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  • SFlorida93

    First of all, I never leave reviews for any product or service that I use… I am one of those guys that just lurks around and reads what other people have said without contributing my own review. However, after completing 7Sage’s full 629 hour LSAT Ultimate course, I’ve been waiting until the day that I took the real LSAT (hopefully for the last time!) so I can share how incredible this course has been for me.

    I’m a senior. At one of the top undergraduate business schools in the country… I also went to a very highly ranked prep school before that. I don’t want to say that to brag. I want to say that because NONE of my professors/tutors/teachers/mentors/ANYONE has ever been as helpful as JY has been to me. And it’s not even close. When I was in high school, I used a VERY expensive SAT/ACT prep service that required me to drive 45 minutes to a physical office where I was given photocopied test packets and told to time myself on my own. Then when I finished, I was to notify one of the tutors who would grade the test. While I would get some feedback on my errors, I was never taught the fundamental PRINCIPLES to how to approach these standardized tests.

    The fact that this course taught me the PRINCIPLES to logic is what stands out the most to me when I think back to my time preparing for the LSAT. I’ve heard nightmare stories about friends of mine who have taken Kaplan courses or one of those other big name courses. My parents were even apprehensive about letting me use 7Sage because they thought I was just choosing the cheap option. But 7Sage provided me EVERYTHING I needed to succeed. First of all, it is an online course. I was able to start at my own time, go through the course at my own speed, pause the videos when I was confused, and skip over easy LR videos instead of having to spend half an hour on something I already understood (I was worried that in a Kaplan course, the incompetent tutor would waste my time explaining an easy question to someone less committed than me). Also, the ability to speed up or slow down the videos was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and should not go unnoticed. While the course is officially 629 hours, I was able to adjust my brain to understand JY talking at 1.7x speed… I swear that he sounds like he is high when I slow him back down to 1.0x speed. If I ever get to meet him, I’m not gonna be able to help myself but to say, “speed up!!! you’re talking too slowly!!” Like I don’t even want to get to my next point. This one feature alone should get its entire paragraph. A wholeeeeee paragraph on being able to speed up the videos! I mean… it’s important! I had this old man tutor me for the SAT and he always took foreverrrrrr to explain one question. I just wanted him to get to the point! And with this feature, I was able to do that. By the end of the course, I felt like the main character from the movie “21” who was able to do advanced math in his head when he was counting cards… except it was me internalizing JY’s words at lightning speed.

    Oh and I would use my laptop, iPad, and iPhone to get through the course… It was easy on all of my devices to pick up where I left off and view all the videos from my iPad/iPhone. Everything was compatible… Which is a big deal because other professors have given me software that requires Flash Player or some other program that doesn’t work well with personal devices. 7Sage = simple! Plus, there is a free app that keeps time and even follows the script that is read by the proctor in the test! While I had the option of about a dozen voices, I would always use JY because I feel so comfortable listening to his voice. You might think I have some weird crush on him… but listen! JY reveals how he feels when he speaks. This is essential. For ANYONE… but especially a teacher. You know how some professors are soooo monotone when they speak? It is just always the same tone no matter what they say. They could say, “this question is difficult” or “I am sleepy” or “you don’t want to fall into this trap” and it ALL sounds the exact same. Like a poker player keeping his cards close to his chest, that monotone professor is not revealing at all how he feels about those different thoughts. When JY says a question is difficult, you can HEAR the exasperated frustration in his voice! You can see him moving his stylus thing around in a motion of chaotic annoyance at the LSAT. When he is sleepy, I can HEAR his tired expression when he mentions how he just rolled out of bed. And when he warns me (or any other student) about a tricky choice, he is impactful because he says it like it a matter of life and death. Like how a hiker would yell at a fellow hiker on top of a cliff if seeing him getting too close to the edge. My point is that JY is INVESTED in what he is talking about. He cares about what he is talking about. He isn’t like a lot of the tutors and teachers I had growing up that think just stating the material is enough. No. While this course is over 26 FULL DAYS if you add it all up, I NEVER got bored… especially when hearing JY’s voice. Besides the fact that he consistently reveals how he feels about the material, JY is extremely thorough with going over every word on every PrepTest… every passage, every question, every answer. The great thing about the way JY teaches is that I felt like I had two chances to get a question correct… either I choose the right answer or I eliminate the 4 wrong ones. JY goes through each question and explains why the right answer is 100% correct and why the wrong ones are 100% incorrect. I like that. I like that I don’t have to be anxious that there will be a question with 2 potentially correct answers. And I like that the course explains this right off the bat.

    Right at the very top of the syllabus, I was greeted with seeing green, red, and blue circles that showed my progress. When I first started the course, I was incredibly overwhelmed with how much further I had to go. It was even worse after my first night… it was 3am and I checked the green circle to see it say only 2%! I’m a binge watcher when it comes to TV shows… Like the House of Cards… I watched the entire second season in one night! But this course can’t be done in a few days. It takes day after day after day of hard work to even get a few more percentage points closer to 100%. Of course, there were nights when I would just rip up the PrepTest I was grading and tell myself that I would never get Logical Reasoning. But there was always a motivating little message at the top of the syllabus… or a reassuring comment at the bottom of one of the videos. Ohhhh… I didn’t even mention this until now but the other members of this community are great as well! I wish I had taken more time to read the comments and contribute myself… but very often the comments would influence the way I see a certain question and help me understand what is going on.

    Besides that, the tracking tools were very, very helpful. I was able to see the progress I made after submitting my answers for each PrepTest… and the tests were automatically graded with the proper curve! Oh and every question is rated by level of difficulty… Oh and then I can see on a graph which particular Logical Reasoning (or the other sections) questions that I was having the most problems with… Like I was able to improve my score by a few points just because the analytics told me that I was struggling with Necessary Assumption questions. Fuckkkkkk I love this course! haha

    I love how it started with the fundamentals of logic and then went into detail about every type of Logical Reasoning question that typically appears on the test. Once I had the basics down, it became very easy to pick apart the arguments and figuring out where the premises and conclusion are. Oh and Logical Games… JY just keeps it as simple as possible. No weird tricks or anything like that. He just goes down the list of rules with a certain calmness that assures me that any game can be conquered.

    The PrepTests are so easy to print out. I didn’t have to buy any more materials after getting this course, which is thousands of dollars cheaper than the courses that some of the other students in my classes used. Oh and good call on the 3 wristwatches… JY recommends getting these $8 watches for keeping time in the test and they worked perfectly today… Even though by this point, I already have a mental clock that tells me if I’m spending too much time on each question.

    I could go on and on forever about 7Sage… The blog entries are also very informative about law school… Oh and while the 7Sage site never gave me any problems, apparently the site went down for a couple hours one night. Soon after, I was given a free extra month just for any potential problems that I might have had! The service here is top notch, even if I never got to spoke with JY directly. It’s so weird… I feel like he is my friend and he doesn’t even know who I am. I spent more time hearing his voice over the summer than with anyone else’s… including my own family. And there are other small things too that have been great… like how the full PrepTest 72 test/videos was available to me for like less than $7. And so quickly after the test was released. I mean everything here is top notch and I wish every course was a 7Sage one.

    Oh and I want to give a shoutout to Alan… I don’t really know what he does besides the backend stuff. But you helped make this place so thank you! Anddddddd Jon! I feel so bad for you. Like you’re the Scottie Pippen to JY’s Michael Jordan. Pippen was a 6x champion, 7x all star, and NBA Hall of Famer. Your videos would be the best on the internet if you didn’t have the GOAT on your team. It actually pisses me off when you explain the answer to a question only to get one comment that says, “JY, can you explain this one?” APPRECIATE THE WANG! People might not appreciate you Jon, but I do. You were there for me when I felt like a moron for getting #2 wrong, a ridiculously easy “one star” question, because I didn’t read the stimulus correctly. You were there for me when I needed you, Jon!! And I’ll never forget you.

    For my MAIN CONCLUSION, I have to say that 7Sage is AWESOME! It is the best, most thorough, highest quality LSAT course by a WIDE, WIDE margin. I’ve looked at the other options. I’ve checked out the different LSAT prep books at the bookstore that don’t even use REAL questions. I’ve suffered through boring YouTube videos explaining the “mindset” required to do well on the LSAT that just left me even more confused. And I’ve spent the time to check out other “gurus” in the field… like that ridiculous Velocity Test Prep guy who seems like he is trippinggggg balls in his videos. Nothing compares. I would highly, highly recommend 7Sage to ANYONE… not just potential law schools students but to anyone who wants to be able to pick apart arguments, point out flaws in an argument’s reasoning, and have the ability to read a complicated passage and retain the material well enough to answer tricky questions.

  • poohbear

    I’m only a little bit less than half way through the curriculum (didn’t start timed preptests yet) but 7sage is AMAZING! I first started to study on my own using Powerscore bibles and they were decent. Then I couldn’t keep myself motivated without a curriculum so I decided to enroll in a Kaplan course without doing much research (and because it was the only nearby test prep center in my school’s area). To be quite honest, I did not put in enough time and energy into the course but their methods were simply not very intuitive and the material and instructor did not keep my engaged. I finished the course but honestly left feeling underprepared for the exam– I felt as if Kaplan only gave me the barebone basics to the LSAT and not enough to help me reach my full potential. I eventually got more serious about the idea of attending law school and started doing my own research and soon I discovered the amazing 7Sage! I remember the first time I found JY’s free LG explanations online and I started studying with them– I found myself excited to learn more about how to tackle each game!

    As of now, I’m taking some time off before law school to just study for the test full time and I have decided to invest in the Ultimate curriculum. It has simply been the best $550 I have spent! JY’s videos are clear and informative– and really breaks things down for you. As a student, I find myself engaged and often times laughing out loud during his video explanations because his strong, yet no bullshit personality shines through. I appreciate the fact that he organizes his material in a way that everything builds on something we’ve learned in the past and that the LSAT is broken down in a very formulaic and repetitive exam that anyone (with the right preparation) can do well on. I also really appreciate the fact that JY goes through every single answer choice on a problem and does not skip out on anything– as an instructor, he brings himself down to our level (a student that is unfamiliar with the material and needs everything explained) rather than speaking to us on a different level (“oh i’m an lsat instructor that scored really well etc etc). And the fact that everyone is in video form is great so I know I can always go back to something and learn it again if I need to.

    The added plus is that the website is easy to navigate– with a very user-friendly interface (from a note-taking section, to the little stars next to each lesson that you want to highlight, to the LSAT analytics) and friendly community of students and instructors. I’m not even done with the curriculum yet and I know that the 7Sage LSAT prep is definitely going to help me own the upcoming exam! Thank you to JY and the 7sage staff– you’re all lifesavers :) Sorry for the super long review– but I really do want everyone else to know how great this program is!

  • ericahollann

    7Sage is FANTASTIC!

    I started my study with the PowerScore books and was scheduled to take their full-length in-class course. They contacted me three days before the course was supposed to start and told me it was canceled due to low enrollment. Super disappointed, I discovered that there was no where else in my state (!) to take a course in person in preparation for the June LSAT. I chose 7Sage after watching several hours of free Logic Games explanations online as a disappointed second to the “real” classroom experience.

    Fast-forward a month…

    I could not be happier that I chose 7Sage over the PowerScore classes. Not only did I save myself $1000 dollars, but I believe the instruction I have received (about 45% of the course) has been invaluable. While I was initially worried about not being able to talk to a real, live person whenever I had a question, I find that just about anything I can think of to ask is covered in the videos. If you’re on the fence, let me help you out: CHOOSE 7SAGE!

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  • MarClaAve

    I would still consider myself a newbie here as I’m not even half way through CC, but the video explanations is what got me here, and I appreciate the community. 5 stars.

  • Rosenkranz

    I am almost halfway through the didactic portion of the course and really find 7Sage superior to all of the books that I attempted to use beforehand on my own. I have not used any other web-based instruction. I based that decision on the relative ratings of various courses versus the hours of instruction on offer per dollar at 7Sage versus the competition.

    Also, I had used so many of J.Y.’s masterful and highly useful LG explanations before even paying that I felt obligated to use 7Sage, since I had already benefited from them. But being beyond the pay wall has definitely proven the value of the course as a whole. I have no regrets about buying the full version and have seen my depth of understanding regarding LR increase dramatically. The instructions on logic are similarly indispensable. The LG and RC instructions lie before me, but I am eager to see how I improve in those areas as well.

    As if all of that weren’t enough, J.Y. takes what could be very dry exercises and injects his wit and charm with observational humor to humanize the process throughout. He should be proud of his product and I am grateful for the service.

  • NotMyName

    My review will be short and sweet.

    148 → 174.

    7Sage has changed my life in no uncertain terms. The community forum is the #1 feature in my opinion. Spend a few hours reading the posts to see just how helpful and insightful that forum is. The lessons were straightforward and the strategies advocated were intuitive and effective.

  • ChaimtheGreat

    First I want to say thank you to 7Sage and the community as a whole. Bluntly put, there was no way I could have been successful without this program. From JY and the CC to the discussion board and community, 7Sage has given me the confidence and the techniques to succeed. It does all of this while being more affordable than other prep programs which expands access to the legal profession. With 7Sage, I went from a middling diagnostic to a 177, an increase of well over 15 points.

    7Sage nails its LSAT curriculum beginning through end. It starts by allowing you to master key grammatical skills that make the lessons click later on. You learn the basics of conditional statements, negations, and arguments. The lessons then build on these skills, allowing you to apply them to the questions you will see on the test. After you have mastered logic and applied that logic to the LSAT questions, 7Sage brings you to the Practice Test (PT) stage. Here, you will be able to apply the Blind Review Method to fully engross yourself in the Practice Test and improve your score. 7Sage also has the best LSAT analytics program in the game. You will be able to track your progress on PTs, see where you are missing questions, and review the difficulty of taken test sections. You can organize your data by test, section, and even question type. 7Sage, will mark priority questions types by looking at what you get wrong and how frequently that test question appears on the exam. This is immensely helpful during the PT stage, I cannot stress how great this is enough. During the PT process, the 7Sage community is there for you. Something I highly suggest is joining a Blind Review (BR) group. The ability to create new relationships with fellow 7Sagers was crucial as it allowed me to approach questions with new perspectives. I was able to bounce ideas off of them which allowed me to understand more about myself and how I approached the test. On these calls, you have both current test takers and past test takers who are there to help you with your individual needs.

    The community will always be there with you along this journey. Yet, there is no one who gives more to 7Sage than its instructor JY. Not only does he do a great job with the lessons, but there are times he will even offer a Blind Review study call of his own. During these, he will either go over a new prep test or go over a certain section of the test (he did a RC bootcamp recently). This will allow you to have the chance to really interact with JY as you tackle LSAT questions in real time. The fact that JY is amazing would alone be enough. Yet, the admissions team, the moderators, and the tutors are fantastic as well. Could not recommend enough.

    I am writing this to give thanks but also to catch the eyes of anyone considering 7Sage. This is a great community at a (more) affordable price. The online component allows you to move at your own pace and the BR community here allows you to interact and receive instruction live. If you have any questions about 7Sage, I would love to answer them. Thank you 7Sage and all those that are here experiencing this crazy journey with me. The destination is great, but the journey was a pleasure in itself.

  • karenrandhawa

    personally, have not seen any improvement over the last two months while taking this course. scared about my performance on the test. asked for renumeration/ refund, have yet to receive tit

    • studentservice

      We’re sorry about your experience with 7Sage.

      We don’t recommend studying just for two months, but again, we are sorry that you were unhappy with the course.

      As we discussed in our email conversation with you, we couldn’t give you a refund because our refund policy is 14 days. You requested a refund after 53 days.

      We have a Score Guarantee policy: If you have taken the LSAT and are unsatisfied with your score, we can offer a free extension until the next LSAT administration.

      We wish you good luck in your LSAT journey and hope you get the score you’re aiming for!

  • janelleeng

    7 sage is amazing!! I took a toastmasters course and didn’t find it nearly as helpful as 7sage. Everything is explained very well. Wish I started with 7 sage from the start instead of wasting money on a course.

  • R.Y. Moon

    You guys are just AWESOME.

    After finishing the core curriculum for LR, my score went up from -7/-8 to -1/-2 per LR section.
    More importantly, I now feel more comfortable dealing with the stimulus and can pick AC with more confidence.

    My strength was the game section (-0~-1) so not sure about the game lessons here but I guess everybody knows 7sage offers the best game lessons and explanations.

    Regarding the RC section, I’m currently working through the core curriculum so no much to say yet. But it kinda feels like this is the weak part in the CC comparing to other sections (LR / Game). However, it’s still better than other online courses. (I took Manhattan online course as well but they are too brief and not many lessons are available).

    Hope JY and other sages can come up with more useful strategies and lessons for RC as well!

  • Lemons28

    The courses are helpful for me. Before deciding to take the 7Sage course I was very worried about how it would be. Not because I had heard anything negative, but because this is the first time I will be taking a course like this. I wanted to be sure that it was right for me, and it is! JY is a very great instructor and the whole layout of the course is perfect for someone like me. I like to work at my own pace and the lectures are also engaging. It isn’t your usual lecture with information you could have just googled. JY makes it appealing and easier to comprehend because he throws in references to the real world and pop culture. Overall, I am very satisfied with this course.

  • chohnhorst

    I have taken a PowerScore class in the past and I can honestly say that 7Sage is far more thorough, clear, and helpful. I can’t imagine where I would be in my studies without 7Sage. The materials and resources alone are incredible and extremely useful. Additionally, I want to commend 7Sage for their affordability. I paid $1,400 for that PowerScore class whereas I started 7Sage for only $179; truly a blessing because I would otherwise be self-studying (and I know that would not have gone as well by any means).

    Thank you JY for speaking in your videos as one would to themselves with side commentaries, etc., because I find them to be very beneficial to understanding each question. Thank you to everyone at 7Sage for all that you do with this program!

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