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what order do you watch the videos and is Coursera helpful for LR?

JSL17824JSL17824 Alum Member
edited September 2014 in General 141 karma
Hello everyone!

I'm curious the order you watch the videos.

I prefer to watch all Reading comp, then all Logic Reasoning, and finally all logic game(also review LR)
I absorbed in the material better this way, or I might forget previous lessons(or cannot be skillful for some techniques, esp. LG)

Does anyone prefer to follow the "Study Schedule", watching RC, LR, LG, then finishing them all almost at the same time?

Besides, does anyone watch the Coursera "Think again: how to Reason and Argue"
Does it help LR?
Since I'm prepared for the Feb. 2015 LSAT, I have time to follow this course, but not sure if it is worth watching.

Thanks for sharing!


  • CalifornianCalifornian Alum Member
    21 karma
    I think it's better to follow the schedule since it will help you to build a foundation first. You definitely want to understand the core of arguments and the structure and method of approaching them first before you attack the PT in full force.
  • JSL17824JSL17824 Alum Member
    141 karma

    I reorganize the syllabus as following:

    1. Reading Comprehension
    a. Grammar
    b. Intro Reading Comp
    c. More Reading Comp
    d. Hard Reading Comp

    2. Logic Reasoning
    a. Introduction to Arguments
    b. Main Point & Main Conclusion Questions
    c. Most Strongly Supported Questions
    d. Assumptions & Weakening Questions
    e. Causation and Phenomenon-Hypothesis Questions
    f. Strengthening Questions
    g. Validity and Must Be True Questions
    h. Some and Most Relationships
    i. Invalid Argument Forms
    j. Sufficient Assumption & Pseudo Sufficient Assumption Questions
    k. More MBT and Must Be False Questions
    l. Harder SA & PSA & Strengthen Questions
    m. Argument Part Questions
    n. Method of Reasoning Questions
    o. Principle Questions
    p. Parallel Method of Reasoning Questions
    q. Advanced Logic
    r. Harder Must Be True Questions
    s. Flaw-Descriptive Weakening Questions
    t. Parallel Flaw Questions
    u. Necessary Assumption Questions
    v. Resolve-Reconcile-Explain Questions
    w. Point at Issue: Agree & Disagree Questions

    3. Logic game
    a. Introduction to Logic Games & Sequencing Games 7.5h
    b. Sequencing Games with a Twist 5.1h
    c. Introduction to Grouping Games: The In-Out Games 7.7h
    d. Grouping Games 4.4h
    e. Grouping Games with a Chart 1.3h
    f. Grouping and Sequencing Games 2.1h
    g. Logic Games Bundle 48h

    4. Blind Review
    5. Other Technique
    6. Prep Test 36-71

    I plan to start full PT after I finish all the course.
    It takes me a little time to reorganize this, I guess it may be helpful for some of you!
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