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How badly does taking the September LSAT and canceling look?

lsatjesslsatjess Member
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Hi all,

I was going to take the September LSAT but know I can perform a lot better on December's so I just registered for that. Now that it's too late to get any sort of refund on September's LSAT, should I still sit for it and take it as practice? I realize I can still withdraw without it being reflected on my Law School report, but I'm also super worried because December's my last shot if I want to go to law school fall 2018, so I'm thinking maybe just experiencing the actual LSAT, even though I'm probably going to cancel, might prepare me a little bit more for December (test taking anxieties, etc).

In short, does one cancellation affect the competitiveness of my application? If so, how?

Thank you so much in advance!


  • Tom_TangoTom_Tango Alum Member
    edited September 2017 902 karma

    Feb LSAT is late but some schools do take it.

    I'm in the same boat as you. I honestly think it would be a waste of my time to show up and cancel. Just going to withdraw. I know people will say that the real day experience will help but you can simulate that yourself. Go to a coffee shop or something and get the distractions around you. Make your test 5 sections.

    Go with the option that gives you the best result IMO. Would you rather have two results (one of which you know is not your desired score) or one?

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27731 karma

    The answer to this question isn't as clear as it used to be. Now that you've got unlimited takes, it will not hurt you as badly as it did when you burned 1/3 takes. A year ago, this would be a pretty devastating mistake. Now, I think there may be a little more room for debate. I think the old advice of waiting until you're ready ultimately still wins out, but it is not as absolute as it was. If you do take and cancel, I don't think it will be too serious of a detriment.

  • nevadacity37nevadacity37 Free Trial Member
    163 karma

    I've spoken to several t14 law schools about cancellations - as I have cancelled one - and none of them cared. They were like "whatever" about it. Although, the ideal is to take the test once and have one great score.

  • calcal101calcal101 Alum Member
    582 karma

    From what I've heard, a cancellation is no big deal. Stuff happens, and admissions committees will likely understand…people get sick, people have family emergencies--these are all legitimate excuses to cancel one's LSAT score. Yours is legitimate, too!--but my point is that law schools can't see WHY you cancelled. Don't assume that they'll think it's because you did poorly. That's flawed reasoning :)

    I'm about 70% sure I'll end up taking December, but I'm planning to take September anyway. Worst case scenario: I really screw up and end up canceling my score. Best case scenario: I do well and never worry about the LSAT again.

    Also, I've recently spoken to a couple current lawyers about their LSAT experiences. All went to T14 schools…and they all took the LSAT twice. One cancelled the first due to a bubbling error.

  • lsatjesslsatjess Member
    23 karma

    Thanks all! Very helpful. Called some T12 schools myself and they said one cancellation is fine. Good luck everyone!

  • TheMikeyTheMikey Alum Member
    4196 karma

    just to experience it is not at all a good reason to take it. there's no point in taking it knowing you are going to cancel it anyways. I've lost out on 2 takes already that were paid for but sucked it up, cancelled before the test, and moved on. it would be a waste of time honestly, I vote against you doing it regardless of this unlimited takes rule.

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