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HELP: I can do LR questions but on PT's i bomb them!

aabdulazimaabdulazim Alum Member
in General 6 karma

I know my LR question types and strategy for them pretty well, but when i do PT LR sections i screw so many up! I often don't get to finish the last few questions either. Now the interesting part is that upon blind review im able to get the vast majority of these questions right, without taking forever. It's as if my brain doesnt fully abrosb what its reading when im doing tests!

If you have experienced something like this, please enlighten me on how you overcame it!


  • TheAnxious0LTheAnxious0L Alum Member
    587 karma

    I had this problem too, and I realized its because I was really terrible at doing LR’s when they were not divided based on section.Basically, I forgot my strategy when I had to switch gears for every question. Try drilling older LR sections and see how you do.

  • Achen165Achen165 Alum Member
    656 karma

    I would advise you to really evaluate yourself as you are doing timed much time you designate to each question/question type and what sort of traps you fall for with questions the first go round. What are you thinking? What are your energy levels like? Study environment like? Nervous? Completed a warm up before diving into the PT for the day? Regardless of whether you are making technical errors or stylistic ones, you should gain insight into them before your next PT.

    I am also having this issue...and evaluating myself, for me, nerves have a lot to do with it as well as inability to focus. When studying previously, I made the habit of taking breaks after every few questions (which makes sense, given 7Sage's curriculum problem sets are by question type and fewer in each individual set). My mind tends to wander after every few questions which is a bad habit I need to break, which also ties into my next personal issue...pacing...timing makes me nervous and i tend to rush through easier questions especially those first few in the LR section, fall for trap answers, because i didn't evaluate them properly upon initial glance. Another thing to consider is that in BR you are reading the question and answers for a second round...pacing may need to be adjusted that you are reading LR questions slowly enough to absorb information and pinpoint the correct answer with accuracy, as opposed to racing the clock and overlooking details that would lead you to select an incorrect answer choice.

    My plan is to just do more timed sections to develop an intuitive pace where I am able to jump between questions with ease, and selecting the right answer upon first glance.

    Best of luck to you.

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