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Super low score 2 days before LSAT??

jramo118jramo118 Free Trial Member
edited September 2014 in September 2014 LSAT 26 karma
Hi all, I took the June LSAT & got 155. I knew I hadn't prepared enough so I signed up fro September and have been studying A LOT. My scores have been consistently 160, 161 and the day before yesterday I scored 164. I took a prep test this morning and scored 153! I'm wondering if I should take another one today or tomorrow, or just let my brain rest. My friends are telling me I am burnt out and need to relax, but going into the real LSAT with my last practice test being a 153 is super scary. What do you guys think? Have any of you had this happen and then bounce back on LSAT day?
Thanks all advice is appreciated :)


  • marleybabymarleybaby Alum Member
    194 karma
    Take it December!
  • madeleinemadeleine Alum Member
    259 karma
    I said this in another post, that the last PT I took was like, the lowest one ever. I went on and scored higher than my average the day of the test. If you can identify something that went wrong (not eating enough, other distractions), that caused you to score like this, I would shake it off.
  • jramo118jramo118 Free Trial Member
    26 karma
    Thanks for the feedback guys! madeleine, I think im gonna side with you here. I will take another one tonight or tomorrow just to get the "153" out of my head. Ill probably just shake it off and take the LSAT this Saturday.
  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    I would advise against writing another PT today. Like I said in another post, that I to have had similar issues with a drop and score as the LSAT date has approached. I debated on writing a test today or tomorrow, but thing is, if you score low again or EVEN lower for whatever reason (could happen since the pressure your putting on yourself not to see that 153) then you may be even MORE discouraged come test day.

    Why are you so adamant on writing a PT? It's 2 days before the test, NO PT's are going to save you now. Today I have been doing just random things to stay in the groove, timed individual games, untimed RC, some LR questions. Tomorrow, I am going to write a test because I haven't in awhile (a week) due to being accepted to my MBA program. However, it will be a PT I have done before and I will NOT be scoring it. I am ONLY writing it to get one last feel for sitting for the test at the right time and the timed conditions since it has been awhile. I am going to write it around 830-9am, not score it or check or anything, just write it and toss it in the garbage. If you are looking for the same experience that I am going for by writing it then by all means write another test, but if you are looking to score, review, and improve, you could end up doing more harm than good. Just saying, it's ultimately up to you, but be careful. I know when I scored lower than my average on my last test, it took a couple days to shake it off, and at this point you don't have a couple days to shake it off.
  • jramo118jramo118 Free Trial Member
    26 karma
    Hi chrijani7, thanks for the feedback. I feel so adamant about doing another one because I am afraid of the pressure to not see a 153 on test day will mess me up on the test day. Like, if I take another PT today or tomorrow its not really to try and improve, its mostly to get the 153 out of my head. If I dont re test, I am just afraid that I will go into the test day with a bad mindset and feel the pressure even more since my latest score will be such a low one. Then again, the pressure is probably getting to me at this point and it had to have been at least somewhat of a reason for that low score.
  • $chedda$$chedda$ Alum Member
    edited September 2014 72 karma
    I took 4 PTs last week and the last two were my worst scores in 1.5 months. I took a full day off and then did some light practice the day after that, and I scored my highest on a PT the next day! Contrary to what I previously believed, burn out is real and taking time off can be beneficial to your score.
  • elvisliveselvislives Alum Member
    97 karma
    Burnout is real. I strongly suggest NOT doing another PT. Instead, do a section - any section. Mark it, review it. I'm sure you will do just fine. Let your brain rest after that. There is nothing you can do between now and Saturday that is going to make a huge difference - you know what you know. Good luck!
  • madeleinemadeleine Alum Member
    259 karma
    I agree. Don't take another one. Rest. Do easy LG drills if anything. one low score means absolutely nothing, honestly. Wanna redeem yourself? Do it Saturday.
  • jramo118jramo118 Free Trial Member
    26 karma
    Yes thats what im hoping for $chedda$! This score really threw me off :( im gonna take the advice you guys ave given me and just do a few sections and relax. At this point my brain probably can't take another full PT. Thanks everyone :)
  • gvosegueragvoseguera Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    *** Please let me know if I should post this as another discussion. I've never participated before so I hope I'm not doing it wrongly.***

    Oh my God, I'm so glad I came across this thread. Though of course in my head I'm like, well, this isn't exactly your situation... But it's pretty close. So I took the LSAT Oct and December of last year (153, 156 respectively) and decided I could do better. Took a LONG time off but have been much better about studying this go round. Now, my first practice test I got a 156 and I thought well, fine, I haven't done anything LSAT wise in forever. Then my scores went up to around 160/161. I was psyched bc that's what I've been aiming for/been my goal score since forever. Then ALL my tests after that have been plummeting. Went to 159, then the rest have been back at 156!! I just took a test today, felt good about it and got 156 again! I'm trying not to freak out since it's 2 days before the test ... but jeez!! I don't know how to feel. What do you guys think?? Am I making a total fool of myself by taking this test again on Saturday?? I knew I could do better this time 'round. I felt more confident but now my confidence is really shaken. I don't know. Advice please!! I have taken a practice test every day this week, except yesterday bc I thought I might be burning myself out. Did a few sections/various problems. Felt much better today. Then BAM! 156. Again. -_- Trying not to feel really discouraged. Could use some help. Thanks, folks...
  • Allison MAllison M Alum Member Inactive Sage
    810 karma
    The common wisdom 'round these parts is that you'll score with +/- 3 points of the average of your most recent three tests. If you'll be happy scoring in that range, go ahead and write it -- just don't expect any miracles!
  • tsamvelyantsamvelyan Alum Member
    431 karma
    I agree with Allison most people score +/- 3 points from their average. The good thing about LSAT is that you can predict your score unless something outrageous happened during the test.
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