Live Classes and Webinars

Core Curriculum: Logical Reasoning ll Henry Ewing

logical reasoning live class

Join 7Sage tutors Henry and Alex as they progress through the beta version of the new core curriculum! Henry will be teaching on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Alex will be teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Note: If you'd like access to the beta version the new core curriculum, you can email student services at […]

Event Series 7Sage Study Session

7Sage Study Session || Chris Nguyen

Most study groups are a lot of socializing and not a lot of actual work. That might be good for your mental health, but not so much for your LSAT score. This study session on the other hand is about taking care of business. Join us to keep yourself accountable and improve your LSAT score! […]

Event Series LG Section Review || Julia Greve

Blind Review Call || Julia Greve

live class logic games

Blind Review is one of the foundations of the 7Sage curriculum. This drill helps us identify our problem areas while giving us the chance to take another swing at the most challenging LSAT questions. Join 7Sage tutor Julia in this weekly Blind Review! Each week, Julia will conduct a live Blind Review of an LSAT […]

Event Series LG Section Review || Julia Greve

LG Section Review || Julia Greve

live class logic games

Do you want to cover board set-ups but also discuss section timing strategy? If so, this is the class for you! Each week, we will review the board set ups for an LG section in tests 50 and below. Check out the notes each week to try the section in advance before joining the class! […]

LSAT Ask Me Anything || Bailey Luber

logical reasoning live class logic games reading comprehension

Have any burning questions about the LSAT? Or a PT question you’d like to review? Join us for weekly office hours and pick the brain of one of 7Sage's most experienced tutors for as long as you need!   Interested in private tutoring? Book a free consultation with Bailey here to find out more.

Event Series The Main Conclusion

(Cancelled)The Main Conclusion || Bailey Luber

logical reasoning live class

Note: This class has been Cancelled due to technical issues. We're very sorry about that! The most fundamental skill for Logical Reasoning is your ability to identify the main conclusion of an argument.  Join 7Sage Instructor Bailey in this class to become an expert at conclusion identification! Bailey's Notes:   Interested in private tutoring? Book […]

Question Type Crash Course || Raphael Piliero

logical reasoning live class

Are you struggling with Logical Reasoning? Wish you could learn from a pro? Join a 180-scorer weekly for a crash course on LR question types, covering one new question type each week. We’ll do a brief lecture and then run through practice questions, from the simplest to the 5-star curve breakers. Raphael's Notes:   […]

Event Series Building Boards || Raphael Piliero

Building Boards || Raphael Piliero

live class logic games

Do you get the Logic Games fundamentals but still struggle with some of the games later in the section? Join a 180-scorer to tackle how to build boards to tackle increasingly-challenging games. Raphael's Notes:   Interested in private tutoring? Book a free consultation with Raphael here to find out more.

Advanced Reading Bootcamp || Julia Greve

live class reading comprehension advanced

Reading Comprehension is rumored to be the most difficult LSAT section to master. But it doesn't have to be! Join 7Sage tutor and former high school match teacher Julia in discussing the drilling techniques most effective in findings your personalized strategy for RC. This class will use difficult rated passages to explore textual analysis. Julia's […]