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rasaluja1rasaluja1 Alum Member
edited August 2014 in General 57 karma
I read an article about a study that claimed the genre of music you listen to affects your intelligence. Then I read another article about a more recent study that claimed that the genre of music you listen to does not affect your intelligence. Regardless of which one of these studies is true I was curios to know what you guys listen to in general or before a practice test. And do you think it affects your test-taking skills?

When I was practicing logic games I was listening to Fabolous' Gettho Fabolous album but am not sure if it helped. Logical Reasoning was damn near impossible to understand while listening to music.


  • pocket.mauspocket.maus Alum Member
    7 karma
    I have found myself distracted while sitting in the silence of my home, I normally turn this on in the background to break it up
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
    3438 karma
    Ok the first part of that description read like Q. 6 Sec. 1 PT 38 - flaw weakening...
  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    edited August 2014 770 karma
    LOL @ the ghetto fabulous album. that sounds wonderful!

    i don't like listening to music while studying because lyrics tend to distract me; i stop paying attention to what i read and instead try and listen/sing/dance along to the words. usually, though, i study in coffee shops to get used to distractions/be among like-minded individuals/get out of my house.

    outside of studying, i'm trying to trade listening to music for listening to podcasts, like The Economist or RadioLab, because i really could use the extra Reading Comprehension help lol

    the day of the test i'll probably have some fantastic playlist of pumped-up, confidence boosting music, like Eye of the Tiger, or my workout playlist.

    EDIT: I've also heard listening to classical music is the best for studying!
  • dkim13dkim13 Member
    17 karma
    Classical music or EDM Trance for studying only. Anything else is too distracting.
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