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Torn on what to do

liza.bennettliza.bennett Alum Member

Hey fellow 7Sagers,
If your like me (and it seems like a lot are) and got less than your average score, please dont feel like your alone. I scored almost 4 points lower than my usual average, and missed my goal score by 3 points. I am not sure what to do. I did get 5 points higher than my last LSAT (2016 v. 2017) but I am not sure if I should take it a 3rd time or let it be. I am below the 25% at my target school, and my GPA is in the middle of the 25% and median. So I am not sure if I should retest or not. The LAST thing I want is for a school to average my scores-that would be a nightmare. I have a strong personal statement and I fill so many diversity boxes that I know I am a strong applicant. I just dont know if I should retest or not. Can I submit applications without a full commitment to retesting? If I get accepted, there is no way in hell I want to retest. Advice?
Merry Christmas either way.

To retest or not retest that is the question
  1. Should I retest in Feb to try to increase my score by 3-4 points? Or see what happens?15 votes
    1. be like Elsa and let it go, accept it and send out applications
    2. Retest for a 3rd time and chance averaging my score (which will be bad)


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Alum Member Sage 🍌
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    They won't average your score (except maybe Yale, of course). They are incentivized to disregard everything but your high score since that's all that counts towards their ranking. They care much more about how you influence their ranking than is probably healthy. Diversity factors can help, but without at least one number at or above the median, it's going to be a huge reach.

    So figure out what went wrong. You've got just over a month to correct it before the Feb test.

  • SamiSami Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    I agree wth @"Cant Get Right". You can do this, you have shown yourself so many times you can on PT. But some people are worse than others at taking the real test so we have to figure out what went wrong and how to better score in that range.

    A month a half is a good amount of time to do that. See if you can and retake the test. I believe in you! -something my boyfriends 3 year of nephew says to me and it melts my heart and makes me believe it too :) .

  • Daniel.SieradzkiDaniel.Sieradzki Legacy Member Sage
    edited December 2017 2301 karma

    First off, great job on the 5 point increase! You are now extremely close to your goal score.

    I agree with @"Cant Get Right" and @Sami. Law schools (except maybe Yale) take only your highest score. Because of that and the new LSAC policy of allowing unlimited retakes, deciding to retake is almost always the right decision. There is the test cost and the additional work, but that is well worth it if it gets you into your target school.

    You are clearly a strong person and a great applicant. I know you have what it takes to give it your all over the next six weeks and reach your goal score. You are so close and you deserve it. Now, go get it!

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
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    Wow this thread has 7Sage's best people! lol

    @liza.bennett, I'm retaking in February too. You have nothing to lose. Schools (except probably for Yale) will NOT average your scores. You should send in apps before February, but most schools will hold your application for Feb LSAT.

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