Neither Nor Question (Ref. PT22.G4.R4 & PT31.G2.R4)

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I'm confused why the arrow splits for PT 22 GAME 4 RULE 4 and the arrow doesn't split for PT 31 GAME 2 RULE 4 even though they both contain the words NEITHER NOR.

I thought the arrow can't be split for NEITHER NOR statements.


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    PT 31 the CD game? Rule 4 is not a "neither nor" rule.
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    Rule four simply states that in the absence of all J then we get the other pop.
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    I think you might have misread the rule 5 P is not on the same team as Q as part of the "Neither K nor P is on the same team as N" rule.

    Neither K nor P is on the same team as N is translated as: P and K independently --->N. P is not on the same team as Q is translated as: P---> Q so when combining them together, the arrow splits for Q and N, because it says if P, then neither Q nor N. As you already know, neither Q nor N is the same as saying not Q and not N. An "and" statement splits in the necessary condition.

    For the second one you mentioned: If neither jazz is on sale, then new pop is, is translated as: nJ and uJ (jointly) ---> nP. In this case, the arrow doesn't split because it's a "joint condition" (neither nJ nor uJ/Not nJ and not uJ) triggers the necessary, when an "and" statement in the sufficient, arrow doesn't split.

    This is just how I understood it personally so I would recommend going over the advanced logic lessons under CC again if you haven't already, J.Y. does a much better job explaining there

    Hope it helps

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