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Looking for an accountability partner

btsao650btsao650 Alum Member
in Study Groups 254 karma

Hi 7Sagers,

I'm looking for an accountability partner, 2 max, in a similar scoring range as me.
I got a 161 on the December LSAT, but have been PTing in the high 160s and low 170s. I will be retaking in Feb.

My main goal is to drill every day and PTing around twice a week in order to improve timing and confidence. I'm interested in finding someone who is also making an effort to drill everyday. We don't have to drill the same stuff or even work on the same PTs, I'm just looking for someone to touch base with everyday to hold me accountable for daily drilling. Also, it's nice to have someone to gripe about the admissions process with.

Comment your scoring/LSAT situation if you're interested in getting in touch!


  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Member
    edited January 2018 5244 karma

    I'm just in the CC phase right now, but I'm definitely with you on the daily work goal and I'd be glad to, in a positive way, do an accountability process together or with someone else who is in the CC phase.

  • EvetteCeeEvetteCee Alum Member
    224 karma

    Hi, I took the December LSAT and got a 162, when I was PTing in the 165-169 range. I'm also retaking in February in hopes of scoring in 165+.

  • LastLSATLastLSAT Alum Member
    edited January 2018 1028 karma

    I would be interested.

    I got a 165 on the Dec. LSAT after averaging 173 over ~40PTs and 4 months of study. I'm planning to put in apps in the later half of this month so the Feb. score can come in soon enough to affect decisions.

    I have basically the same approach as you do for the Feb. retake. I'll be taking PTs every Wednesday and Saturday and drilling my weaknesses every day other than Friday. PM me if you're interested.

  • cbyrns21cbyrns21 Free Trial Member
    160 karma

    I don't know about how feel about this, but my score was pretty low and I'm taking the LSAT for the third and last time in Feb. I know I can score higher I just need the right guidance. I'm hiring a private tutor but, was hoping to join a study group. If it's too low for you, I understand. :)

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