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Thanks to this community I've improved my RC and logic game scores tremendously, yet for some reason my AR score has gone down. That was the section that I was strongest in. I'm supposed to sit for the Feb test Saturday but I think I'm going to parlay that into writing for the June one instead. I was still planning to take June anyway, but was going to take Feb since I was already registered. My husband said he thinks taking the test Saturday is still a good idea, for practice reasons, but I don't want to chance it. I was devestated after receiving my Dec score and I read here that the day of score could be lower than PTs when you account for day of jitters etc. it's just that I'm older than most of you tenderonis and cannot afford another year of waiting. sigh I have to remind myself it'll be worth the wait.


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    @cskent329 tell hubby he's soooo wrong on this one! You've already taken December and was dissatisfied so if you feel you're not ready for February then don't take it. You're doing the right thing! Who knows what June is going to bring? If you don't do well on Saturday your last chance is June. Nobody needs that pressure.

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    I agree with @tanes256. The last thing you wanna do is use a take if you don't feel comfortable. Don't be upset! You made the right decision

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    The general consensus amongst members of the LSAT community online is that takes on this exam are precious, and for that reason, one should not take the exam without being as fully prepared as one can be.

    If there is any help you need moving forward, don't hesitate to reach out

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