customer service is prompt and efficient.

    I cannot wait to tell my law school buddies that I only spent $179 for my LSAT prep course (SUCKERS!).

  • E.CH.Poon

    7Sage is convenient, affordable, and most importantly it works.
    Convenient because it offers online lessons and guides, ordered in a format that builds upon your logic foundation: for example, learning logical reasoning through 7Sage actually helps you in your reading comprehension. I have done Kaplan extensively and they do not do that; instead, Kaplan deals with each component of the LSAT as a singular entity such that you must spend unnecessary hours learning techniques rather than using tools and skills already equipped.
    Affordable because it really is. Other online courses start at around 1000$ whereas 7Sage’s most comprehensive guide is only at around 550$; this site always offers some sort of discount, and so the price is actually less than half of any other comprehensive guide for the LSAT.
    I took Kaplan prior to 7Sage, and even though I had access to online prep guides, it felt like I was self-teaching. When I received my first LSAT score, it was horrendous. Now, after taking 7Sage, I feel much more confident in my ability to look at a question and understand what I should be looking for, making proper assumptions, and answering confidently and correctly. My greatest regret is that I found 7Sage only after so long; had I found it a year ago, I would already have accepted my offer to the law school of my choice.

    Thank you 7Sage.

  • smithhec

    I am only just about halfway into the course, but at this point I can confidently say that 7sage has helped me significantly. They are doing a great job. The videos are really great. J.Y.’s explanations display a mastery of the art of teaching, as well as a mastery and expertise in everything lsat related. He also seems to intuitively know the areas to spend lots of extra time nailing the points through. If you not sure, just watch his logic games explanations which are available for free on his website. Thanks J.Y.

  • titanium

    Hi, it is me again, titanium that is. I had to come back to this forum, I just had to.

    History is going to prove my point so it is just a prediction and I can’t prove it yet, but I am hoping that this post will be here long enough to prove my point.

    Churchill said that history was going to be kind to him because he intended to write it. Well, 7Sage is writing LSAT history (and changing it) as we speak.

    But enough of that, here is my humble prediction: pretty soon there will be two types of law students (if there aren’t already), the ones that have used 7Sage to study for the LSAT (and next thing you know, not by coincidence, you see their names listed as first year law students of the top US law schools) and the ones that have not used 7Sage.
    I am just being brutally honest here, and honestly hoped that somebody had been that honest with me six months ago before I spent the time with other materials.

    I truly don’t mind spending the money with other materials, but the time I do and care about others that will waste their time (as I did) and that is the reason I am writing this review here.

    I will refrain from mentioning names here because everybody means well and we are all on the same boat, including all the good people making money with other LSAT materials out there.

    Therefore, I feel like I had to write this (respectful but pretty forceful) review here for the record and to avoid having people wasting their time out there (even if they don’t mind spending their money).

    Actually, I truly believe that 7Sage has done a major favor to the law schools and completely leveled the playing field regarding the LSAT, allowing the law schools to mostly look at things that define this fantastic country of ours and its future: the passion to do the right things, the passion for the beauty of law, the passion for leadership, the passion to study and learn something new every day, the passion to be creative and to help others.

    Sure, the LSAT is still fundamentally important to law schools admissions and will always be, but if you found 7Sage with enough time and passion, it is only up to you, as the playing field is leveled for you by 7Sage.

    If given a choice between learning how to play basketball with me or Michael Jordan who would you pick? Did you have doubts about picking Mr. Jordan? Same with 7sage and the other LSAT prep materials out there. They are just not Michael Jordan.

    I also believe the fantastic and creative people from LSAT were actually talking about 7sage at LSAT 71 on the 3rd reading comp passage where they say: the best of the best are so superior, so above and beyond, so outstanding, that there is no comparison. They conclude by saying that with the necessary training (7sage), you too can be the Michael Jordan of LSAT. Seize the moment.

    In summary, if you are reading this out there and just started preparing for the LSAT, feel free to spend your money anywhere you want (that I cannot stop you since you are free to use the material resources available to you exactly the way you want), but I care about your time (and the time of the future law students that are coming after us) for the simple reason that the person sitting next to me at the LSAC testing center has the same right as I do to have access to the information I had.

    Finally, I am glad 7Sage exists in the year 2014 (and beyond) so the future is bright for the LSAT test takers ahead of us.

    Full disclosure: I don’t know the people behind 7Sage, never met them, know nothing about them or have any vested interested in their company.


  • sam.nakib

    I have been looking for flaws in 7sage structure of teaching; I have yet to find any. 7sage break everything down so well, and it makes it fun to actually watch these videos. 7sage hard work shows in these videos. Keep it up.

    This is the ONLY course you need.
    This review doesn’t do any justice to the awesomeness of 7sage.

  • cmb_1992

    I have been using this for a couple of weeks now. My understanding of the LSAT from a detail-oriented level has increased substantially. This has not only made me more confident, but it is allowing me to look at the test from a different perspective… one that allows me to see all of the nuances, tricks, and patterns of the test. I am not even halfway through, but I can already tell that my understanding of the test is MUCH better, and I look forward to PTing so that I can continue to increase my score. The affordability of the course is AMAZING considering how well it works. It’s really like having a course, self-studying, and having a tutor all in one. I have been praising this course wherever I can, especially reddit. For anyone thinking about purchasing the course, take a chance on JY…. he’s a great instructor and knows the intricacies of the test that really helps to get a wholistic, firm grasp of it. LOVE IT!

  • imsupersab

    I wish I discovered 7sage a lot sooner so I do not have to watch all the videos at 2.0 speed just to cover as much as possible.

    Everything on here is just so awesome that makes me wonder everyday how you guys can be so smart, logical, funny and most importantly helpful? The methods you guys came up with and all the sorting, categorizing can be nothing but genius and beneficial.

    Simply the best LSAT prep class ever!

  • Katherine

    7Sage is the best prep course out there- especially if you work full-time. 7Sage lets you utilize down time by splitting its lessons into sections of just a few minutes. I came to 7Sage after months with a big name prep course, and later a local private tutor. I wasn’t seeing improvement. As someone who works full-time, I didn’t have much time to devote to LSAT studies. Luckily, I stumbled upon 7Sage. I tried the free trial and was immediately hooked on JY’s logic games explanations. I postponed my LSAT from October to December 2013 because 7Sage made me believe I could improve. 7Sage’s methods are intuitive, effective and the program and student community is engaging. My LSAT score arrived today. I surpassed my goal, and gained 7 points in less than 2 months! My only regret is not finding 7Sage sooner…and giving them all the money I wasted on other prep courses. Thank you so much!

  • G. Rose

    7Sage’s lessons are wonderful. I read Barron’s LSAT book before signing up for your program and I have to say that their book is nothing compared to what I am diving into now. I appreciate the time and the dedication that all of you put into 7Sage and I enjoy the fact that I can go at my own pace here. The in depth lessons are incredible and if I don’t understand something the first time I can go back and re-watch the video or retry a quiz/test. Thank you so much for this program and keep up the good work

  • raytranr

    Thousand dollar quality, hundred dollar price.

  • TeddyKGB

    7Sage has everything you need to conquer the LSAT. The lessons feel very much like having a personal LSAT guru. J.Y. is witty, funny, and caring in his discussions and explanations. He teaches in a way unlike any other. Do yourself a favor and sign up!

  • spiffoza

    Love love love!!!! I actually look forward to coming home after work, take a cat nap, eating dinner and studying! I can’t think of one bad thing to say. The price is right, the content is right, the instructor is right, the community is right….everything is right! Out of 5 stars I’m giving Infinity and beyond, no seriously! 7sage is amazing!

    Why you ask? Well…

    I’m almost halfway through the course and already have gained so much. J.Y. is so thorough in his explanations and keeps you engaged even when the material is dry (read comprehension section here). With every lesson I feel my confidence increase. Often, when I make mistakes I realize that and with a little more thought am able to correct myself even before looking at the explanations or asking for help, which is major!!!! I also love that I don’t feel like a number but am part of a community . Ask questions, participate and people will encourage you and help you and the bonus is you also get prompt responses from J.Y. (I’ve never had to wait more than a day for a response)!

  • Jaguar007

    7Sage is God’s gift to LSAT takers! The guys speak to us like they are our buddies sitting across from us. The jokes serve for a nice humour balance in between questions and lessons. The manner in which the instructors approach the questions resonates with me as I can hear them in my head as I am solving questions on my own, hence, they are able to imprint their advice into our heads! Furthermore, the mocking of the wrong answer choices is great as it helps me also adopt the approach of mocking them thereby telling the LSAT MAKERS you tried to trap me there but I am one step ahead! Thanks for being so AFFORDABLE against all other Courses, and always an e-mail away from providing unlimited assistance. You guys have always maintained fairness with me throughout the course and for that I will always be grateful! Your selfless ways will automatically recruit many more LSAT test takers to enroll in your course in the future and I will certainly always recommend 7Sage to anyone I know is considering taking the LSAT! Cheers!

  • Rhondaroni

    I spent ~$2000 on a prep course and walked away feeling totally stupid. Their shortcoming was that they didn’t go into the different ideas thoroughly. (It felt like it was LSAT prep 102 instead of 101). I actually checked all of my logic games through your explanations on YouTube. I was about to throw another $2000 away to another company but decided to give 7Sage a try. More and more things have been clicking for me.

    If I HAD to suggest any changes, I would say that offering a non-required book (for extra $, of course) in addition to the course would have been great.

    Oh! Also if you had a huge print-out of the logic “map,” I would hang it up and use it.

    You are so reasonably priced, making it more obtainable for someone on a budget to take the class.

    I think you guys are awesome and I am feeling more and more confident each day.

  • lgi

    Way better than PowerScore, I love you guys! The video lessons are so helpful and easy to follow along with and understand. I feel like I already have a stronger base this time around. (I took the LSAT in February only using self study and PowerScore books).

  • mlee0412

    This is an awesome website. I wish I had found it earlier so that I wouldn’t have wasted my money on other websites. JY is an amazing LSAT guru with a great sense of humor. This website is totally worthy of every single penny.

  • jordandemulder15

    Yes, 7sage is really great! The material is good, the presentations are good, the user ability is good. 7sage is tremendously improving my LSAT score!

    One thing in particular I like and find really helpful is sometimes at the end of lessons there will be a problem set (of roughly ten similar question) that I find great to solidify patterns/inferences/etc. Is there more of that? More mass groupings of question type? I’ve snopped around on the website looking for like a link or something that would say something like 50 mss question…. In a row! If there is something like that that would be great if there isn’t it would be great if there was.

  • mmiglio

    Most LSAT courses: inefficient, mildly helpful, overpriced.
    7Sage courses: highly efficient, very helpful, very affordable.

  • dlkzwicker

    I would recommend this 100%. I only had time for the basic package since I work full time but it put me in the running with a respectable enough score to get an offer letter. I felt I could do better, however, and JY and team let me extend for free through my next test. I bumped my score 8 points which was enough to get a full scholarship. If you ahve questions or problems you get a response immediately – and trust me I am impatient! Overall it was a really positive experience. I mean who thought studying for the LSAT could be fun? These guys are great!

  • dmitriygolos

    Out of all the prep companies/sites i have used, this one is the best! The videos, occasional (maybe often) humor and quizzes, actually make me want to study for the LSAT every day. Also, did i mention its the best bang for your buck?

  • bonjoursm

    Before finding 7sage, I had purchased around $200 worth of Lsat books. My first diagnostic test, in June of 2014, was a 139. After a ton of studying, I took the September LSAT and earned a disappointing 150.

    On average, I was missing around 10-12 questions on logical reasoning and around 15 questions on reading comprehension.

    Eager to increase my score, I began looking online for help. Soon after my search for help began, I ran into 7sage. Although hesitant at first, I purchased the starter package.

    After about two months and 10 preptest later, my average score is sitting in the mid 160s.

    Thanks to 7sage, I will be taking the February 2015 lsat with greater confidence.
    The methods that J.Y uses to approach the lsat are great and easy to learn.

    I will be sending this link to my pre-law advisor so that she can pass this on to other students who may be struggling with the LSAT.

  • pannab

    I love love love 7Sage. It has completely been a life saver for me, not only financially (if you think prep courses are expensive in the States, try abroad!), but also by allowing me to work at my own pace. Using the Ultimate package, I was able break down my strengths and weaknesses and to understand what to work more on. I could save time on things that came easily to me and practice difficult questions until I could do them in my sleep! Thanks to 7Sage I’ve been scoring in the 170s on PrepTests which I never expected! I’m so grateful you guys exist!!!

  • serge.pustelnik

    You can just feel yourself getting better and better. The videos are great and extremely thought out. From the “bite-size” few minute videos to illuminate a concept, to the animated narration of the brilliant and funny JY the course is enjoyable addictive and fun. Yes, fun to study for LSAT. (madness right?). Take a look at the discussion forum – people are talking about 7Sage WITHDRAWAL after taking the test. Plus, all questions have a video explanation – so you get all the test questions and deep analysis of each one – helps immensily. Amazing.

  • ally.chiu-1-1

    This is probably the best LSAT courses you can use to prepare yourself, especially if you need to be able to pace yourself flexibly (due to work, school, other life obligations). I’m at a top law school now and 7sage definitely takes a big part of the credit for that.

  • hannahmt

    this course has literally SAVED MY ASS!!! I was using kaplan and hitting a wall, every resource I’ve used before 7sage never went in depth with anything, especially not providing any type of understandable explanations of logic basics and of course the more advanced logic that is so crucial to the lsat (which is what I desperately needed help with) Thanks JY you rock

  • Nadia Kalhori

    It’s obvious 7Sage is a quality product. All you have to do is read everyone else’s comments to get the consensus. The people at 7Sage seem to continually work toward improving the site’s design and content, which are user friendly and well-thought-out. The online learning community here is just as good as, if not better than, a real-life classroom environment. Other students post comments and questions that I find helpful. This constant collaboration reinforces my correct thinking and helps me understand why my incorrect thinking is off. Aside from that, customer service is above and beyond any other LSAT prep course/site you’ll find. The good people at 7Sage are just that, good people. I can’t make any assumptions, but I don’t get the feeling that profit is their only motivator for making a great product. It seems that they genuinely want to make superior LSAT prep accessible to people who don’t want to/can’t spend ridiculous amounts of money for other prep courses. I think that integrity is reflected in the product. I would jump for a few hundred shares of 7Sage if it ever goes public. I have confidence in its creators, and I think that 7Sage will just get bigger and bigger.

  • lotus123

    7Sage is the best prep method out there! I can’t recommend it highly enough. After getting a disappointing October LSAT score, I used the 7Sage online course and studied for 5 weeks to get ready for a December retake. I improved 8 points on the real test. 8 points in 5 weeks is pretty satisfying. J.Y.’s methods corrected a lot of bad habits that I learned from a different, more expensive “name brand” LSAT course. Plus, the video lessons here are thorough and clear with lots of humor thrown in. I wish I had started using 7Sage earlier, because it really works and I could have improved even more with more time. Thanks, J.Y! You’re the best!

  • sergiokays

    What everyone seem to agree on in common is how helpful JY is in making the material and the methodology of the LSAT easy to understand. By breaking it down, and passionately explaining every angle of the LSAT sections, any student would gain confidence and momentum leading up to his/her exam.

    Books alone serve no purpose, give no motivation and do not give you the slightest idea of how well you’re doing – but with 7Sage’s guidance, you know exactly what youre doing, how far youve gone, and help you set a realistic goal for yourself.

    Once the PTs phase begin, you feel like you have a proper approach to efficiently take the test.

    Great investment, and thank you for the effort you put in. I’m still thankful I found this!

  • jnlee617-1

    I have been studying for the LSAT on and off for one year. I took courses and studied the Powerscore Bible series on my own. Although I improved a lot compared to when first started studying for the LSAT, I always felt like, “I sort of get it but not really” until I met 7Sage. I FINALLY feel like it is all coming together. I wish I had found out about 7Sage sooner. I would have saved a lot of money and time, but I am just grateful that I now know about it and still have some time left till my target LSAT date in June. Thank god for J.Y. and 7Sage!

  • mixikitkat

    JY is sassy and irrefutable. Long live 7Sage. This is awesome.

  • dlkzwicker

    I have found this to be more motivating than the other books I am using when a computer is not available. I have really enjoyed studying with this program and have found the team to be very responsive. Definitely 10 out of 10 from me. And if I do not get the score I am hoping for in February I will certainly purchase the upgrade for June. Time is not on my side at the moment.

  • Mark Tenorio

    “Before using this I was doing self-study by using the powerscore books (yes, all three). I regret not finding 7sage earlier because I could have had more time to study using the materials here. Powerscore books didn’t really help much and their categorization left me even more confused as I was scrambling to remember all the types of logical reasoning when 7sage taught me the most important thing that all the questions in logical reasoning are inherently the same when you get to the core of it.

    And thanks to 7sage, I’m getting ZERO wrong on the logic games.”

  • cliveclive

    pure gold! finally things started clicking, I regret all the time I wasted with other material… but so happy to have found all of JY’s lessons

  • Sharon Wayne

    Read all of Kaplans, testmasters, powerscore, manhattan. No comparison whatsoever to 7sage. God bless J.Y Ping for this incredible LSAT course. Purchasing this course was the best thing i could have done for my LSAT prep.

  • robert.udal

    So far, the lessons have been incredibly helpful. And I can now say that I have a better understanding of logic and what I need to do to engage the various LR question types and answer questions with confidence. Thank you JY!

  • turnercm

    7sage is the best LSAT prep i’ve ever used. i tried self study, i’ve read all three powerscore books, etc, but 7sage is actually teaching me the LSAT and doing a wonderful job. the people and community here are so nice and helpful. don’t bother with any other company, seriously. the progress is real and discernable and its just awesome. the 5 star ratings are genuine and now that I’m going through the course material, I know why.

    the online instructions are incredibly useful. being able to pause and speed up the instructional videos is one thing, but the interactivity of the website: the online flashcards, the study schedule, being able to favorite videos to come back to them, the discussion forums, having comments available on every video so you can see other’s thoughts and helpful tips, and most importantly, being able to track your progress and adjust the schedule as necessary – just adds to what is already an incredible curriculum that makes even the toughest logical lessons easy to understand.

    its worth every single penny and honestly they could charge so so so much more (i’m happy they didn’t though!) this was the most affordable for me – and that’s even with the Ultimate package. Its worth it. Do it!!!!

  • sergeymarts1986

    As a person who actually took full-length Powerscore course, I find 7sage as more comprehensive, easy to understand and overall much better course. My honest advise is – Do not waste your money on in class courses!!!! There are too many people and not enough instruction. You are bound to keep up with instructor’s pace. 7sage is simply the best because it is well structured and easy to understand. JY’s LG games explanations are much superior to Powerscore. 7sage is the best.

  • susie1431

    I tried self studying with other LSAT books but I was not seeing the results I wanted. I am already seeing improvements just from a couple of weeks of using 7Sage. This is an awesome course. It’s much cheaper than other LSAT preps and it gives results

  • Harshna03

    I love this LSAT Course. I just started studying for LSAT a month ago and from what I have seen and learned, the course is really down to what I needed to study for LSAT. I have compared priced elsewhere before I started this course and believe it or not I picked this course because it was very inexpensive. At first, I purchesed the minimum amount of course so I don’t end up spending too much on something I don’t like. As I was going through the lessons, I learned that this course has the best curriculum. It has brokrn down in steps and types of qoestions in whch order you need to learn. I am loving this course and ended up buying the ultimate verson of this course because I do not want to miss a single explanation on all questions. I HIGHLY recomend this course to anyone who really want to get higher score in LSAT. THIS IS THE BEST LSAT COURSE OUT THERE EVEN IN PRICE POINT.

  • wilfo014

    7sage is the best. On my first practice exam I scored 147 and basically had a heart attack. Just took the June 2014 exam and scored a 163. That be 16 points people.

  • higdon37

    A combination of 7Sage and The LSAT Trainer helped me improve 12 points from my diagnostic in just a couple of months of studying. I HIGHLY recommend 7Sage for your LSAT preparation needs.

  • amanda_kw

    I feel so lucky to have found 7Sage. I just recently started my LSAT studying journey and got all the Powerscore bibles and 7Sage to complement each other…after about a month – I’ve dropped Powerscore and just keep going with 7Sage – it’s much more entertaining and it’s keeps me engaged and encouraged to keep studying. J.Y. is magnificent as an instructor. Considering an in-person class was way too expensive for me, I’m so glad to have this course. Thanks 7Sage, you’re my favorite!

  • Archieboots

    Awesome. Just awesome. Affordable and very comprehensive. I really like the community aspect of it which makes it interactive and sets it apart from its competitors.

  • sunshunjie2010

    Most comprehensive and affordable. I’ll tell my friends.

  • ThaKillaYeti

    I learned more from this class in 2 days than I did in a month on my own. JY does such an incredible job at explaining things in a way that leaves no room for interpretation. The videos are the the best part. Being able to see the logic games boards being set up, with the explanations, have been an great asset. You’re doing the right thing. Thank you.

  • pengyq94

    Great methods. worth the time and money!

  • yitkoz

    From the clear, no-nonsense (but not humorless) teaching style to the well-thought convenient touches (such as being able to use the keyboard to fill in the tests for blind review), I love this site!

  • adrian.miko

    Just got my February LSAT score; couldn’t have done it without 7sage!
    These guys helped me gain a 12 point increase from my first LSAT writing, which I studied for by using crappy prep-test books. Had I known about 7sage sooner, I would have probably saved over $1,500 which I wasted on books, prep-tests and tutoring. Starting with the basic package, I upgraded within a week. Well worth it!

    The LR video tutorials are amazing and the LG explanations & methods are amongst the best I have ever seen.

    The true Jedi Master of the LSAT = 7Sage

  • ash.chester

    7sage makes everything crystal clear. I’ve been studying for the LSAT for months and used a variety of different outlets in an attempt to approve my overall understanding/score. I reached a plateau and could not go beyond a certain point. Nothing has helped me more than 7sage. Thank you for changing the LSAT prep world.

  • evelyn.a.rosas

    My heroes.

  • Curtis90

    Brilliant. Went from a 156 diagnostic to a cool 167 in 4 months. I like that I can work at my own pace and focus on areas I need to improve, which is not an option in a large classroom. Oh yeah, and it cost me a fraction of the price of the most popular course in my city.

    In short, believe the hype.

  • Kdubs004

    Forget the Bibles (PowerScore), I’m all about the gospel according to 7sage!

  • criley089

    You guys are doing God’s work. Thank you for your very clear and useful lessons at a reasonable price.

  • Mary.Rockett

    Solidly helpful I would say – definitely better than trying to work through it or learn it on your own, very thorough and step-by-step. The only draw backs I can see is that this is definitely a time consuming program – you really need to watch every video, you can’t really get the value out of it if you jump into the middle of the course….also, the study schedule feature isn’t really useful or customizable at all….it will just take whatever unwatched videos you have and evenly divide them among the days you have left to your exam…..as a big fan of study schedules, I think that feature could definitely be improved for greater functionality.

  • Jaberwocky

    All I can say is that I wish I had started with 7Sage.

    I wasted too much money and time on Powerscore and Manhattan, methods that didn’t work for me and ultimately lead me to performing poorly on my first LSAT attempt.

    I’m already practicing much better since taking up 7Sage, and it’s all finally starting to make sense!

  • rdelltownsel

    I find 7Sage Heavenly sent. Makes LSAT Review so simply! Yet I know LSAT is very hard! That’s why 7Sage is heavenly sent! 5 stars!

  • bkoslowsky

    I recently moved from Vancouver, Canada to Seoul, South Korea, and 7Sage has been the perfect study tool even in a time of major transition. It is portable, and packs a punch. You guys at 7Sage break down the LSAT so that students can actually grab hold of it, and engage it. Keep up the good work!

  • giovanniciraulo

    I don’t know what powerscore was thinking with their logic games bible, but 7sage is infinitely better and easier to understand. Also the online video format is unbeatable.

  • JustDoIt

    I love 7Sage so far! It is extremely helpful and I truly feel like I am on my way to mastering this test. I really wish I found this course sooner because I’m putting so much time in such a short window in order to get to the preptests. There is so much material and it is all amazing! I am starting to feel more and more confident with the each problem, lesson, and quiz; whereas I was feeling the opposite with other test prep materials. 7Sage is simply the best. Period. Either way, I am throughly enjoying my journey to master this test!

  • Ashley Lee


  • vlc11

    If I had only found this prep course sooner! After paying almost $900 for a prep course and achieving little results, I found 7sage. Now, my understanding of the question types and the logic games are unquestionably clearer. This course is AWESOME!! Simply stated: Other prep courses, don’t waste your money! 7sage, knowing what I know about it now, best pre-LSAT investment you can make, (IMO)

  • T. Ryals

    I’ve gone from in class training to other expensive online courses and 7sage is the BEST! You get a great value and great knowledge. The resources are at your disposal to use as much as necessary. The explanations are clear and when you are confused, just send a question to JY and he or another 7Sager will help you understand the problem. I love the flow of this program and the occasional sense of humor!

  • jyou0221

    Very easy to follow material and east to self discipline and motivate material. Much more helpful than my powerscore classes…

  • Allison M

    I love 7Sage. I purchased the Ultimate package, and by the end of the course I’d gone from a 156 diagnostic to a 175 PT. I ended up with 174 on the December exam, which was enough to secure entry and scholarships to the law schools at the top of my list.

  • wohast

    I like this online class A LOT more than the Bible Books/Manhattan etc. Self study with books made me bored. This online class has me addicted, kinda like a video game…just studied for 9 hours straight with no desire to stop because I’m hooked!

  • acarrero

    only started 2 weeks ago and really see the whole concept of how i’m approaching the test in a completely different light, just wish I got responses back via email and comments, only got about 1 out of my 5 different attempts answered, guess i will try again

  • Ben Schnell

    An extremely excellent course. Only two months in at a fairly slow pace I can already see an effect being made on my score and on my ability to identify what the question is asking and how to answer it. Logical reasoning has smoothed out big time. JY is an excellent instructor and the structure of the class is perfect for someone who needs to make their own study schedule. Giving the logic games out for free is what hooked me in.

  • LSATStudy111

    Makes you want to study. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their scores on the LSAT

  • pamtly

    7Sage offers the best LSAT prep course I’ve ever taken to date. I found the video explanations and visual aid to be extremely helpful in my learning. 7Sage exceeded my expectations beyond Powerscore and Kaplan. I highly recommend this program. You will not be disappointed!!

  • fionayuen

    All I can say is I wish I found 7Sage earlier! I bought all of the Powerscore bibles AND enrolled in a LSAT prep test offered by a Canadian university (that costed me over 1000 dollars CAD),and nothing compares to J.Y’s explanations (and humour haha!). I’m finally getting the scores that I’ve always only dreamed of. Thanks 7Sage!!! =D

  • synergy_101

    I have read all the Powerscore Bibles and 7Sage is by far better. The lessons are excellent at conceptualizing difficult ideas and helping you understand them rather than forcing you memorize pure mechanistic strategies/tricks for different questions. Anyone looking for an affordable, but awesome Lsat prep course must check out 7Sage!!

  • hannahj14

    Incredibly thorough and comprehensive, engaging, and easy to follow. Definitely the best of all the various materials I’ve tried.

  • luisbp91

    It is in my humble and most honest opinion that 7Sage has stumbled upon a methodology more profound and effective than any other. I once was lost, but now can find my way to the most correct answer. Even the most complicated characteristics of the LSAT’s are broken down and articulated in a manner that anyone can understand and apply. Amazing job, no one can tell you otherwise. Thank you for everything, cheers!

  • tanes25

    Awesome! I didn’t realize there were so many strategies and techniques to doing well on this test. I can’t compare to other companies because I haven’t taken their courses, but I doubt they’re this in depth. Thanks for saving me $1200!

  • jnewton0828

    I bought all of the Powerscore Bibles, enrolled in BluePrint online, and bought their Logic Games book. So far this course outperforms all of them. I am finally starting to feel a level of confidence in some of this. JY makes his explanations much more clear than PS, and much more concise than Blueprint. This is absolutely the best bang for the buck!

  • julianne.surane

    7sage does an amazing job teaching the principles in a way that’s understandable. Normally prep classes are just “preachy” (they just tell you basic ways to answer types of questions) and throw a bunch of practice questions at you. 7Sage however teaches you the ideas behind these questions so you actually understand the answer choices. I am so happy I decided to go with these courses and am thoroughly pleased with my results thus far. Thank you!

  • AsylumsAngel

    7sage is wonderful for many reasons, one of which being its “Class-like” online instruction. I chose 7sage because of the online format, the user community, the readily available LSAT prep tests, and of course, the amazing price, especially for all that is offered in any of the programs.

  • K-Magnet

    Engaging, comprehensive, and adored by its users — what more are you looking for? 7sage has it all. Look no further.

  • celiaklug_2015

    I’ve been learning so much by interacting with and going through all of the lessons. The language of lawgic is incredibly new to me and your lessons are helping me get a handle of things. Each explanation is thorough and easy to understand. I value the education and preparation that 7Sage is giving me.

  • JDThyman

    This course just makes so much sense and its affordable. Why do the other LSAT prep companies offer less and cost more? Wish I found this place sooner!

  • LEBMcCluskey

    So happy to have found your website. I wish I would have started the course earlier in my studying! I tell everyone who will listen how amazing your lessons are. Love the customization of being able to speed up videos, star certain lessons, and go back and watch things over again that might need re-enforcement.

    Thank you!

  • Kimber77

    I have taken other courses which I really enjoyed and thought I was getting good at this test. But where I thought I was very strong in logic, 7sage caught me and showed me where my weaknesses were. I think that that is very important. Also, something I haven’t seen before is they show you how to quickly recognize the shapes and patterns so you know when something is a valid inference or not just by looking at it! I think this will help me a lot with speed. I highly recommend this course so far.

  • blang1

    7Sage has been extremely helpful in my LSAT studies and I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled across this site. Worth every penny and much more.

  • Jason Camp_

    Just the best! I’ve taken Kaplan before and 7Sage is by far the more superior test prep.

  • nmzuckerman

    I also never leave reviews, but this course just kills it. I am almost afraid the LSAT will change their tests because they’ve been cracked by J.Y. and the 7sage team. I have tried every prep book imaginable and none of them have come close– I don’t doubt that I can break 170 when I take the test in December.

    • nmzuckerman

      Update– I got a 170. That’s up from the first time I took the test and got a 162. I could have done even better if the test-day nerves weren’t there. Thanks J.Y!

  • bothmarsupials

    Most definitely worth the cost….. While the free videos are very helpful, the building block theory of the full course, I feel, is irreplaceable…. Valuable information with outstanding instruction


    The 7Sage course is very comprehensive if you totally have no idea how to think “logically” to take the LSAT. Don’t believe the LSAT when they say you do not need training in logic. The logic games are a prime example of why you need to learn logic. Who has the time to go back to college to take a logic class?! The 7Sager’s start from the very beginning, which is always a good place to start. They really explain everything in detail. At the beginning when I started the course it was hard going and I kept thinking…when is this going to click. After going through the course and taking the prep tests, it finally clicked. Totally agree with JY that the longer the time you give yourself to study the better. I bought the Power score bibles prior to learning about 7Sage. After trying to get through the books on my own, I truly appreciated 7Sage.
    These guys are the greatest!!!!

  • Jordan McMahon

    Having ADHD has made studying for the LSAT difficult. I started out with Powerscore’s Bibles and found myself struggling to retain the information. After going with 7Sage, I can see a drastic improvement in my overall performance. I’m less than a month into my studies, but it’s already been incredibly helpful. JY’s lessons and explanations are clear and concise while still being fun. That’s probably the thing I like most about the course: it’s clear that 7Sage legitimately cares, and that makes for a pretty awesome experience.

  • nicgalvan7

    I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars on other LSAT prep classes and tried studying on my own, and nothing ever really made sense. 7Sage goes above and beyond and really makes sure that you understand the different types of question instead of memorizing a formula. Now when i approach a question i don’t ask what is the right answer, but i ask my self why do i think this one is correct AND why are all the other options incorrect. 7Sage is worth every penny! I love that the course begins by stating that 3 months might be enough time to “cram” for the LSAT, but not enough to actually understand it so that you will see a solid improvement.
    Also, thank you for making this course affordable and making so many student’s dreams attainable with a course that cares about the students and not just the profit.

  • I Will Do It

    I was first exposed to LSAT material through 7Sage and I understood things very quickly because of the methods and materials, exercises and video explanations. I have a long way to go and 7Sage was definitely a good pick!

  • jwnew999661

    I have been searching the most efficient and the best way to learn LSAT! I found it. I just join 7Sage Aug 14, 2013 and I really learn a lot in the shortest time!!! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to learn LSAT!!

  • nicoramos1290

    This course allows for me to learn about the LSAT on my own time, as a full time employed professional. Also, this course helps to TEACH you what the LSAT means, and that understanding has simplified the LSAT for me. I couldn’t be happier. 5 STARS. I use it everyday!

  • jenifferk

    7Sage is amazing. I wish I had saved some time by starting here. It would have resulted in more meaningful study time, and less wasted money! Awesome bonus that it includes prep tests and the logic game bundles as a part of the program fee, AMAZING. Such a steal. I would agree that the only shortcoming is the study schedule — it doesn’t really organize it in any meaningful way, which creates a bit of anxiety for me when I look at it – I Just avoid looking at it. Otherwise , AMAZING program.

  • double-aa

    Worth every penny and more. I’m so glad I found this site.

  • ehhousse

    Its really is unbelievable how nice and helpful J.Y. and everyone on this site is. I actually look forward to doing some of the lessons as J.Y. makes them entertaining. But in addition to being fun, the way the lessons are taught make it so easy to learn and comprehend. I did so many other prep programs before this, but nothing came even close to helping me understand the LSAT like this prep. The LSAT can be really overwhelming, but when you do it through this curriculum, it gets a lot easier. I recommend this website to anyone and everyone, if you want a good score, save your money, get a better quality test prep, and go with 7Sage.

  • alexroark5

    unless you’re a natural genius, I would say getting a top 95th percentile score requires 7 sage.

  • Coco1234

    Prior to working with 7Sage I used Powerscore and Kaplan, none which compare with the effectiveness of 7 sage! Exceptional course at an unbelievable price. Believe me, I bought all Powerscore books, the Kaplan workbook and can confidently say that I learnt so much more here for less time and money. I was able to learn how to quickly tackle logic games and mindfully approach the other sections, unlike other material which focuses on categorizations and cookie-cutter approaches. I am also a huge fan of the blogs posted by J.Y. and other students, I personally struggle with improving reading comprehension and have found the exercises posted on the blogs as excellent tools to complement the lessons. Overall, I am super happy to have found this course and will continue to recommend it, I wish I had found it sooner!

  • AliasInc

    This program is amazing! It completely demystifies the LSAT, and I feel more positive about this whole process than I ever thought possible, much more so than after I finished the PowerScore Bibles. I actually look forward to studying! You guys even make it fun!!


    Is there any words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m speechless …undoubtedly speechless. I’ve received more help here than any where else. I wish that we could have logical reasoning explained in the same manner as logical games. You have all explained which is phenomenal but a few past test lr’s are in need of only your expert touch! By far this not a complaint just possible suggestion. I’ll take everything that I’m getting now thank you!

  • Onedaful

    Best course for LSAT prep bar none.

  • two.britney

    7sage gave me hope

  • kyla.shinkewski

    I went from not being able to finish the games section in two hours (about 2 months ago) to completing the four games in thirty-five minutes while getting a score of appx -2 to -5. Your videos were my primary resource. Making them free was the perfect idea, I went on to buy a couple of copies of the fully explained LSATs (DO IT! They are just as awesome at explaining RC and LR as they are games) I’ve told all of my friends studying for the LSAT about the site and will continue to recommend. Thanks a bunch!

  • jms667

    Excellent. Could not have spent the money in a more effective way for studying.

  • chadori13

    Some good shit. This course is definitely worth the money!

  • mauriciomedina93

    It is well worth the expense, JY does a great job, and I can feel myself thinking like him when I’m solving problems

  • aemartin729

    Course is laid out well. Can not compare to other courses. I did a lot of research on line and everything I found pointed to this course being the best bet….so I went with it! The lessons are informative as well as entertaining!

  • GettingOut

    I am very impressed with the value of this course. Other courses charge triple for the same content without the ingenuity. I have been out of school for 8 years in the military and will be going back for my JD and thankfully this course doesn’t start you off where you can’t stand up. Crawl, Walk then Run. If I stand a chance against this beast, then this is the course that will get me there. I never 5 star anything unless truly deserved. The only recommendation that comes to mind is to have a frequently asked question section in addition to the discussion section.

  • mrlaneharvey

    This site is awesome! So clear cut with the explanations! The community is very responsive as well, so don’t be scared to ask for help! Definitely would recommend to anyone who is looking to study for the LSAT.

  • jakeedwards.uga

    Preparing for the October 2013 LSAT I used Powerscore and Kaplan materials. After scoring well below my potential, I switched to 7Sage. In just two months I went from an average score of 160 to scoring a 172 on my last practice test. This stuff just plain works.

  • danballinger5

    If you gave 7Sage less than 5 stars you are wrong. Sorry.

    • danballinger5

      I sure wish I had checked out 7Sage earlier during my LSAT prep. Graeme at LSAT Hacks highly recommends 7Sage, but did not imply very well that your course was so affordable. I spent a lot of time using lsatblog, but it doesn’t come close to providing the depth of instruction that 7Sage offers.

      This is not my first battle with the LSAT. I moved to Seattle in 2008 and paid the Steven Klein company $1100 to take his course. He was a really nice, caring, intelligent individual, but 7Sage has shown me that there is a mountain of information that he does not offer. I was able to rock the logic games after his course, but he really did not offer much help otherwise. His only advice on reading comp was to read it and understand it because that is all there really is to it. He made no distinction between structure and content.

      I scored on 162 on the October 2008 LSAT and attended the University of Oregon Law School in 2010-11 before my personal life spiraled out of control and I chose to withdraw. Having been away from formal logic and advanced reasoning for the last several years, my skills are rusty. Without 7Sage I doubt I could achieve anything near my true potential on the Dec 2014 LSAT.

      Thank you so much for providing the world with your excellent and affordable services. Honestly, your course is so valuable and comprehensive that someone prepping for the LSAT would be a sucker if they forked over a bunch of cash for some other course.

  • ajd0008

    The best LSAT studying course on the market, bar none. Other courses teach you tricks and tips for the LSAT, 7sage actually gives you the knowledge and skills possessed by 175-180 scorers.

  • themostamazinglawyer

    I don’t really have much to compare this LSAT course to. I haven’t taken any courses anywhere else, so it’s kind of hard to give a good review. I’ll give 5 stars to be nice. However; for this course alone, I have gotten a lot of information and help that are all relevant to the LSAT. I am glad I bought this course, and I am glad I am learning from it.

  • Simon Kwong

    Haven’t taken the LSAT yet, but so far I’ve found 7sage to be extremely helpful, especially for LR and LG. I followed the 7sage LG guide, and it’s definitely effective as long as you put in the work. I read the Powerscore LR Bible and tried a bunch of questions, but it wasn’t until I went through the 7sage curriculum that this section really started to make sense. JY does a thorough job going through each problem and really gives you a good sense of the fundamentals of the LSAT.

  • jenniferwang1212317

    I love the advance features in this course, and at a price that you can’t beat! It’s an amazing yet fun learning experience. Thanks 7Sage!

  • danielznelson

    I’ve found that different materials bring about their own unique benefits, but 7Sage seems to offer the bulk of them – well worth the expense.

  • Andrew Salvador

    I havent had much experience with other LSAT courses, but so far I am very happy with the level of service 7sage has provided.

    I look forward to sharing my LSAT results to this community when I write in October, and I am quite certain that any success would surely be due to this great program.

  • Zain Jaffry

    This course has helped me discover and fix a lot of weaknesses that I had

  • marianjihye

    So far, I’ve had a really positive experience with 7sage. The videos are easy to understand and even (weirdly) kind of enjoyable. The 7sage system eliminates a lot of excess stress that comes from explanations that have to be read, and is more motivating. Not to mention, it’s much more affordable than other classes. So thankful.

  • Sarah Park

    This course has been the best thing that’s happened to my LSAT studying and I wish I had heard of it sooner! JY is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend 7sage.

  • Mattie212

    I was originally planning to take the June 2012 LSAT. After almost 2 months of self study, I withdrew from the exam because of a personal crisis. I am now planning to take the June 2014 LSAT and have learned FAR more from just two weeks of study with 7Sage than I did in almost 2 months with the most popular study books–I feel like I am actually grasping the material and making progress! The craziest thing is I actually look forward to studying…didn’t think that was possible!

  • kricket4


  • Luis

    And how do I know this has to be true, because im doing it. The curriculum is on point and thorough. I feel like im One with the Matrix.


    I recommend this to everyone.

  • Lori C

    7sage does a remarkable job of enabling students to not only believe they can achieve higher scores – but in providing the actual skills necessary to approach the test with full competence. The teaching methods are clear, understandable and methodical. No steps are skipped. Students are not left to wonder and get lost along the way. The lessons take you all the way from language construction, through understanding validity, differentiating levels of sufficiency assumptions, through extensive logical translations, and onto thoroughly understanding complex concepts such as embedded conditionals. By the time you have completed the course (provided that you put in the work necessary to understand the lessons), you are very likely to have achieved mastery of the LSAT.

    You do not lose anything by taking this course online. 7sage puts YOU in charge of your learning. No more fast-paced lectures that leave you wondering. With 7sage, learning is personalized – you own your own learning. With 7sage you can pause a lecture, rewind, review, post questions, get answers, move around as you see fit, and then move on only when YOU are ready. Being able to take your time to truly digest the material before you move on allows you to build competencies step-by-step. And as you do so, you’ll be amazed that questions that once seemed hard are well within your reach.

    A discussion board is available on every 7sage lesson page that easily puts you in touch with instructors and other students who help clarify misunderstandings – with answers often provided within minutes. Studying for the LSAT can be a lonely, frustrating experience. Knowing that there are instructors and fellow students who appreciate your commitment and promptly attend to your questions with valuable insight makes all the difference in the world.

    7Sage is the absolute best LSAT teaching tool on the market — not to mention the most affordable and convenient. It is absolutely worth every cent. The prompt and personal replies to student questions are a wonderful adjunct to the impressive video lesson lineup and step-by-step skills building.

    The video lessons for LR and RC are as good, even, as these provided on for Logic Games. A brief review of the FREE logic games analysis on http://www.youtube.com (imagine that – a group so interested in education that it provides such valuable lessons for free!) will give you an indication of the quality of lessons available to 7sage students on the other sections. And not only is each individual lesson of the highest quality, but the in-depth sequential learning process model used by 7sage is, bar none, the best on the market.

    I have used PowerScore, and Kaplan books, and have attended in-person LSAT study lectures and found that none of the others taught conditional logic as in-depth as 7Sage. I got lost on PowerScore’s “some train,” but regained my sensibilities with 7sage’s “list” and “bucket” method that made misunderstanding some and most statements a thing of the past. Thanks to 7sage, I can write the LSAT with confidence and eagerness, knowing that I am fully prepared and capable – not with trepidation and fear as would have been the case by studying with other companies.

    Now, after 3 months of studying with 7sage, I am now testing out well into the 170 range, having gained 15 points – competently and comfortably MINE through 7sage studies. Some gains, of course, can be had with Kaplan, PowerScore and other teaching methods, but what I learned from those I did not have complete grasp of. And I actually lost points by trying to apply methods peripheral to myself. But now, having learned all the necessary lessons brick-upon-brick, in my OWN TIME, and with the help of caring and consistent 7sager’s, I approach questions with the utmost confidence of knowing that I OWN my success. Studying for the LSAT is not a matter of memorizing a bunch of disconnected lessons and then trying to apply them. It is a mastery of the subject matter that 7sage teaches so well.

    This mastery does not involve a frenzied or hopeful approach, but a concrete understanding of the test itself and of the core competencies being tested. Anything less is fragmentary at best and haphazard at worst. Where there is a lack of concrete understanding, there will always be that niggling fear that lingers, causing writers to approach questions from a reactive rather than a proactive stance. For instance, PowerScore’s RC tutorial had me circling, underlining, and writing in the margin so much I
    lost track of what the passage was saying. Now there is clarity of thought and reasoned practice. I was trying so hard to apply someone else’s method that like sand in my fist the harder I tried, the more escaped. But with 7sage, you make mastery of learning YOUR OWN.

    Thank heavens I’ve been able to “forget” most of the reactionary tendencies I’d learned studying with other companies. I now approach the LSAT with full confidence in MY abilities – constructed brick upon brick… 7Sage – you rock!

  • pandakuangkuang



    Wonderful LSAT preparation lessons!!!

  • Daisyyyyyy

    I wish I knew this earlier!awesome!!! JY is the best lecturer I’ve met ,only virtually though:p Hopefully I can get into Harvard as you did:))))

  • msdaisy16

    You guys are amazing. I’ve been studying for the LSAT from May to September with a popular company’s books. Their information for logic games and reading comprehension were helpful but their logical reasoning book was a nightmare. They had some really good tips throughout the book but I needed a reinforcement of the concepts and explanations from a real person’s perspective. It wasn’t tailored to me although 7 sage isn’t but if you have a question you can ask, unlike the prep books. Anyway after 4 months of studying my logic games and reading comp really improved but I was going no where with the logical reasoning. J. Y.’s explanations REALLY helped me. I always thought I understood the argument but under timed pressure you make foolish mistakes. Thanks J.Y. Also when I say 7 Sage’s schedule isn’t tailored to me I mean it’s not like I have a private tutor.

  • jasonawdriscoll

    I have taken some of the most popular and highest rated LSAT courses out there (TestMasters, Powerscore, Manhattan, Kaplan) and have found that 7Sage is not only the best but also the best value.

  • kanec1

    Wish I wouldn’t have spent money on the powerscore bibles

  • ewerdesheim

    Fantastic. Clear, concise and my PT scores have risen 20 points since moving through the course. I continue to go back and review sections I have difficulty with.

  • ashley04

    Amazing course! I have learned so much more here than other LSAT courses.

  • LouieRodriguez

    7sage is shaping my mind! I feel I have all the the tools to score a 170+

  • Julie Kay

    The explanations are so clear and concise while remaining comprehensive, I learn more in 30 minutes here than I could with a stack of books by myself !

  • benjaminladdbryce

    I’m studying for the September 2014 test. When I took my first preptest, I bombed the games and got a score in the low 150’s. Four months later I am scoring high 160’s, and I’m confident I can get to 170 by September. I couldn’t have done it without 7Sage. Lots of people talk about how clear the lessons are, and they are right. But I love the preptest analytics even more. I have been able to systematically break down my tests to analyze my strengths and weaknesses. I spend my time working on problem areas and my score keeps going up. I love 7sage!!!!!

  • Ankan Dhal

    I first came across 7Sage through the logic game explanations, which are simply unparalleled in the world of LSAT Prep. After my October score, I knew I needed a retake. The problem was that I only had a month, and I was in the midst of finals. I turned to the 7Sage program, which saved me time by pinpointing exactly what I needed to work on. It absolutely helped me with curve-breaking questions. Furthermore, their explanations not only explain the right answer, but explain why the others are incorrect in great detail (which is considerably more important in developing the proper mindset for the exam). I ended up with my 17X.

  • Vjpaul


  • pandakuangkuang

    Great! As a foreigner, 7sage provides a really detailed and interesting road to go towards LSAT!

  • Paul Padua

    Having LSAT lessons to be reviewed as you please makes it like having a live tutor but only better, coz you can go back to the explanations to re-review lessons.

    • Paul Padua

      I give it five stars, Jy is an awesome teacher.

  • Marie4lawschool

    I’m finding this course very helpful! Many of the examples are fun – Jedi and the Force, dogs being cute but not lovable, etc. Who knew I’d be doing at least some my LSAT prep with a smile on my face! The fun component really helps the “lawgic” and learning stick in my mind. Also, I’m applying what I’m learning elsewhere. For example, I’m passing on a lot of logic and problem-solving tips and understanding to the AP Chem students I teach! I might be at risk of morphing into a JY clone, though – I find myself using the same phrases, talking about “possible worlds,” etc. Many thanks for your great course!

  • mom.of.2

    I’m so happy I found this site randomly on google. The videos are helpful and the tips really work.

  • primeintuition

    Very helpful so far.

  • Dynamite

    I am finding 7Sage very helpful. I think all of the quizzes and flip cards help to sink the material in. It is one thing to listen to the lessons, but the activities make absorbing the lessons much more effective. I appreciate how down to earth the explanations are. The way JY goes about teaching makes it enjoyable and easy to learn. I also think it is much more cost effective than paying for an in-person lesson, because you are able to take it at your own pace, as well as stop and rewind. I am enjoying it so far.

  • Sarah Gerace

    Being able to make comparisons is another really great, seemingly ordinary, activity that’s brought to light in a way that shows how incredible (and involved) making a simple comparison can actually be. So much of learning about the LSAT and how to master it is about first learning how to master yourself, your emotions, and bringing your unconscious knowledge and processes under the control of your conscious mind, and this course teaches one how to do exactly that. It’s really a spot on approach. I love it!

  • jwarre26

    Believe the Hype! 7Sage is not just another prep course. The curriculum is thorough without feeling boring and teaches you LSAT wisdom that is often overlooked in the other prep courses/materials. Plus, there is a real feel of community with 7sage, that in my opinion, is unparalleled. I feel a closer connection with fellow sagers then i did with fellow students in my undergraduate classes. JY is a master of his craft! Although there are many who calm to be masters of the LSAT, there can be only one Yoda. The only question that remains, will you travel to Dagobah to learn the ways of this LSAT Jedi?

  • jennifer.lan


  • cliftonme

    Love 7Sage!

  • kedharnathshankar

    This is a comprehensive LSAT course. At first, I was not sure about it and had plans to use the refund option if it did not work out. However, obviously I did not seek a refund and am very satisfied with the course. It covers all aspects of the LSAT and is absolutely worth the money. I did a 3 day in-class course first that cost more than double of what it costs here and that was extremely rushed & almost worthless. Here I am able to study at my own pace and the tutorial videos and the discussion below them, more than make up for the lack of in class experience. Bear in mind though, it doesn’t remove the fact that it is necessary for us to take as many practice LSATs as possible to do well in the actual test.

  • Claudia O

    I love this course! after taking TestMasters and using PowerScore Bibles and comparing those to 7Sage I can say that this course helped me understand everything in a much clearer and comprehensive way.

  • Pamela A.M.

    I wasted my time and money with another test prep course. 7Sage allows me to study anywhere at anytime, no lugging around heavy books, and concentrating on what I actually need to learn. No fluff. No complicated learning methods. All explained like a fellow student would explain something. Love 7Sage!

  • courtnqs

    very useful, JY makes studying somewhat entertaining if that is possible

  • Megan

    Before 7sage the LSAT seemed like a beast I couldn’t conquer, but now with this program I feel more confident than ever! I enjoy studying several hours a day because I am noticing the progress I am making. Definitely happy I stumbled across this website, and I sing its praises to friends and family!!

  • slataman32

    I spent $2000 on a course who’s instructor moved way too quickly. The most apparent advantage to 7sage is that you can go at your own pace. But something must be said about the way JY teaches. He navigates the complicated LSAT problems in ways that may not be all that different from the generic stuff you find in books, but there’s an intangible here that is simply more effective.

  • chrijani7

    I have used a few different sources for LSAT Prep material but none of them compare to 7sage. Not only does 7sage deliver way more material for less money than the bigger companies but, they also provide more value within their material. J.Y is a god at explaining something so complex in nature and bringing it down to a level that nearly everyone could understand. His tone and humour put a new spin on preparing for the LSAT. I recommend this course for anyone as it is an all around great website.

  • Giulia Farrior

    The explanations on 7sage are more than easy to understand as everything is broken down, piece by piece. Not only is it not expensive, compared to the other LSAT prep stuff out there, it actually has made me more confident in getting ready to take the LSAT. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

  • ayemac

    7 Sage is a wonderful test prep program. Before enrolling, I used the bibles to prep. Though they were mildly helpful, 7sage provides a better theoretical underpinning of the LSAT. For me this was very important because it allowed me to fully realize that many of the LSAT questions are one in the same (which J.Y. constantly reminds you of in the videos). I took the test twice and had a 9 point increase after enrolling in 7sage.

    Another great feature of 7sage is its accessibility. I studied for the test while living abroad and 7sage made everything very easy and convenient. The test proctor was also very useful.

    And lastly, the service that J.Y. provides is excellent. Apart from LSAT advice, he can provide very helpful advice about law school itself. He even extended my account for a few days before it was set to expire ( sorry J.Y. I hope this part isn’t bad for business!). Overall, the course is excellent and worth way more than you pay for it.

  • Bai

    The course is complete and very helpful so far. The combination of both theory and question explanation is very useful to understand the LSAT.

  • Mayha Ghouri

    I have yet to find a more dedicated group of people that are genuinely interested in me learning the LSAT material. The LSAT is not always intuitive but 7Sage LSAT methods make it so that even if you cannot appeal to your natural intuition, you can still figure out why one answer choice is right, and others are wrong.

  • EuripidesFan

    I couldn’t have been able to improve from running out of time on logic games to getting -1 to -0 per section with time left to spare without having learned 7sage’s intuitive methods for diagramming the various games. I was able to do so just one week after purchasing the course and going through the logic games lesson videos. Many, many thanks.

  • cw_nnyycc

    I am extremely satisfied with this course. I started studying with a prep book weeks before this and it wasn’t until I started the 7 sage course that I really understood the material I was studying. Definitely a program you NEED to use if you want to do well on the LSAT.

  • LakersFan21

    What I love most is that JY is admittedly not naturally a genius at the LSAT as he had stated in the discussion forum, but rather worked really hard to get where he is today – and to gain the level of LSAT understanding he displays today. I think this is what makes him such a great teacher, and I feel like the course is catered towards exactly that – those students who are willing to put in the hard work and learn the nitty gritty details of the LSAT such as grammar, referential phrasing, and memorization of indicator words. Many prep companies simply do not address these issues, and I feel lucky to have been exposed to these type of seemingly inconsequential yet massively important details that are all too often simply looked over.

    And all for an affordable price – what more can you ask for? You’ll probably take a 3-4 day course for 500 dollars and learn just the basics, but I feel this is worth so much more than that.

    Thanks JY.

    PS: whenever I read irrelevant answer choices is yell in my head “WELL SO WHAT” in a jy ping voice.

  • SC808

    Fifty percent through and definitely something I’d recommend to anyone planning on taking the LSAT. The Instructor’s don’t hold anything back warning new students in the first set of videos to prepare for one of the hardest tests they’ve ever taken promising lots of hard work. By far better than anything else I’ve seen out on the market.

  • crystaljp

    I studied on my own before taking my first LSAT in September. I used the free 7Sage logic games explanations and found them very helpful in learning how to set up a game. I didn’t meet my goal so I purchased the shortest course to prepare to take it again in December. The course is reasonably priced and comprehensive, with clear explanations. Only time will tell if I improve the second time around but I will definitely go in feeling more prepared.

  • Daisyyyyyy


  • dchoi121

    The best place for starters to learn the fundamentals of logic needed to ace the LSAT. I particularly appreciate the logic translation and the break of valid and invalid arguments. And the community support is strong too! I post a question and get a response from my peers in half of a day. Really motivates to keep me going.

  • Burvis

    50% of the way so far, and it is legit.

  • sallycoh

    My boyfriend is actually getting pretty jealous of JY because I talk about how much I love him all the time. And I really mean it.

  • JS

    After 7sage, I can’t spare anytime with my girlfriend.

  • christinemrobbins841

    This website is by far the best way I found to study for the LSAT. The lessons are broken down and easy to understand, and there are achievable plans to improve on each section of the test. I wish I would have started with 7sage earlier!

  • dan.dongsung

    I wish I had encountered 7Sage earlier because it is by far the most comprehensive and intuitive course I presently see on the market; as with every positive feedback regarding 7Sage, the video lessons separate this course from the rest of the pack; “leveraging cost with technology” is often misapplied by other companies with video capture of in-class lecture; but 7Sage seems to truly understand the benefits of technology and how to optimize it in myriad of effective and motivating ways.

  • Preferences

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to pursue the LSAT until I started your course. I am finding it so enjoyable, that it may just change the direction of my career!

  • sc9008

    7 sage is an amazing test prep program; wish I found it earlier. I started out with the Powerscore books and then found 7 sage, which is by far a better product. The logic games explanations (which cover every game released, for free nonetheless) were extremely helpful. I went from taking 15 minuets per game to getting -2 on my December 2013 games section with two minuets to spare. 7 sage also helped enormously with pacing/timing on test day. Overall, 7 sage is a phenomenal product and extraordinary value for money. I highly recommend it to anyone considering the LSAT.

  • kaitir

    Thank you! I’m studying for the LSAT all the way from Japan, so this course is very convenient and helpful.

  • Nilesh S

    7sage is AWESOME – and then some: J.Y.’s explanations make everything crystal clear and because of the fantastic pedagogy, I’m quickly able to master concepts and move on…and I can do it at my own pace, nothing short of a God sent boon as I’m pursuing PHD studies right now…J.Y. is the Yoda to so many Lukes …ok – I couldn’t help the tongue-in-cheek reference to his penchant for using Star Wars analogies! I feel confident that if I keep on going with 7sage, I’m going to meet my expectation of scoring well on the LSAT and making it to a great law school…all-in-all, I think I hit the jackpot with 7sage.

  • Celphi34

    I love this LSAT review course. I’ve bought Powerscore books and I’ve taken the Blueprint prep course. Neither come close to the usefulness of this course. You’re not just fed a ton of material and told to memorize it. This guy works! I found his free Youtube videos with the logical games and knew then, this was the course for me. Everything is realistic, fun and challenging. There’s still a ton of information to learn, but with this course, it seems like it’s within reach.

  • nataliejc

    After doing practice LR questions under JY’s guidance, I notice a big difference in my approach and thinking when I go to tackle questions on my own. He teaches the best kind of critical strategy that hacks into the test makers’ framework for question building, so that you no longer just passively read the stimulus and answer choices. I hope to eventually be good enough at this so that I can think, when I see a tricky question, ‘Oh, I see what the writers are trying to do here.’

  • Quinn Nguyen

    7 Reasons to Love 7Sage

    I’ve run the gamut of test prep companies and books – Powerscore, Princeton Review, Testmasters – but 7Sage actually works. There are many reasons why my quest for the best LSAT prep ended with 7Sage, but I’ll share just the clinchers:

    1. Relatable pedagogy. They get me. They really get me. Dragon Ball-Z metaphors? Sufficient/Necessary conditions explained via Star Wars analogy? The key to mastering the LSAT is understanding the rules of the logical universe. An engaging and relevant curriculum brings vague logical concepts down to earth (while simultaneously evoking 90’s-era nostalgia). It’s amazing how many fictional universes can be adapted to conditional logic. If they could explain embedded conditionals via to Harry Potter philosophy, they’d have me completely.

    2. Concept-centered curriculum. 7Sage is in part successful because of its focus on foundational skills. The instructors get to the very core of argument analysis and game-solving. No gimmicks, no short cuts. You can approach any game or question without fear because you know the philosophy behind it. Though understanding concepts is a huge part of the curriculum, you neve feel overwhelmed. 7Sage instructors are there to guide you on your LSAT journey. Every new lesson comes with a conceptual framework and an introductory video, to the effect of JY Ping coming at you with a cup of herbal tea saying: “Don’t worry. I know this concept is overwhelming and you may not get it right away. But don’t worry, you will. A squeeze of lemon with your chamomile tea?” That pat on your shoulder is very important.

    3.Thought Process Model 7Sage not only tell you the logical principles underlying the LSAT, they show you.Therein lies the difference from other prep test companies. Other places present you only with theory. With the videos, you can see how 7Sage’s methods are actually applied. Hearing JY Ping talk to himself is also an added bonus.The inside of his head is hilarious. Between his explanations of concepts or suggestions for approach, he manages to wedge in some pretty memorable lines. The best include: “Garden plant. What is a garden plant? Like a flower thing?” and “What in the WORLD does Ireland have to do with peat harvesting? No. Just no.” There was an also an incident involving seagulls, from which students learned never to speak of the dreaded creatures to JY again.

    I accidentally unplugged my headphone in a coffee shop once and everyone heard him wanting “to punch the argument in the face.” I didn’t mind their looks. Non-LSAT people, they just don’t understand…

    4. Customisation of needs.They are responsive to students’ needs. Literally. They provide an actual response. My questions are sometimes answered within the hour (what the heck are you doing up at midnight PST 7sage!) And if they don’t have a video explanation for a certain question, the instructors will upload one within a couple of days. This is near impossible to do with a traditional course. JY, Alan and other instructors seem like sociable, well-adapted people but the quickness with which they respond to our questions make me think they are hunched over laptops waiting to answer the next question. Unless they’re simultaneously answering questions while having a productive and active life (their profile pics look so normal).

    5. Awesome use of technology. The techy features on 7Sage are just plain cool. These tools are not just accessories but actual aides for learning. The most useful for me have been 1. Note-taking feature (which helps you interact with the lesson) 2. Flashcards (which are seriously nifty and help with memorising conditional rules) 3. Printable PDFs (if you’re into the traditional pen-and-paper kind of learning or want to create your own summary of major concepts).

    Alan Cheuk is the James Bond of Java scripts and page sources. Shout out to him for quickly handling technology-related emergencies!

    6. Unintentionally Zen. Notice those beautiful landscapes serving as backdrops? High-ceilinged halls and breezy beaches? Sure, Egyptian hieroglyphics have nothing to do with the LSAT but the effect is relaxing. Kudos to whoever thought of the colour palette and uncluttered design. It makes logging everyday a bit nicer.The pictures are a reminder that a real world exists outsides the LSAT. Ambience matters. Little things count.

    7. Supportive student community. Last but not least, I love the supportive, funny, equally commiserating, brilliant community. This comment section gives students a chance to try their hand at explaining and provides opportunity lift each other up. I’m really thankful for all the encouragement and support that’s been spread here on this site. For those times you feel downtrodden, when you think all hope is sucked out of you from your latest game section or dismal score, it’s nice to come back to people who are going through the same thing. This is best part about 7Sage, that it’s a real community.

    The people behind 7Sage are just as their bio describes: a couple of Harvard grads sharing their genius. Taking this course was the best decision I made in preparing for this test. I hope you will, as I did, make the switch from Youtube viewer/ purveyor of free logic games to enrolled 7Sage student. Trust me. It’s worth it!

  • rclanks

    7Sage is a great study tool for the LSAT. The video explanations are informal, but they tell you exactly what you need to know. As you go through the sections, take the quizzes, and do the practice problems, you can feel yourself getting better at answering LSAT questions. It may seem like slow progress, but it really does help you get better.

  • BrookieNZ

    So far, MUCH better than the bibles and Princeton Review. Thanks JY!

  • Elizabeth Pyjov

    This curriculum is truly the answer to all my prayers. The explanations are clear, well-organized, fun to listen to, and superior to any LSAT books I’ve picked up. (and I’ve picked up a lot!). They are also divided into small pieces that keep your attention. J.Y Ping and Alan really care about what they’re doing. The games explanations and game methods are amazing! I was able to watch a lesson and apply the strategies on a practice the very next day. They really work!

    I am grateful for 7Sage every day. This is the company that will make LSAT prep affordable, accessible and doable for anyone.

    The curriculum is well-organized, clear, fun to listen to (!) and very helpful. It is far superior to any LSAT books I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many). Thank you, 7Sage!

  • jdiggs06

    Extremely satisfied. Tried other methods and JY’s are the best! Wish I found 7sage earlier.

  • mayabrownpr

    A lot of unnecessary “fluff” in the lessons. The lesson times could easily be cut in half without the additives. Otherwise, good. The text review pages are extremely helpful.

  • PublicInterest2018

    I wish I had found 7Sage before taking the LSAT for the first time!

  • Brightfires0121

    I had planned to rate and write a review after I take my LSAT.But with the test result unknown, I still sincerely recommend 7Sage to anyone who wants to take LSAT. I don’t think it’s safe to say 7Sage is the only material you will need in preparing LSAT, but I got helped a lot on every aspect (logic, reading, game…)of cracking LSAT that I didn’t get from other resources.

  • destinyriggs

    7sage curriculum is a blast. the content is thorough, the approach strategic and analytical, and the pace quick enough to keep me on my toes. having not had any courses in formal logic, the logic lessons have been the most helpful. it is a lot of information, but its dosed out in packets so digestible that i’m never overloaded or overwhelmed.

    i researched several companies before going with 7sage. it was mainly the pace and energy that hooked me, but it ends up being the articulate, well-reasoned explanations that are keeping me most engaged.

    thanks boys.

  • unisday

    Not a single penny wasted. Actually I think I’m getting much more out of it. This is probably the best investment I’ve made yet so far.

  • orajstrickland

    I did a lot of research and was thrilled to find 7Sage. Am very grateful for their mission of affordability! Also, I hear JY in my head now as I work through LR problems, and it is helping!!!

  • kang.sings

    The fact that there are video explanations for every single LSAT Q is as comforting as it is mind-numbingly convenient and cost-effective.

  • Morgen Weeks

    I am so glad that I found 7sage for my LSAT prep. I have tried Kaplan’s online course and honestly felt that it was a waste of my time and money. It didn’t really help me. On my first diagnostic test I scored 147. I was shocked because I have typically been a good test taker and breezed through my undergraduate studies. Logic and me just didn’t get along well. So I needed a lot of help. After Kaplan’s course I decided to research about different study programs. On toplawschools I found that many people had success with PowerScore Bibles. So I purchased them and set my own self study program. They were better than Kaplan but still a little incomplete for me. One day I was trying to find a better explanation for a logic game and YouTube took me to a 7sage video. I then did the free trial and decided to purchase the online program. My scores improved a lot. I found their videos helpful to understand the basics but also helpful to get a top score. I did the program in 9 weeks. I increased to 165 on my last PrepTest. Dec 12′ I scored a 161 on actual exam. I wish I would have found 7sage earlier so I could have studied a little more. With enough time and practice 7sage can help you get a 170 plus, I just ran out of time. Nevertheless, I still got accepted to my top choice for law school. Don’t waste your money on other books and courses they aren’t as complete as 7sage. I am very satisfied with the course and highly recommend 7sage to anyone.

  • mrqwebb823

    By far the best methods of explaining LSAT concepts I’ve come across

  • BlakeLexington

    I took Powerscore class first and then 7sage course. 7sage was better.

  • Anita Lum

    Very practical, easy to understand format!

  • jrkovals

    7sage is simply as close to perfect as anything can get: intuitive, organized, interactive, different (which in this case is good). It has “one-eighteyed” my approach and view of the LSAT – and all for the better. I plan to continue suggesting to people that they use it.

  • daniela perez


    POWERSCORE ABSOLUTELY CONFUSED ME!!!! THEIR FORMAL LOGIC CHAINS ARE RETARDED!!! and they have so many other WEIRD rules for other things!!!!!

    It was not until I came across 7sage and started going though their course that everything started to make sense to me! 7sage makes everything seem SOOOOO EASY!!!! and they are always there to help in case you need it! I wish I would have found them sooner! I wasted so much time trying different things and nothing worked- nothing! Now with 7sage is when I am FINALLY seeing improvement!

    You can even get a FREE preview of how well EVERYTHING is explained in the free logic game section and some other free lessons that are offered and when you buy the course it is even more amazing!!!! I never stopped being impressed !

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Iggy Minaj

    I haven’t tried any other courses so I cannot speak to how good or bad they are, but I can say that 7Sage is an amazing program. I’m really learning how to better approach the test, and I genuinely enjoy listening to JY. I bet it’s not the case that you sometimes burst into extreme fits of laughter with other test prep companies….

  • TC

    The very best in LSAT prep.

  • aleksarias

    Excellent course. I don’t think there’s a simpler way to explain the complicated material in the LSAT exam.

  • traditionalist

    There’s nothing I need from an in-person instructor that 7Sage does not provide.

  • msher3

    I love this prep course, it makes studying for the LSAT fun. I would recommend it to all my friends!

  • gs556

    I love the course! JY’s teaching style is great: both engaging and humorous. My only qualm is that it seems a bit disorganized (at least when I have it in the syllabus view). It hops around from topic to topic and that confuses me sometimes. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the course. I would definitively recommend it to prospective law students, as it’s been extremely helpful!

  • JLeung

    Whenever someone asks me for suggestions for prepping for the LSAT, I always tell them to check out 7Sage just because it has helped me improve so much in parts of the LSAT like logic games and parallel reasoning that I struggled most with in the beginning. The videos are in-depth and comprehensive, the method is sound, and the commentary on some of the answers is hilariously entertaining. Especially if you’re considering a prep course or buying prep materials, I definitely recommend 7Sage because it’s so affordable considering the amount of practice materials you get even with the basic package (which is what I started out with). The “ah hah!” moments during the video explanations make it even more valuable. I also appreciated how I could re-watch videos for the tougher questions however many times I needed.
    Of course, there’s no magic solution to the LSAT and this will still take some effort on your part but this seriously works; I went from 160 up to the 99th percentile, thanks to 7Sage.
    The other reason why I just had to write this review is because I’ve had the chance to actually with speak with both J.Y. and Alan, and they’re great people who just honestly believe in helping people get into law school. Their willingness to always help and give advice has earned not only my trust and respect, but my loyalty as well.

  • canuck

    7 Sage is incredible. First time around I studied using the powerscore bibles, but 7 sage breaks the LSAT down to its fundamentals which prepares you to a whole other degree. The videos are incredible, and the value for the price is second to none. I would highly recommend 7sage to anyone. The owners are also great guys, very responsive and patient. 5 stars.

  • Sai

    Your class is amazing, Your class changes people’s life!

    I am not an English Native Speaker and I only stayed in America for less than 1 year and half, but I ended up with 170+.

    I strongly recommend 7 sage to international students like me, because 7 sage will get you to kickthose asses!

    I love the feeling that I scored 170+, ha!

    Thanks 7 sage!

    [Admin: We edited this review to keep the language relatively PG. Spirit of the review was not changed.]

  • ahoneyc

    I think that you guys are great! These lessons have helped me so much. I took the LSAT two years ago after taking a Princeton Review class and only got one point higher on test day than I did on the initial practice test. Even on my practice tests, I never scored above a 161. After just beginning the 7Sage course, I am scoring around 164-165 on practice tests and I am hoping to go even higher, which I never thought was possible. Thank you so much for what you do!

  • ragulotta

    After taking a Princeton Review course and reading through the LR and LG Bibles, I have to say that 7Sage has been the most helpful! JY doesn’t just give you tricks for solving each question, he really gets to the heart of each section. 7Sage has given me the extra boost in understanding and confidence I needed to take on the October administration. I highly recommend this course!

  • crusoveanu845

    The best LSAT studying course on the market.

  • Maggie Welgos

    I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank 7Sage for helping me with my LSAT prep. I took the October 2011 LSAT with
    no prep (stupid, I know) and scored a 136. After taking the 7Sage classes in September, October, and November I scored a 155 on the December 2012 LSAT. Although studying 3 hours every day after an 8 hour work day was hard to say the least, but your LSAT prep works. This program is perfect for someone on a budget that is looking for real results. If you’re willing to put the time in, you will see improvement. Thanks 7Sage, I can now pursue my dream of a legal education!

    • vijay.paul87

      Did you take the ultimate, premium or the complete course.

  • Nelson.Matthew

    So far I like what the lessons have covered, and how the explanations are easy to follow. Looking forward to seeing it pay off when I start taking practice tests.

  • Roland Deschain

    I only had a little over a month to prep which meant I needed to be able to study at my own pace, picking and choosing what to study based off my individual needs. 7Sage let me do that for a low cost, without paying big bucks for a tutor. JY (who does the tutorial videos) is very adept at explaining the LSAT and the difficult concepts behind it. I think particularly the the video explanations for pretty much every question ever really helped me. I went from a 160 to a 173 and would highly recommend 7Sage to anyone and everyone.

  • jamiewong107

    This course far exceeds my expectations and is one of the reasons why I feel more and more comfortable with my LSAT prep each day. The instructors are down to earth and humorous which makes me actually want to take the course, and the students are super helpful and supportive. Everything you would want in a course for a test that many may find intimidating!

  • Shucongliurose

    You just can’t find a better course with this price!!

  • elexyzm

    Best test prep I have taken so far! After taking Kaplan and Testmasters full test prep courses and spending thousands of dollars, 7Sage helped me improve my score by 6 points, a bigger improvement than any of the other courses I took. The lessons were easy to follow and straight to the point. Thank you JY!

  • j.milan.

    I find 7sage’s approach effective and efficient. My performance has improved dramatically. I have tried three LSAT prep companies prior to this, but all led to frustration (apparently, they use some not-so fool-proof techniques). J.Y. talks and teaches in straight-forward, no-nonsense language that everyone can appreciate. Finally, 7sage is the only prep course that made me believe that I can actually do well at the LSAT. And have I mentioned it’s affordable? (“So what?” “Who cares?” You’ll pay anything for this!) Thank you so much, guys!

  • Taylor Darcy

    Wow! I have tried so many different LSAT prep techniques and a couple of courses as well as several of the bibles. 7sage has shown me more than any of them. When I attended a course the instructor couldn’t explain why something was right, it just was! It was so frustrating. I cannot believe the difference! Their insight and thoroughness is amazing!

  • rolaeriu14

    The first time I wrote my LSAT I took a $1400 course from one of the in class prep companies, and I scored a 157. I went looking for ways to improve my score, and I stumbled upon JY’s logic games explanations on YouTube. I liked what I saw, so I looked into the possibility of purchasing a full course. This was the best decision I could have made. 7sage teaches Logic Games and Logical Reasoning by getting to the root of the problem, teaching you the logic behind the question. The other course I took used too many “tricks,” which would work on some of the easier questions but would always fail on the tough questions. Sufficient Assumption questions used to be my kryptonite, but after taking 7sage I found these questions to be amongst the easiest in the Logical Reasoning section. I also used to get 8 wrong per logic games section, but after using JY’s method for logic games, I got only 2 wrong on games in my October LSAT. My overall score in October was a 165, an 8 point jump that I couldn’t have made without this amazing course!

  • luddy quintero

    Great guidance and explanations!

  • SarkinFrood

    Great instruction, the videos have proven to be a lot better than most of my college classes in that they allow me to speed through the things i’m familiar with and pause for some of the more challenging material. Also, the way the lessons are broken down helps in holding my attention longer than any prep test book would. Keep up the great work.

  • Al

    Before I found 7sage, I spent numerous months using insufficient materials and was plateauing in the low 150s. After working with 7sage for a few months, I finally pushed past the 160 barrier and was recently admitted to my target law school. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. The price is extremely reasonable, and the quality of instruction you will receive in return is absolutely invaluable. Had I started with 7sage earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of stress, time, and money. Learn from my mistakes and begin your studies with a solid comprehensive program. If you work your hardest with 7sage, I’m certain you will not be disappointed with your results.

    • Lori C

      Congratulations, Al.! Best of luck in law school.

  • Nimra180

    Thanks for saving me JY

  • hyunnysoo-1

    This is the best course I’ve ever taken and it has changed my life!

  • taehyung

    This is it!

  • rmphillips1985

    Very good overall. Although, I would like more handouts and I miss the speed up function on videos. I’m very familiar with some topics so I’d like to watch video at faster pace like I did in the beginning videos. Optional multiple choice pretests would be cool as well to help customize curriculum to users. The site could use the pretests to help eliminate topics users might already be familiar with. I would make this option optional though. I would like to see more handouts of problems with lectures. I also would like more cheat sheets on some topics. The goal is not to rely on cheat sheets but at first while learning and drilling they are helpful.

  • mbaldwin01

    Due to a lot of crazy things, I’m taking my LSAT during the second year of my undergrad. Lots of advisors on campus have told me to “aim low” in terms of schools and my score because I’ll be so young starting law school; however, taking the time to do the 7Sage course has helped me drastically improve, and the last practice test I took already exceeded what my advisor told me to “aim for.” My score has already improved only three weeks in, and I love the videos. 10/10, would recommend.

  • mpadasak

    I just got my LSAT score back from October, and I have nothing but gratitude for this program. I’m horrible at standardized tests and when I self studied for the first time around putting in about 50 hours, I was left devastated when I got a 142 back on the test. 7sage worked and taught from the bottom up, building the necessary basics in order to tackle any conceivable question on the test. I didn’t get that prized super high score, but what I accomplished through hard work and countless hours was so much better compared to where I started and can’t be thankful enough. I’ll finally able to go to law school, and I’m excited!

  • lmallette4

    The format and style of instruction are way better than those of a major LSAT prep company I first used.

  • Matt1234567

    One of the best courses available. Trust me, do not make the same mistake as me by spending your money elsewhere first. Invest it in 7Sage, it is worth every penny. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. The instructors are friendly and always ready to help in a moments notice. It feels like I have my own private tutor for every single section of the LSAT.

  • Mike Ross

    Just great. I just need to keep practicing though. Over and over, that is all I am worried about now that I know that I have a great resource. Thank you!

  • jf.shawvan


  • NG

    7sage was the most useful resource that I was fortunate enough to come across while studying for the LSAT. I wish I had found the site sooner than a few weeks prior to exam day, but even over a very short time, the free logic game video explanations helped me tremendously. Prior to finding this website, I struggled with getting through more than 3/4 games during the 35 minutes allotted to the section, and that was costing me a lot of unnecessary points. Because my timing was off, logic games were my weakest section. I had worked through the powerscore bible for games, and while it was very helpful for gaining a fundamental understanding of the logic games section, the techniques employed were more complicated than they needed to be, and the way the material was presented was not very intuitive. The videos on this site, on the other hand, simplified the material and utilized methods that were straightforward and easy to learn. Instead of trying to memorize specific ways of diagramming (I was so excited to never have to use the symbol < again), the videos made it more about noticing that at the root of it, all the games are really very similar and could be tackled in much the same way. Thank you thank you thank you for making something that appears fairly complicated and frustrating at first glance into a pleasant experience. I would recommend this site and the logic games explanations to anyone studying for the LSAT. They are an absolute necessity. I am sure that the reading comp and logical reasoning lessons are equally as incredible. Well done, 7sage!

  • K

    I honestly think 7Sage offers a more complete course than MLSAT or PS… I couldn’t even understand the first 2 chapters of MLSAT ._. so much fluff. I am -0 on LG now and -4/-5 on RC. I need help on getting my -10 LR up lol…

    7Sage is easy to understand and has a lot of useful resources like flowcharts and drills

  • Julia L

    I love that the point of 7Sage is not just to help you do well on the LSAT, but to really help you think clearly and logically, and as a result you will do well on the LSAT. The skills I am learning are beneficial for my general thinking process, and for if/when one day I become a lawyer. The lessons are super educational and helpful, but also incredibly entertaining and… dare I say, fun. All at a fraction of the price of the other prep courses out there.