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Going Through Core Curriculum: Best Strategies/Practices

Mo ZubairMo Zubair Alum Member
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Hey 7Sagers,

Little background: After going through entire Powerscore (Bibles) curriculum, i recently started 7 Sage. Initially, i was confused regarding how fast i should go through the core curriculum (CC) on 7Sage. Mentors here unanimously advised me to go through entire CC and ensure that i absorb all the content taught in CC.

I want to ask the community what are the best practices / Strategies that they have applied when in CC phase of their LSAT prep? Could you please expand on how much note taking you did? And what did you do to reinforce the important concepts? Feel free to elaborate on any other important point in terms of going through CC.

Can a highs corer share his or her views on this?


  • burnyoubad69burnyoubad69 Free Trial Member
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    I focused on totally understanding conditional logic , focused very hard on the true difference between sufficient and necessary and applied them to deductive and analytical logic games. Learned from the superb logic games sectio of 7 sage, taught my self how to spot the thesis , antithesis and synthesis if the author gave his opinion but still struggled a bit with reading section often getting 3-4 questions wrong despite my best efforts, it can be learned you don't have to be a natural after repeated logical practice and doing 30plus logic canes I went from a mid 150s scorer to between a 168-176 scorer. Being a physician I did great on the sat and mcat but found this test to think in ways I never had and learned more by my errors ️Dennis Crnkovich MD 1L lol good luck

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