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Resume, Job experience question

lmekahellmekahel Alum Member

I am getting ready to apply to law schools. I'm working right now on my resume and I have two jobs right now I'm a Receptionist/Administrative Assistant as well as a dog walker. I'm not sure if it looks good or adds to my resume If I add that am a dog walker. I was wondering if I should include it or not?


  • Accounts PlayableAccounts Playable Alum Sage
    3107 karma

    Are you employed by a dog walking firm and are you paid to do it (declare it on your 1040, etc)? If so, I'd list it on your work experience section. If not, and depending on the number of hours per week/if you are an entrepreneur, maybe include it in the volunteer section.

  • lmekahellmekahel Alum Member
    161 karma

    Hi, Yes I work for a dog walking firm. Sounds good. Thank You!

  • LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage
    13286 karma

    What a job! Keep healthy while getting to be with dogs all day. Might have to reconsider this lawyer thing :P

  • TexAgAaronTexAgAaron Alum Member
    1723 karma

    @lmekahel I'm in the same boat. You should be okay. I'm out of UG and the big thing is that they want to see you are doing something with your time (same thing if you are still in school). Just make sure you include hours per week worked. Don't worry about having some fancy job.

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