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Is your account expiring near/before the December LSAT?

inactiveinactive Alum Member
edited November 2017 in General 12637 karma

Hey guys! If you're taking the LSAT and your account is inconveniently set to expire a few days before the test date, just email me ( and I'll extend your account for free through the December test. (Make sure you include your 7Sage email!)

I can guarantee you that my inbox will fill up with these, so give me time to reply to them all. If your account expires by the time I get to your email, don't worry, I'll reactivate it for you. :)

For those of you who are expiring after, good luck on the LSAT! We here at 7Sage are rooting for you.


  • kshutes13kshutes13 Member
    634 karma

    My account isn't even expiring but just had to say that 7Sage is the bees knees!!! That is so nice!!

  • TabbyG123TabbyG123 Member
    711 karma

    Y'all rock. :)

  • G.K. D21G.K. D21 Alum Member
    11 karma

    You guys are freaking awesome. Shows that you actually care about the success of your students and making education more accessible.

  • proflucasproflucas Free Trial Member
    9 karma

    You guys are truly amazing.

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