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How much sheet/space do we get on the Logic Games section on the real LSAT ?


  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
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    For the few remaining paper tests, each LG is spread across two pages. There is plenty of room for drawing your game board and doing work.

  • redshiftredshift Alum Member
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    You get the stimulus and the first question on the first of two pages. The rest of the questions are on the second page, with room below for work.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
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    It looks exactly the way that 7sage lays it out in their printable versions. The stimulus and one question on the left page, the rest of the questions on the second page. Roughly the bottom half of the sheet of paper is blank on both left and right sides for 1 game. That 2007 test is from before LSAC re-formatted them. 7sage, being the benevolent souls that they are, re-formatted all the tests to match the current conditions. So, any of the 7sage printable versions are accurate with the amount of space you will have.

    And yes, this all goes out the window in July when the digital tests are implemented. lol.

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
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    Yup! @"Leah M B" is right. LSAC changed the layout after June 2012 LSAT.

    See this thread from 5 years ago:

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
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    When I read this, I got stressed thinking about how there are only a limited number of paper tests left for the LSAT and that it's moving to digital after that.... then I remembered that I am done with the LSAT.

    I guess the LSAT neuroticism never leaves us - like dreams about having to return to high school to finish a chemistry class.

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