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The dreaded cancel question

Riley JaneRiley Jane Legacy Member
edited February 2017 in February 2017 LSAT 8 karma

So I know this question has been asked a hundred times, but I could really use some guidance. So February was my first time taking the LSAT and it was my dream test. My test booklet number was my address, I have a bee tattoo, and I feel so confident that I excelled on everything before the break and the last LR. Then I got the real LG section. I didn't write down one of the rules for the second game(RIP Teapots) and was so frazzled I answered maybe three questions in the last two games. I've never not finished a section before, even from my first cold PT. I really want to go to a T14, and I was scoring in the range for that, but I know this will at the best possible scenario be in the low 160s. Should I cancel my score knowing that it isn't a representation of how I was doing, or save it and just pray that there aren't any hiccups with the June test. I'm living overseas to teach next year, and I really wanted to be done with the LSAT before I left, but I could take it again in June if I cancel it, and still feel comfortable taking it again later in Japan? I'm sorry if this isn't cohesive, I'm so frazzled still. What would you do, oh mighty sagers if you were in my boat?


  • Jamie216Jamie216 Alum Member
    42 karma

    If you cancel I think that still counts towards your total amount of LSAT takes (3 in two years). Also, I would research if the school you want accepts the highest LSAT score reported instead of averaging. I agree that silver/gold question was tough. I remember getting to it and thinking "oh f%!#" lol

  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma

    Hi, not a sage but still willing to help! Cancelling your score will still count toward your three takes so I suppose you owe it to yourself to at least see what you got since this is your first take. I can't think of any law school in the US that doesn't take the higher LSAT score, so I wouldn't worry about it unless of course you apply to Yale.

  • zkchrumzzkchrumz Member
    164 karma

    I was in a similar situation for my first take. Fire alarms at hotel + no sleep = BOMB THE LG. I knew it wasn't my best (or even close), but I was set on being done and applying. I kept the score. It was a 163. I wish every day that I cancelled it. Taking in June won't be so bad, provided you have the materials to last till then. Also, taking in Japan in Sept/Oct doesn't sound impossible. I would personally cancel, but that is just me. You will end up taking it again anyway. No reason to look stupid on your application (like me). There were 12-13 question in the last 2 games. You answered 3, that leaves 9-10 guesses. So in all likelihood, you will be going -8 or higher. That is a big deal. If you avg -3 on LG, then you are going to be 3-4 full points below where you should be.

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