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Is low score better than canceled score?

denisha.moktandenisha.moktan Alum Member
edited October 2014 in General 4 karma
I took the LSAT on September 27th. I do not feel like I did well. My guess score would be somewhere between 140-145. I plan on studying and practicing more PT's, spending more time with blind reviews and taking the test again on December.Is it better for me to keep the score (even though I know i did not do well) or cancel the test score and just focus on doing better in December. I have been told before that Law schools usually look at the higher score when making decision on an application. Is that true?
With only one day left to decide if I want to keep my score, I feel torn inside!
Any advice and comments will be much appreciated!
Thank you


  • sunflowersunflower Alum Member
    46 karma
    If I were you if I think I'm off from my target score by 10 points or more I would cancel it. I think it's better to have a score cluster that's in close range from one another than a cluster of scores that are ranging widely.
  • cole.w.murdochcole.w.murdoch Alum Member
    228 karma
    How were your PTs prior to writing last Saturday? If they were high then you may be over thinking how poorly you did. I was PTing in the high 160's and I left the LSAT feeling like shit. Despite that, I don't think I could have screwed enough to warrant cancelling my score.
  • CloudNothingCloudNothing Alum Member
    edited October 2014 4 karma
    I'm in the same boat as you. I feel like I did pretty well on all of the sections save for the logic games. For some reason i got stuck on the second question set, started to panic, lost track of time and had to guess for pretty well the rest of the LG section. I've never felt better about my LR and RC sections though, so I'm on the fence about cancelling.
  • jordanrex30jordanrex30 Alum Member
    64 karma
    The same thing happened to me but I decided not to cancel bec I do feel so confident about LR and RC. But now we just have to wait and see! Three weeks
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