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Need Advice: Should I take a 4 day trip if I'm taking LSAT in March?

NinoSaniNinoSani Alum Member
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know if you experienced this, I have been studying steadily for couple of months and i'm making progress ( I also studied in the past and have sort of background knowldge, current intense study schedule not new basically) I'm doing ok but definitly need more practice, I see improvement which is exciting but sometimes I see that if I study haphazardly it shows in my resutls, which I can control so I work on my concentration and then it gets better. A

Anyway I recently got invited to go on a 4 day trip, which falls on a weekend I usually take a day off in a week so I thought I would save my days off and take the trip, but I'm super worried 4 day break will kill my porgress, at least hamper.

Any advice on this? Have any of you experienced relatively long ish breaks (4 day) and been able to bounce back? I'm taking the test in March in Europe so it's on March 30th.

All input appriciated.

PS: I'm studying full time, I'm on a leave from work.

Thank you!


  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
    2116 karma

    I spent 4 days during winterbreak on a winter cabin get away. I told myself to study but by the time I got there the WIFI was shoddy I just put down the tablet and consumed copious amounts of alcohol and marijuana (it's legal here). This was 10 days before last Monday's LSAT. I don't think I missed a beat, in fact I think I did better than my PT average going into the exam.

    Thing is, i've been at this for a long time and I knew my stuff. So that extra practice was not really necessary. Only you can know whether those 4 days are needed. You'll never be 100% ready for the LSAT and i'd hate for you to give up a trip if the benefits won't be there. Sometimes you also need a break! Personally I would go on the trip. Maybe schedule some time in a cafe to do a logic game or RC. You can't study 24/7 and unless you are deadset on Fall2020 there will be more opportunities to come.

  • joshowens16joshowens16 Alum Member
    73 karma

    4 days wont hurt, it might even clear up your mind:)

  • carlos.raiz23carlos.raiz23 Alum Member
    195 karma

    taking a couple days off is the key to success on the marathon that is the lsat.

  • DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member
    550 karma

    @NinoSani yes

  • NinoSaniNinoSani Alum Member
    100 karma

    Thank you everyone! This definitly helps with my guilt a lot!

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