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I have 11 months to go. Need a study plan advice

dubistdudubistdu Free Trial Member
edited October 2014 in General 26 karma
I took September LSAT but ended up cancelling the score.
I am 31 week into my pregnancy and my due date overlaps with December test, so instead of postponing the test, I decided to go ahead and take it for the experience of it.
I had about 3 months to prepare for the September test and the more I studied, the more I felt lost.
Also, with pregnancy and a full time job, I couldn't spend as much time studying as I wished.
My biggest issue is timing. English is my second language and even though I do not have comprehension problem, my reading speed is slow. (less than 240 word/min)
I believe this is something that I can train myself for the next few months.
I do want to make a better study plan this time since I have more time in my hand.

With 11 months to go, at which point should I sign up for 7 sage prep classes ( I am planing to sign up for the basic one)?
Even though I am planning to continue with my study after the delivery, I am expecting December and January will be really difficult to spare a lot of time on studying with the new born.

My only study materials in the past were Mike Kim's 'LSAT trainer' and Actual 10s.
I've used 7sage's LG videos for LG explanation and really liked it.
I do have most of the past prep tests. Do I need to buy any other books?
I have heard a lot of good things about Power Score Bibles. Is 7sage alone enough or will I benefit from more prep materials such as Power Score?

Any thoughts/ advice will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

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