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Looking for a study buddy for the LSAT in November 2021

Natalia A.Natalia A. Yearly Member
in Study Groups 38 karma

Currently scoring in 150-155
EST after 5 pm


  • oagui023oagui023 Alum Member
    159 karma

    Taking November as well. Scored 152 last September.
    Interested. Work full time so after 5 PM works for me as well (EST)

  • angelaylee97angelaylee97 Monthly Member
    edited July 2021 219 karma

    I'm interested! I'm taking the November LSAT, and I'm scoring around 150-156. I work from 9-5, so around 6pm EST works best for me.

  • bkrancebkrance Monthly Member
    10 karma

    I am interested!! I am on EST and have wide availability until school starts again in late August. I am aiming for a 160-164. I'd love to have a study buddy to help keep me accountable :)

  • castronecastrone Alum Member
    edited August 2021 210 karma

    pm me

  • BreyannaBreyanna Monthly Member
    23 karma

    I would love to be apart of this study group, I am working full time as well so after 5pm I can join!

  • Better_Late_Than_NeverBetter_Late_Than_Never Monthly Member
    83 karma

    me too!

  • angelaylee97angelaylee97 Monthly Member
    219 karma

    @oagui023 @Better_Late_Than_Never @bkrance @Breyanna @"Natalia A."

    I can start a groupme if you guys wanna shoot me your phone numbers

  • cambam97cambam97 Alum Member
    22 karma

    Hi- I am open to studying! I already have a group geared toward the November test date if you are interested.

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1398 karma

    Also scoring in this range and would be down!

  • AbbyD_07AbbyD_07 Monthly Member
    8 karma

    Hi, I am also interested! I work full-time and 6 pm would work well :)

  • Natalia A.Natalia A. Yearly Member
    38 karma

    Good morning,

    I've created a link for tomorrow at 6:30 pm.

    I wanted to focus mostly on LG and LR.
    Let's do PT 14 Section 1, 2 & 4 individually today and discuss & review tomorrow.
    If anyone has any other study methods, tips & suggestions please share.

    If you are unable to do the practice test today, please still join us tomorrow.
    Thanks :smile:

  • dwlee2133dwlee2133 Yearly Member
    19 karma

    Hi! Also interested as well

  • BatiGoodBatiGood Monthly Member
    31 karma

    Interested in tagging along. Sill available to join?

  • Natalia A.Natalia A. Yearly Member
    38 karma


  • Ameneh MAmeneh M Monthly Member
    11 karma

    I'm also planning on taking it in November and i would love to join. How can i get added to the group?

  • Natalia A.Natalia A. Yearly Member
    38 karma

    just join the link above, thanks!

  • Natalia A.Natalia A. Yearly Member
    38 karma

    Is anyone joining today?

  • KaranS98KaranS98 Monthly Member
    4 karma

    What time zone was the meeting in?

  • Natalia A.Natalia A. Yearly Member
    38 karma


  • vichinskyvichinsky Monthly Member
    432 karma

    Dang I Missed it. Would you be hosting another.

  • lemon_seltzerlemon_seltzer Monthly Member
    49 karma

    Are you guys meeting everyday for 6:30pm EST? (So I know when to click the link)

  • oliver_oceanoliver_ocean Alum Member
    36 karma

    Y’ll still accepting members, currently in the 155-160 range and shooting for 175+. Would love to join

  • sandy.almarradwehsandy.almarradweh Alum Member
    12 karma

    Are you going to be hosting another event? I did my LSAT last august and scored a 152 and I am reaching for 165 this year. I am going to do the exam in November 2021

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