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September LSAT Florida

I know LSAC is giving cancelled Florida LSAT takers the chance to switch to December for free, but are they rescheduling the September one? It is not clear on the website. If they are, is anyone just going to wait until they know the reschedule date to decide whether to switch to December? This is so frustrating studying without knowing when the test is :/


  • LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage
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    They have already started giving out make up tests. I've seen a few people commenting around the internet in Florida that have either already taken it or are taking it some time this week...

    What I am NOT sure of is how they were told about their make up exams

  • ryansosciaryansoscia Alum Member
    edited September 2017 25 karma

    So my post was poorly timed. About 10 minutes later I got this message:

    Dear LSAT Registrant:

    If you were unable to take the LSAT on Saturday, September 16, 2017, due to a personal situation caused by Hurricane Irma, you have some options for making up the test. First, a make-up test is scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2017, 8:30 AM at the following locations:

    Barry University
    Wiegand Building Room 116 E
    11300 NE Second Ave
    Miami Shores FL 33161
    Florida International University
    Modesto Maidique Campus
    Charles Perry Building (PC) Room 428
    11200 SW 8th Street
    Miami FL 33199

    Jacksonville University
    Gooding Building Breezeway
    2800 University Blvd. N
    Jacksonville FL 32211

    Miami Dade College–Homestead Campus
    Building A–Main Lobby
    500 College Terr
    Homestead FL 33030

    Stetson University
    Flagler Hall (room posted on test day)
    434 N Woodland Blvd.
    Deland FL 32720

    This make-up test is intended for those who were registered for the September 16 LSAT at the centers listed above. There is limited capacity at these centers; however, if space and materials are available after the original registrants have been admitted, you may be admitted as a stand-by for this make-up exam. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be admitted, you can try to go to one of these locations. "

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