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Pros and cons of taking the LSAT a second time??

elisajelleyelisajelley Alum Member

Hi everyone!

I just got my score from the February LSAT (my first take) and am disappointed. I got a 163. The average of my last 5 preptests was 166.4 and my highest score was a 171. My BR scores were always between 170 and 175. I feel like I can do better if I take it again and am looking at taking the October test, but I've read mixed opinions about taking it twice.

Is it true that top tier law schools will simply look at an average of your LSAT scores if you take more than once, rather than looking at your highest score? In everyone's opinion, what score would I need to get on my second take in order to justify the second take?

Please let me know your thoughts----i need advice!!!


  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma

    Pretty much every school besides Yale will only consider your top score. So with that, you don't need two scores to compare against each other. They are unrelated and only the highest will be put into consideration. Congratulations on the 163 though. I wouldn't overlook it.

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