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Thoughts on taking the September AND December Exam?

amj521001amj521001 Legacy Member
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In an ideal word, the best decision one can make regarding the LSAT is for them to just take the test when they are ready. I get that. Unfortunately, I'm not living in an ideal world and am working full time and studying 12-15 hours a week. While this is sustainable for the next month (and maybe until December) I have NO DESIRE to do it again, starting from scratch. I'm currently registered for the September LSAT and will likely score in the 166-168 range. Is there any admissions downside to powering through and taking the December LSAT as well if my score is lower than expected or I feel like I'm on a roll and can add some points with fine tuning? My current line of thinking is that it would be the most efficient and effective use of my time to build on the months of studying I have already done if I don't like my September score and try again for December. I know the advantages of waiting to take the test again in February or June next year include more time to study, but as I mentioned before, my current study regimen and professional workload are incompatible. Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome!


  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
    edited August 2014 244 karma
    The only downfall for taking it again is that most schools average your score, from what I have been seeing and researching, it is just best to give it your best shot all at once, If you think you'll do better december, wait until december, take it then.
  • CFC152436CFC152436 Alum Member
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    "most schools average your score"

    ^^This just isn't true. Most schools openly say on their websites that they will consider only your highest score. Some (NYU, Berkeley, Columbia, Stanford, Harvard and Yale) say that they average them or that "the LSAT need only be taken once", although sifting through admissions data from the past few years suggests that only Yale and Stanford really care (i.e. a 165 and 175 will do better than a 170 at Columbia).

    Rankings are determined by GPA and LSAT - since schools only have to report a student's highest LSAT to the ABA, and since schools really only care about their rankings, their perfectly fine taking the highest score.

    Here is a useful thread on TLS that documents most of the schools' official stances:
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