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December 2014 LSAT

chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
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After being a long time lurker on TLS forums and more of an active member on 7sage, I wanted to try and bring one of the only positive things I could find on TLS to the 7sage forums. Although TLS is typically filled with a bunch egocentric individuals who likely inflate their test scores for "e-peen" status, there is one thing that I really enjoy, their LSAT Xmonth Xyear threads. I feel as if these threads are a major part of the community on their forums and wish we had something similar here. Some of their posts go on for over 300 pages of discussion. This not only allows the students to discuss their progress, but also provides an opportunity (assuming they are honest and willing to release their scores/breakdown) to get some honest feedback on how to improve. So this is my attempt to bring together the 7sage community.

Test date: Saturday December 6, 2014 at 8:30am

1) 7sage (Obviously)
2) The LSAT Trainer (
3) Cambridge drilling sets (

7sage is by far the best method for self-study. However, there are benefits to be gained from outsider material to supplement & further improve the lessons taught by 7sage.

How to drill:
Logic Games (Credit: taken from Dirigo's TLS post)
Make multiple copies of each game.
Do a game.
Watch the 7 Sage Explanation for that game.
Get a fresh copy of that game and do it again, incorporating what you learned.
Watch the video again if needed.
Move onto the next game and repeat the process.
Do the games you did again the next day and see if you remember how to set them up and solve them. If not, watch the video again.
It's a tedious process, but you're guaranteed to improve by drilling like this. Similar inferences can be made across all games and you are able to make them correctly and quickly the more experience you get.

Logical reasoning
Carve out a problem set (i.e: by type, # of questions, or individual sections)
Set timing according to # of questions/types
Answer all questions under timed conditions
BEFORE checking the answers, BR each question- must be able to provide full explanation for each wrong AC and why correct AC is correct
Check answers
Review any questions that you got wrong or circled as difficult/time consuming

Note: This post is a work in progress, if there is anything I overlooked or you would like me to add feel free to post it in the thread or inbox me.
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