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Applying to Law School for this Cycle or apply for next Cycle

luthien_caradhlas-1luthien_caradhlas-1 Alum Member
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I was going to take the Feb 2017 test but after a frustrating attempt where I scored 158 earlier this week, I do not think I would be ready in time for the February test (since I want to be scoring within the mid 160s). This would have been my fourth time testing and I have been studying on and off for the LSAT since October 2013 while doing grad school and working. My undergraduate GPA is 3.72 and I just received my MA in Gender Studies in May 2016. Given that the best score I have on file is a 158 and that this is probably the best I can do, should I apply for this cycle or study for another 5 months for the June test? Also, if I do opt to take the June test instead of the February test, do people recommend working part time while studying, or studying full time?


  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Bumping this thread so more people can see.
  • SimbatronSimbatron Member
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    I'm in a kind of similar really just depends on what you want to do and what your options are. Things to think about:

    1. Is time important for you? Would putting a year off affect things timing?
    2. Is scholarship money important to you? If you think you can do much better in June, then applying with a better score at the beginning of a cycle is probably better in this regard.

    Good luck!
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