Live Classes and Webinars

Reading Mastery || Aastha Sinha

live class reading comprehension

Mastering Reading Comprehension doesn’t have to be a struggle! In this class, we will go over intermediate-level RC strategies to ensure you're able to understand every passage that you tackle. Each week we will demonstrate how to read the passage, how to approach the questions, and how to prove your answers. Aastha's NotesWe will be […]

Logical Reasoning Hacks || Aastha Sinha

logical reasoning live class

Each week, we will be going over a select set of questions from the first half and second half of an LR section. By doing this, we'll go over how to approach both the easiest and toughest part of the section and discuss hacks to help you move through LR more smoothly! This class is […]

Game Theory || Henry Ewing

live class logic games

I hope you are Ready Player One because this class is all about games! Every week we go over how to set up the board and attack the questions of a specific game type. Whether you are new to Logic Games or a seasoned gamer who wants to brush up on fundamentals, this class is […]

Logic Games Time Squeeze || Julia Greve

live class logic games

Do you find yourself running up against the clock in Logic Games? If so, this class is for you! This weekly live session will focus on drilling methods to approach easy to moderate logic games in order to squeeze as much time out of them as possible. Whether you are new to Logic Games or […]

Reading Comp Bootcamp || Julia Greve

live class reading comprehension

Ready to take the next step in Reading Comprehension? This class utilizes uncommon drill methods to effectively target student problem areas. Prepare for an unorthodox and interactive approach to the LSAT! In this class, we will be completing the Speed Read Challenge! We will complete analysis of a passage from PT 32 in hyper-speed mode […]

CANCELLED || Foundations for Logical Reasoning

logical reasoning live class

Note: This session has been cancelled due to a family emergency on the part of the instructor. Please join us tomorrow when courses resume!

No Stupid Questions || Chris Nguyen

logical reasoning live class

Logical Reasoning has never felt easier! In this class, you will learn the ins and outs of each Logical Reasoning question types as you develop strategies for how to understand and tackle every question!

PT93 RC Review | J.Y. Ping

live class reading comprehension

Come dive into the newest LSAT practice test! This PrepTest analysis series is an opportunity never before offered by 7Sage. Founder J.Y. Ping will lead his own live class for a limited time only! Join J.Y in his analysis of every LR question of PT93. In this session, J.Y. will analyze the first Reading Comprehension […]

Introduction to Logic Games || Aastha Sinha

live class logic games

Struggling to get a handle on Logic Games? In this class, you will learn the basic skills you need to move through Logic Games quickly and accurately. We'll be going over key game types, which questions to tackle first, and the best way to set up your game board. The Join button will appear on […]

Logical Reasoning: Fast and Slow || Alex Jacobs

logical reasoning live class

Improving speed on easy LR questions is just as important as improving accuracy on hard ones. This class will equip you to do both. Each class will cover basic strategies for a given question type. We’ll then look at how we can implement these strategies as quickly as possible on easy questions and more deliberately […]

Beating Curvebreakers || Raphael Piliero

logical reasoning live class

Ever puzzled by a 5-star question, even after watching the video? This class is for you! You’ll run through the hardest LR questions live and get to ask for follow-up explanations from a 180-scorer. The Join button will appear on this page 15 minutes before the class begins. NOTE: You need to be logged in […]

Office Hours || Raphael Piliero

live class

Have any burning questions about the LSAT? Or a PT question you’d like to review? Join us for weekly office hours and pick the brain of a 180-scorer for as long as you need! The Join button will appear on this page 15 minutes before the class begins. NOTE: You need to be logged in […]