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What does "or else" mean in sequencing games?

inactiveinactive Alum Member
edited April 2017 in Logic Games 12637 karma

Hey guys,

Had a 7Sager email me with a question that I thought you guys could help out with. Here it is:

I was wondering if you could tell me what the phrase "or else" means in logic sequencing games? For example, a rule given is "H is assembled on line 1 or else line 7"


  • NotMyNameNotMyName Alum Member Sage
    5320 karma

    It means that H is assembled and is either assembled on line 1 or 7.


  • extramediumextramedium Alum Member
    edited April 2017 419 karma

    @jkatz1488 @"Dillon A. Wright"

    Is "or else" the inclusive "or"? If I'm interpreting your statements correctly, H could technically also be on line 1 AND 7 at the same time.

    "Or else" would indicate to me that H can either be on 1 or 7, but not both, although it isn't explicitly stated.

    Not sure I would've read this as a conditional statement in a logic game. I probably would've just notated it as H subscript 1/7.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • sagarpatelsagarpatel Alum Member
    164 karma

    It's just an inclusive or. If not A, then B = If not B, then A. At minimum one must be present.

  • nessa.k13.0nessa.k13.0 Legacy Inactive ⭐
    edited April 2017 4141 karma

    Hi @extramedium ! If you have a game where the game pieces (like H) are to be placed once then this rule is an exclusive or (not both) rule. H will either be on line 1 or else H will be on line 7 (not both if the the letters are assembled once). @jkatz1488 's conditional statements are the "lawgic" representations of the rule. You can write it with that subscript but with some games, like conditional heavy games, conditional logic representation rules enable you to link up rules together for more inferences. In this case I think it's important to note that if H isn't on line 1 then it needs to be on line 7 (contrapositively if H isn't on line 7 it needs to be on line 1).

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