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I need your advice!

dubistdudubistdu Free Trial Member
edited August 2014 in September 2014 LSAT 26 karma

I have been studying for about 3 months now but my LR section score actually has gone down quite a bit (from 5-6 wrong to 8-11) and I have a difficult time finishing it on time.
Timing is my biggest issue with LR and RC section.
It seems like it does not help that English is my second language as I tend to go through two step process of translating a paragraph if it relies heavily on scientific words. But I am sure I am not the only non native speaker who's ever taken LSAT. I would like to believe there is a way for me to get a high score.
My initial preptest score was 148 then when I took another one a month ago, I got 158.
However, since my LR scores have gone down, I am not so confident about 158 anymore. My test date is September 27th. I thought about postponing it, but instead, I think will opt out for a score cancellation
I am 6 months pregnant and working full 40 hr/week.
Will it be absurd for me to sign up for Premium with my schedule?
And how helpful is it????
My target scores is 170s.
Should I just stick with what I am doing now (self study with Preptests materials) and come back later for a more serious course like Ultimate?


  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    Hi Dubistdu,I can't speak about the Premium package, but I do have the starter which is around 80 hours of study material and about 8 full prep tests. I tried rushing the starter package, and even with a part-time job, it seemed hectic as I was rushing through lessons to be able to get to the Prep test before the September LSAT. The premium has a lot more content, so it depends if you can some how fit it into your schedule and be able to fully concentrate on each lesson.I would say maybe work on your weak spots? If timing is an issue, maybe drill each section from earlier prep tests and try to finish it under 35 minutes and then blind review your work to see why you are making mistakes. I wish you the best of luck!
  • MonkeyBarMonkeyBar Alum Member
    17 karma
    I have the same thoughts too. for the premium package, whats additional are the set tests and qns.

    For myself, I would go for the starter. and if I want more qns and tests, i would purchase them separately instead of upgrading. purchasing tests separately, i can choose which test year to buy them from.

    hope this helps!!! all the best!
  • dubistdudubistdu Free Trial Member
    edited September 2014 26 karma
    Thank you both for your input!
    I have one more question.
    I was told to cancel score or do not take the test if i am more than 5 points away from my goal score. But i have read somewhere lsat score do not get averaged out anymore and I can turn in the best score when I apply for a law school. is this true?
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    I can't speak for the schools in the U.S, but in Canada, it really depends on which school you are applying to. Some schools average out your test scores, and others take your highest score.
  • MonkeyBarMonkeyBar Alum Member
    17 karma
    Dubistdu, from what i've been reading on blogs... they dont average out.
  • alwaysusanalwaysusan Alum Member
    113 karma
    I have had the same issues with the LR score. I believe it is part of the learning curve. I do have the premium version. I focused on identifying conclusion and premise/s. Then I have downloaded the list of question types ie. MSS, MBT, Flaw, etc. and focused on knowing what they are asking. The more practice and confidence I have had with that, I watched my scores go up. You have a lot going on, and I admire your desire. Life is long. Do your best. Take care of yourself.
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