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To everyone applying to law school this cycle (or any future cycle)

LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage


Sorry to yell but I just learned a valuable lesson. I thought I was ready to submit my application to a few schools. Something didn't feel right though. I kept looking over the applications over and over again and then I found it. I thought I was going to go to law school last year. I submitted my transcript from my college before I finished my last semester. I then went back to focusing on the LSAT, thinking the transcript part of my application was complete.

When I checked it today I noticed my units seemed low. I compared my transcript from the LSAC to my current one and realized I never updated it. I am missing 19 units of straight A's from my LSAC transcript. As a splitter this is SUPER important to me.

1.) it'll make a super small boost to my cumulative gpa
2.) I can claim straight A's for 63 units instead of 44

Lesson? Make sure you check, double check, triple check, everything before you submit it. Have your Bf/Gf/Mom/Dad/Dog/Aunt/Uncle look things over with a fresh set of eyes. These applications are the only impression law schools get of you when making a decision. Don't let a stupid mistake like mine ruin your chances!

That is all...

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