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How to tackle "Analogy of Flawed Reasoning" questions?

Paul CaintPaul Caint Alum Member
in General 3521 karma

I've only seen a handful of these, but they popped up on September 2017 and PrepTest 75.

Their question stems are "Which one of the following is most appropriate as an analogy demonstrating that the reasoning in the argument above is flawed?"

And the answer choices look like:

"By that line of reasoning, we could conclude that it is better to eat red meat than to eat fish, since red meat is cheaper and more accessible to everyone else."

I haven't seen question types like this covered in the core curriculum, and I have no idea how to approach them.

Any suggestions?


  • nathanieljschwartznathanieljschwartz Alum Member
    1723 karma

    Hey @"Paul Caint" its a pretty uncommon question, i go about it by spending more time then regularly in the stimulus, making sure i have a really solid grip on what the flaw in the argument and build a malleable prephrase. Its essentially asking you to locate the flaw and apply it to the ACs

  • nathanieljschwartznathanieljschwartz Alum Member
    1723 karma

    Pay no attention to the "by that line of reasoning" part of the AC

  • g00g00shg00g00sh Alum Member
    119 karma

    Don't overthink it--it's the exact same thing as a Parallel Flawed Method of Reasoning! They're just adding the extra fluff to make it look alien and confuse you.

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