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Thank you

acsimonacsimon Alum Member
in General 1269 karma

I just want to say "thank you" and give well wishes to everyone involved in this site and community for providing a sense of direction, instruction, and motivation in this long arduous journey of LSAT study. I won't go into my own difficult journey and relationship to the test now, since it would distract from how grateful I am. Going into this cycle, I set what I thought was a reasonable goal of not getting less than a 167 and everything else was a "cherry on top." I never dreamed that there would be very many cherries on top, but none of this would have been possible without the videos, study groups, or the very many comments and helpful discussions that I had throughout the process. This is not hyperbole: writing my PhD thesis, teaching a course, and trying to handle the obligations of life would not have allowed me--who has a track record of being very (very, very, very) terrible at "tasking", let alone multitasking (hats off to the parents out there)--to progress at faster than a snail's pace on my competence and confidence with the test.--That is, not without 7sage and you all. I'm so glad to have had your help and guidence; I really appreciate it.

Moving forward, I plan on continuing my involvement in this community--especially, as I haven't even begun to really work on applications--and am more than happy to assist others in any way I can. All anyone has to do is reach out; I'll also be patrolling the boards to offer my two cents (where I think it might be worth 2 cents). But a thousand thanks to all of you; 7sage and the 7sage community has already been well worth it.--A.c.S


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