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Great podcast on what to do on the couple days before taking the LSAT

vanessa fishervanessa fisher Alum Member
edited September 2017 in General 1084 karma

I came across this really great podcast on "Thinking LSAT" with two LSAT teachers riffing about what to do in the days following up to taking the LSAT, and some last minute tips to remember as you go into the test. I found it really informative and fun (they tell some really funny stories of some of the weirdest things that have happened during an LSAT so you can prepare for anything :))

I also found it calming and reassuring to listen to, so thought I'd share it. It was recorded for the last June LSAT, but the advice applies across the board

Best of luck to you all


  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Member
    edited September 2017 1644 karma

    Have listened to this for long time. Even I postponed my test to December, I feel I need start to listen to their early episodes. Fox strongly recommended we should NOT pay the law school tuition.:)

  • JDtobeeeeJDtobeeee Alum Member
    175 karma

    This is awesome, thank you! Feeling more positive as we head into Saturday :)

  • FirstOneFirstOne Core Member
    172 karma

    @"vanessa fisher" good luck and Best Wishes with your administration!

  • vanessa fishervanessa fisher Alum Member
    edited September 2017 1084 karma

    Cool, was curious what you mean by they recommended not to pay tuition? Do you mean they advised getting scholarships? I'm still torn between attending a higher ranked school for more money or a less ranked school for less cost. I'm looking mostly at Canadian schools. I'll have to see first where I get in of course :), but it is a hard decision.

    @JDtobeeee and @FirstOne
    Best of luck to you both as well!

  • AllezAllez21AllezAllez21 Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    1917 karma

    Definitely a good podcast. Gets you in a positive mindset.


  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
    1063 karma

    This was amazing! Thank you! @dml277 be sure to check this out!

  • mcb4LSUROXSmcb4LSUROXS Alum Member
    146 karma

    Thanks Vanessa. I have (well.. mostly) run out of Freakonomics and 99PI stuff for my workouts. I was thinking there had to be something out there. Perfect. Wish I had looked earlier, so your post was great to see.

  • vanessa fishervanessa fisher Alum Member
    1084 karma

    great! Glad you guys enjoyed it. I did as well

  • ChaudhrySChaudhryS Free Trial Member
    61 karma

    Thanks Vanessa! Hay is in the B A R N folks! Good luck to everyone writing :)

  • dml277dml277 Alum Member
    775 karma

    This is awesome! Thanks!

    @RafaelBernard Thanks :)

  • kelly_9876kelly_9876 Core Member
    144 karma

    Visited this post and had me thinking, can anyone recommend the best podcast episode for RC advice??

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